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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I need to lol at this.

What happened? Why so moody?
My Shepherd died.
CHEH. Of course he died. It's the reason why we celebrate Easter.
...............I meant my dog.

I have exceedingly odd people as friends sometimes.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I hate today.

My dog died. He was old.
And he had a fever.
An incurable fever.
I hate it when dogs die.
They're so much better human sometimes. At least they keep quiet.
But sometimes, that same quietness is a too much of a problem.
They can't tell you where it hurts, or why they're so moody.
Or why they like chasing you around the house.

I'm not thinking straight.
This just isn't my day.

Like I said, my dog died.Again.
And I'm sad.
and sad.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Now playing: Placebo - Running Up That Hill


The last time I played with you I scraped my knee! So, if I play with Shannon, SURELY I'LL FALL AND BREAK MY HEAD AND GET A CONCUSSION LAR!

*rummages oh-so-cute Fila bag*

Oh Jill, are those your friends too?

Remember Heather Fong?
Yup, she was from Main Convent.
In Johor.
Yup. she had 48cm sanitary pad.
It was 84cm.
[In reference to this post. Heather Fong is the cousin.]

BadmintonDay was so awesome!
Flake, you missed a lot..
So I went to Shannon's house at about 2.50 and from there her mum fetched us to Extreme Park where we were greeted by an annoyed, PINK Wong Sze Yann who apparently was waiting for us since a half hour ago.. Shan called Jill, who had walked to Extreme Park and then back home because we did a no show. And so Jill walked back all over again. Poor darling, her house is 500 metres away from ExtremePark. SORRY LOVE.
Anyway, we had colossal fun. We had a bunch of haphazard matches lined up from 3-5..
There was Chinese Vs Indian. And Heron vs Hornbill. And the I-Have-Your-Deskmate-And-You-Better-Beat-Me-To-Get-Her-Back. And than there was the Chinese[Jill] vs Shannon the Maoist[Nepalese communist blah]/Tibetan...

Why? Because we're odd that way. Instead of calling Shan the Chindian that she is, we prefer Tibetan or a Nepalese communist because it's in the middle of India and China d'oi.

I scraped both my knees TWICE. Evidently, it's a side effect of playing with Yann.


Right. We were actually suppsoed to go back at 4. But mehh, let life be merrier for another 1 hour lahh. So we finished at 5 and decided to walk our arses all the way to Giant, which actually wasn't really that far off.
And then since Giant got so boring, we walked all the way back to EP to send SzeYann off. Then, Shan wanted to play *COUGHCOUGHSHOWOFFCOUGHCOUGH* basketball at Alpine Village's court. So we scurried off to Jill's apartment to get the basketball. Saw Aunty Sheila there and said hi. Joan was sleeping, much to Shannon's dismay. Jill, your apartment is soo pretty btw.

Played basketball for about.....5/10/Idk minutes. Sun, vindictive glare, you go figure. So we went off to the playground. Where we played on the swing..Like bad, teenaged-criminals in Jill's words. Hehe.

The swing got boring after some time, so we went off to the court again. And from there, at 6, Shan and I went back.
And the rest is too tedious to be written down.


We need to wash our shoes, people.

That bunch of emo, bad, tennaged criminals

It's okay. I'm not a guy, I won't kiss you.

Poser betul

Temporary teddy attack. Coz' Tisha dumped her

Wasted fella


...Are there any French, smexy cannibals gonna drop out of the sky?


Her unusually grumpy-mama position.

Don't mess with the Tibetan, in basketball

Jill hiding from the COP people

Somewhere over the swings, there are really stupid people like us.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Now playing: Howie Day - She Says
via FoxyTunes

Mysoju has Honey and Clover.
And Zettai Kareshi.
And Maou.

Thank God for giving brains to that person who invented the internet, was it Al Gore? IDEK. You have my utmost respect, sir.

Anyway, JDramas are a must after PMR. And I knowww lah, H&C is OLD. But still, if I liked the anime, I'll prolly like the live action drama also.

This is short for a reason.

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Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm not going be bogged down screwing my head thinking of ways to make the layout for my 'stupid English blog' look perfect because truthfully, I don't really give a damn now.

It could look like your 40 year old virgin of an aunt shiet and I WON'T CARE.

See if I do.
*sticks out tongue*

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I think God loves homosexuals more than he loves hateful homophobes.

Getting high to: Gackt - Vanilla

That song never fails to please. I like Gackt, he was smokin' hot when he acted as Genesis.

Alike, right??

Anyhoo, just got back from Shari's confirmation dinner.
The bishop.....gives really boring sermons, anyone noticed? OH RIGHT HE WASN'T WEARING HIS POINTY HAT EITHER.



Whilst watching people confirming, it got me thinking...How would I feel if I was right there, at that moment, getting confirmed too?
Would I be apathetic, or excited or just plain nonaligned? I can't seem to fathom how that
thought came to be, maybe I was just too bored. But really, how would I feel if I was getting confirmed as a disciple of Christ? It would've been profound, naturally. But anything else?
Doesn't matter because I've got two more years.


Lolz. Extremely fugly feet. Black's mine

Oh right. I'm starting to be a racist again. Because of this:-

E: *stomps off to 7/11*
Random Malay dude: Ehhhh. Tu Jaclyn Victor ke?

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Friday, October 17, 2008

You can't spell slaughter without laughter

Getting high to: The Verve - Love is Noise
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I love The Verve's new album, Forth. I can't find it anywhere here, but if I do, it's a sure buy. Then again, nothing beats Urban Hymns right??
Ever heard of Bittersweet Symphony? Beautiful, ain't it?

Right. So PMR is over and now I need to make up a list of things I have to do. There's a ton of things I wanna do, and I don't want them to collide with each other here and there.

Stuff I must do:
  1. Buy new video games
  2. Sell all my Form3 books
  4. Go out with 'la people'
  6. Clean up bedroom *glares*
  7. Burn Sims2 for Annahh
  8. Find next year tuition for BM, Add Maths, and almost everything else.
  9. Get deskmate a DRESS! Or a ring as she prefers.
  10. Get Flakie ghei pants to wear to Genting
  12. Watch Scheinder's List all over again.
1. For very conspicuous reasons, I want NEED more video games. Mine are all, DEAD. Even the original ones, shocker.
I'm not sure about this, but do games become damaged if they haven't been played for an exhaustively long time? At least half of mine are spoilt are the only way now is to buy new ones...And well, when I mean half, it usually adds up to be about 30 games.
Dammit. I suppose I'll just buy 15 games instead. Preferably before the Genting trip, because Shan, Anna, Andrina, and Sonia [I think] and I are going to be busy kicking each others cyber arses at night. After our rosary, of course =P
Shan, can't wait to kick your arse in Pro Street!

2.Because.. I can't possibly stuff them to my cousins as they would be 15 only in 2011 and thesyllabus would've changed by then, see..I've got a sizable [Read= Ginormous] amount of books lying around in my room, most of which are still halfway-through or fully undone, and I dreadfully need to get rid of them. My room looks like the aftereffects of some kinda nerds-on-crack party. BOOKS EVERYFREAKINWHERE.

3.Wardrobe is made up of a clash of too small and out of style and just plain fugly. Nuff' said.

4. We need bonding time, people~ *grins* Haven't went out properly for months with you peepz.

5. Like I'm doing now lah.

6. Refer to #2

7.Well, that's the least I can do for her before she gets shipped off to Melbourne. =]]

8.*horrorstricken face* Very, very true.

9. Since I'm going to Bali somewhere in November. [Hopefully no stupid relative of mine meets with an accident and causes my trip to get cancelled >=\ ].. I wanna get my dear-deskmate-but-maybe-not-for-forever a dress or a ring. Depending on what she wants.. Tell me kay?

10. It's a mutual thing. Lolz. I WANT THE ONE IN REJECT!


12......I like Oscar winning movies.

And that's done for.
Right..And as for the post title, it's actually a band's name. Or a song name. Blahhh. I forgot.

Finally getting high to: Epik High - Fly

.Word Out.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stay, don't stay

Getting high to: Estrella - Stay

There's no need to go astray,
Just stay.

I'm livid, perplexed and, very very certain that I'm going to get a C, if not a B for Science right now.
I shouldn't really be blogging about it, considering I should be studying History or Maths right about now. But still, there's this tiny piece of me that wants to bash the Education Department of Perak on my blog right now. What're you gonna do? Put me in ISA, huh?

4 bloody years of easy, straightforward questions and all of a sudden, they decide to deviate from the norm. And when I mean deviate, I don't mean hit a slight detour, but more of a whole completely new destination. Their destination : Breed 10000 geniuses by throwing stupid questions when THEY'RE NOT EVEN IN OUR DAMN TEXTBOOKS. What the hell?
You can't just hurl questions that aren't in the damned syllabus. I mean fine, it's in our reference books...
One problem, Sasbadi isn't setting the questions, you obtuse douchbags.

That made it an inch better.

So I've changed my blog title. It still says caffeine-addicted. But I made it French because mmmm, it sounds nicer? That and je'adorer the language.
The word 'intoxiqué, it just appeals to me in a way not a lot of words can..

Blog posts are uber short these days, saddening really.
Oh wells, I'm off to cram that small portion of Form3 Maths in my head now.

Word Out

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Monday, October 13, 2008

...I need to get shot right now

To substantiate how much of an idiot I am, I'll show you what I do online instead of study for major public exams, which might I add, are tomorrow.
I.. look for hardcore slashfics link and link and link and link to some random definition on Uncyclopedia

You And Music

According to Fall Out Boy, you're just the girl all the boys want to dance with (and I'm just a boy who's had too many chances) ;

Fall Out Boy also says: "I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive; now I only waste it dreaming of you" ;

Fall Out Boy also wants to make you bend and break and make the good times roll, in case God
doesn't show;

Bend her, break her, any way you need her, all Shirley Manson wants is you;

The Beatles can confirm that she loves you (yeah yeah yeah);

Also, they want to know why you said goodbye ( when I said hello!);

The Foo Fighters are walking after you;

Dave Grohl will walk after you if you walk out on him;

The Unseen are so sick of you;

Senses Fail is going to teach teach you what it's like to be used;

The Outfield don't wanna lose your love tonight;

You are all that Radiohead needs, all they neeeed ;

All U2 wants is you.

Enrique Iglesias says you can run, you can hide, but you can't escape his love;

Chris Martin wrote a song for you and it was all yellow;

James Blunt thinks you're beautiful because he saw your face in a crowded place;

Ayreon's heart belongs to you, but she was lonely and her need for passion grew;

You can't touch MC Hammer...but you want to;

Green Day hopes you'll have the time out your life. Speaking of Green Day, they want to know: "Who the hell are you and tell me what I am, and what's my master plan?".

Go figure. 'You' was under the Scientology portal >.>

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Friday, October 10, 2008

*runs away crying*

Getting high to: OK Go - Bye Bye Baby

Okay, so if you ever hear a pop rockish song whenever you visit this dump, it's Come Get Some by Rooster. Lovely song, weird band name. It's as if they have this incomprehensible, insatiable craving for zodiac animals..

Riiiigghhttt. Rants about malevolent public exams and a very effed up life ahead.

Public exams.
I haven't registered this yet. Instead of going, HOLY CRAP PMR IS IN THREE DAYS OH NOESSS I SHOULDN'T BE HERE. [in big blue letters of course.], I'm blogging.

Oh..And this.

I suck for posting this. I told myself that I'm not much of a potential Twilight moviegoer, but I couldn't resist. Actually, it was more of me rejecting the resistance.
Right. So..there. Official Twilight trailer.
It's acceptable I suppose.. I like..the lighting?Yes, I do. I have an inextinguishable proclivity for it. =)
I hate Edward.I'm sticking with Tom Sturridge. NOT Gaspard. He is just not, vampirish enough for me. Besides, if I watch Twilight with Gaspard in it, then I'll totally forget his cannibalistic image which in any case, is the most sexiest...*beams*
Besides, Flakie and I aren't gonna fangirl over Edward since he's becoming overpublicized. We ran off to Jasper fandom a few weeks back.
Kristen Stewart's pretty cool though. She really looks like how I imagined Bella.. I liked her in Into The Wild. and The Land Of Women.

Oh right. To hate Rob Pattinson/CEDRIC even more, lemme post this up.

I mean sure, you made my day by stuffing Gaspard in the #2 spot. *spaces out blissfully*
But honestly, ROB PATTINSON FOR #1 WTFU PEOPLE?!?!?!?!?!?!

Effed up life rant to be continued after PMR. Alright?

Kays. I'm out

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Too bloody far gone

Getting high to: The Script - We Cry

I think that song, should be in the same ranks as Innocent by Our Lady Peace. The lyrics are pretty much similar.

I....am not supposed to be blogging right now unless I plan to joyfully 'phlunk' my PMR. Which in my case, I probably am going to without even trying.

since it's..
raining heavily.. [I love squalls],
it's 11.30..
and I'm just sick of studying right now,

why not crap put a blog post, yeah?

And yeah, so frick it if I said I'd be gone for 2 weeks. This thing is obviously too addictive for me.. I'm a comp-junkie, so beat it.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh no.

I'm 15.

Holy shit.

I'm old.

*sips drink* May all your wishes come truee. God bless!
....*smiles* Thanks.
*sips drink summore*. Yeaa-...WTF IS THIS DRINK?

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

As sweet as vinegar

Getting high to: The Academy Is... - Summer Hair = Forever Young
via FoxyTunes

Getting high to: Howie Day - She Says

Tagged by the oh-so-awesome JessieKok! Love ya babe!

Here it goes:
1) Real name: Ezriann Charanya. Laugh all you want, you're pronouncing it wrong anyways.
2) Nicknames: Ezz, Ezri, Ezzie
3) Married: To my various sources of oxygen
4) Zodiac sign: Libra!
5) Gender: Female. But it doesn't mean I think like one.
6) High school: Methodist Girls School, Ipoh.
7) College: Not yet
8) Age: 15 this Sunday!
9) Height: 161cm. Am slightly short.
10) Blood group: Ohhh =)
11) Do you like yourself: That hinges on my mood.
12) Piercings: On my ears.
13) Right or left: Erm... If you go left, I'll go right. If you go right, I'll go left. If I go right, You shall shut up and follow!
But really, I'm a rightie.
14) Are you a freak: Has that ever been a hindrance?
15) Hair: black, dark brown. Idek.
16) Skin: I have no idea how to define it. Dark I suppose.
17) Allergic: Is this like an exam you take when you get an abortion?? I need a paper for this question anyhow.
18) What are you doing now: Screaming out ILU WILLIAM BECKETT
19) What will you do 1 hour later: Still be here, listening to David Fransson's Slow Down.
20) What will you do 10 years later: Well, I WANT to join Jessssieeehhh on her lala-exterminating mission. But maybe, when I'm 25, I'll be in UK, studying Meds? Idk lar.

21) Live with mother/father/parents: Both...
22) Siblings (included you): 3 exceptionally awesome people, we are.
23) Eldest: Big bro, Thomas.
24) Youngest: ME!
25) Love/hate your family: We get along.

26) You found your another half: Emotionally, nope. Don't think I want to right now. I thought maybe, but no.
You don't mean that half, do you? Lolz

27) If yes, who is she/he: Pass.
28) If no, who you want he/she to be: HAH!
29) Times you in relationship: 0 and I'm perfectly fine with that.
30) Ever woo boy/girl (0-100 000): woo-wha?
31) Anyone woo you before (0-100 000): Prolly. I can't remember.
32) Did anything wrong to your half: Other half, lolz. I ain't go no spouse.
33) What was/were the wrong you did: Pass. This isn't worth answering
34) Ever argue with other half: Yup I argue with myself a lot.
35) You with other half since: I WAS BORN LA BODOH! What'd you expect? Me walking around with one boob, one eye, one ear, half a head of hair, HALF A HEAD, one leg, one arm, one Fallopian tube, one ovary?
36) Are you straight/lesbo: Bye.. Trying to straighten before this year ends.
37) Reasons you love your other half: Let me list it out.
If I had:
1 leg : Damn hard to walk
1 arm: Damn hard to do ANYTHING
1 boob: I look like I had a mammoplasty gone wrong.
1 eye: I'll give Jack Sparrow a bad name.
1 ear: It'll look like Edward Scissorhands decided to be a wee bit vicious when he cut my hair.
1 ovary : LAGI BEST!
38) You and you other half in which stage: *headdesk*
39) You woo he/she or he/she woo you: I woo myself? WTF?
40) Ever think of marrying he/she: Married ady lu.

41) Your first best friend: Nicole Ann in kindergarten. Wonder where she is now.
42) You first enemy: LOVE, PEOPLE, LOVE!.
43) The friend you love the most (1only): You go to hell
44) The enemy you hate the most (1only): Refer to #42
45) Your most beautiful girl friend: They're all of same hotness.
46) The kind of girl that you hate the most: Mmmm, 14 year old lala bloggers that type like they have fucking Parkinson' and abuse the word 'like' and 'omg' and 'totally'.
47) Your most handsome boyfriend: most handsome? Doesn't that mean I HAD one? Don't have la.
48) The kind of boy you hate the most: Refer to #46 but of the opposite sex.
49) You fall in love with your close friend before: Nope
50) Your best friend is your ex-lover: Nope. Wouldn't that be awkward anyhow?
51) If your friend backstab you: Forgive but not forget..
52) If your friend woo your lover:... Run him/her to Spain! Lolz Boston.
53) If your friend betray you: Her problem isn't mine
54) If your friend fall in love with you: AWWWWWWWW. I have no problems.
55) If you fall in love with your best friend: I don't think that's ever going to happen. I love my people like fucking hell but not THAT type of way. Besides, it's way too precarious.

56) Are you a good student: Is this a joke?
57) You always do your homework/assignments: Ask my deskmate =)
58) The teacher/tutor you love the most:.....PUAN LIN! *smirks*
59) Always late to school/college: Not always.
61) You love your seniors: Pass..
62) Senior who you love the most: Pass
63) Your classmates good/bad: They're..nice, most of the time.
64) Excellent result classmate: Urrr, Ceaz? Chui? Idek la.
65) Laziest classmates: Classmates? Me and my loveable deskmate. Because we sleep a lot in class. And Amanda darling as well coz she sleeps even more.

66) Smart people: Everyone's smart in something.
67) Stupid people: EVERYONE'S STUPID! lol. <-- Jessieehhh's answer
68) Good looking people: *snortgiggle*
69) Ugly people: Everyone's purdy!
70) Funny people: Idek la..
71) Cute people: EVERYONE~ Blehh I'm in a good mood today.
72) Bad people: EVERYONE WHEN THEY'RE PMS-ing
73) Honest people:.. Eh, are there any people that don't lie?
74) Acting people: Acting? Acting like how?
75) You are what kind of people: I am what kinda people? I'm only one person la you language-obtused donkeh! THE PREFERENCES
76) Lips or eyes: Eyes are smoking hawt. Lips are..nice when they're pouty! GASPARD-KU!! And Kristal's too =) We share Gaspard.
77) Hugs or kisses: No idea.
78) Shorter or taller: Who?
79) Hesitant or spontaneous: Randomness is lurve.
80) Nice stomach or nice arms: *headdesk* Both?
81) Listener or talker: Pray that you're not boring.
82) Romantic or rich: A rich quixotic person!
83) Good husband or good father:...Ask me when I'm straight.

84) Age to get marry: *falls off chair laughing*
85) Number(s) of kids: ZERO. Unless they stay 1-5 years old forever.
86) Career: Anything in Medic. See, I need to give back to society!
87) Salary: Enough to get me a LV bag every month.
88) Retirement age: The day I stop breathing.
89) Properties value: *dreams on*
90) Wishes: I have a list, SEEE?????

I SHALL TAG : No one =]

And there's another tag also.
Three names you go by: Ezri Anne, Ezri, Ezz

Three screen names you have had: Can't remember.

Three physical things you like about yourself: My hair? My lack-there-of boobs. And my ridiculously flat stomach. See, that's why I like wearing dresses.

Three physical things you DON'T like about yourself: Read the above. AND my oily face covered with rashes. Heat rashes I HATE YOU! And my under eyes are usually very dark. Looks as if I haven't slept in 4 weeks

Three parts of your heritage: - Urr. Indian. And Punjabi. And my great-granddadeh was half-White.

Three things that scare you: - Clowns. Santa.Bad Internet connection. Three of your everyday essentials: - Internet, phone, un-melamine-ed products

Three things you're wearing right now: - Shorts, tank top, wristband!

Three of your favourite bands or musical arts (currently): -....I have too many to crave

Three of your favourite songs (right now):
- Pressure by Paramore
- Summer Hair = Forever Young by The Academy Is
- We Cry by The Script.

Three things you want in a relationship:
- I was gonna say..Sex. lolz.
- Trust, d'oi?
- Compassion prolly.

Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeals to you:
- Eyes. *swoons*
- Hot bod! But not like the body builder types coz they just look like really masculine gays. Gaspard's body, can?
- SMILE! =)

Three of your hobbies:
- Gaming
- Illegal downloading
- Reading d'oi

Three thing you wanna do really badly right now:
- Go to Church.
- See my peepz in Penang! Elise, Marcus, Rachel, Vanessa and Navin.
- Get PMR over with

Three careers you're considering/considered before:
- Modelling..... No way now lar.
- Lawyer since I'm good at arguing apparently
- Food critic

Three places you wanna go on vacation:
- Rome *dies*
- St Peter's Basilica? Sure!

Three things you want to do before you die:
- Accompany Jessieehh on her lala exterminating trip.
- Meet Gaspard friggin Ulliel
- Go for WYD TWICE!

Three ways that you are Stereotypical a girl/guy:
- I don't believe that. Maybe a bit casual and nerdy and geeky. Casual since well, d'oi. And nerdy because I read a lot. Geek because I've already read most Batman comics and I play video games like crazeh!

Four people that you would like to see take this quiz now: - Lazy.

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