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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sid Vicious

Umm peepz. Do yourselves a favor, and watch (500) Days of Summer. I've fallen in love with the movie, The Smiths and Tom.

Did she say 'Hey' instead of 'Hi'? I mean cos' you know that means she's a lesbian, right?

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Types of F-

Start hell singing: Epik High - 평화의 날

Fanflippingbloody fantastic, I just spent 2 fudgecaking days in the hospital. Not consecutively I. But still, fish it sideways. 1st day was spent with me throwing up on the way to school, getting a gastroscope done [AGAIN] while I was supposed to be doing my Physics paper. Naturally, it's the mofo bile reflux thing going on. I came back at about 12 in the afternoon. But I got admitted overnight 12 hours later because my gastritis was so prolonged and it has been going on like that on and off for the past 2 weeks so yeah. My parents actually panicked a little, I find that surprising since they're like medical geniuses and when even THEY panic, it had better be serious.

AND, I've missed 5 tests altogether. FML. I'm not one to compromise my studies, or my whole life for that matter but flick it, why now? I'm not usually like this but why's everything so goddamn different now? It's a 360, no, 68903689043905 degree turn, quickly revolving. I want my old life back. The one where I would actually turn up for exams, do it badly, get stressed by it, flip out on everyone, get scary mood swings and in the end, be disappointed. Cliche to say, I hate the person I've become. It's. Just. Not. Me.

I need a confirmation name xD

So far, these are the suggestions.
1. Bridget of Sweden. Phail name is of epik proportions of phail
3. Botticelli... Thanks Serene xD
4. Fettucini Alfredo. Meh
5. Marion. I actually like this
6. Rachel. My aunt is insane

Suggest me, my darling subjects

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Does anyone else cry somewhere in the first minute of this song? I can picture every scene. Gawd, it just breaks my heard that she can't have kids T_T

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Burn, you.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Michael Moore, I worship you.

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When he does things like this, you can't help but to wonder, "Damn it. Why did he have to go?"

And token expression of Muse's badassery when it comes to music.

da dun da dun da dun dun dun da dun da dun dun

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Friday, October 23, 2009


Start hell singing: Cute Is What We Aim For - Curse Of Curves

Chemistry. [Insert maniacal laugh here. :D does not cut it.] I think almost everyone would come to agreement with me here. Didn't it just suck?
But failing is good. Or at least I'm going to continue telling this to myself till my insular little self accepts it. Granted, it's probably a a big lie but then again, wouldn't anyone prefer a harmless lie to a big fresh slap-on-the-face truth?

At least there are three days to prepare for Biology, mother of all my Science subjects. <- My parents seem to think so, they're INCREDIBLY keen on me becoming a doctor in the future, it scares me for the most part. For the sake of all future patients, I'd rather have Economics, Game Programming or marriage to a yakuza boss.

Ataraxia. I wish :(

AND. She's listening to most of what's on MY iTunes playlist and I'm the one who's panicking. Not that I'm completely resolute in my stand on sharing music with people. It's fine, really. What really irks me is that when what I'm listening to appears on my MSN personal message and within the course of 12 hours, I see the same song/artist on hers. It annoys me a lot because I spend a lot of time lurking on the internet [proof will be in exam papers] for good bands and all that, I'm more of an indie music and contemporary alternative rock person and you don't get a lot of that in Malaysian radios now do you? Seriously though, why are you so DESPERATE? If you have so much time to look at my display message to leech songs off my playlist, why can't you go LOOK for your own cup of tea coffee?

Besides, I hardly think she's the type who would give up [Insert Lil 'Something' here] for Florence + The Machine or MGMT or Michael Penn. ;P

AND THIS SONG. I re-found it. Read the lyrics and you'll probably know why I'm fixated with it.

"I wanna be a plastic surgeon. Get to see people complaining about their ugly faces."
"You wanted to be a fricking dentist before this."

"I'm not going to say anything. "
"I'm not going to say anything either."

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Addition to my list of Awesome People To Fangirl Over and Worship Because Their Awesomeness Just Makes Up For The Fact That The Fact That They're Awesome Is Actually Non-Existent But Then Again They're Still Awesome When They Deliver Lines Like 'PRETEND HE'S YOU LITTLE SISTAHHH' That Are Basically Their Man-made Highway To Land Themselves In The Awesome Pool Of Awesomeness So Yes Their Awesomeness Is Actually Fudgecaking Unprecedented.

Somewhere between Dr House, Saul and Dwight Schrute is this guy, Officer Slater.

Officer Slater: May we see your identification?
[Fogell uneasily hands over his fake ID]
Officer Slater: McLovin? [pauses] That's a cool name.
Fogell: Wha... wha...
Officer Slater: Yeah, people have weird names nowadays. Once I pulled arrested this man-lady, and his legal first name was "Fuck".
Officer Michaels: He was Vietnamese, so it was spelled "Ph," but still that's pretty jarring to see on a drivers license.

Officer Slater: McLovin? Were you violating that young girl? Were you violating her with your penis?

Epik win.

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Hi Susan.

Life is complete xD

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

"They used to call me anal girl."

HOW can anyone not find this cute? It's unusual, I like it. Did it already come out in Malaysia? NY, I Love You's not even out yet.

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Friday, October 16, 2009


*covers ears and hides under the bead*

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Saturday, October 10, 2009


But still,
Start hell singing: m-flo Loves Melody & Ryohei Yamamoto - Miss You
DJ, play that music louder, おねがい?
Addictive line, man.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seoulmate - :D

Lets save friends who suck.

"Don't you feel the need to save her?!"
"OF COURSE I DO! It's just that it's no use. She's gonna remain the same she was for the past 16 years.."

"Well you can be person who helps and I can be the person who wants to help but can't"

*dies laughing*


Start hell singing: The Lonely Island Feat. Chris Parnell - Lazy Sunday

*still laughing*


But no, what am I doing? I'm reading someone's cbox, vaguely stalkerish because as we all already know, anon feuds on blogs are made of epik awesomeness.

Keep em rolling, fellas. Your readers are only getting more amused.

Yeah I know, I'm such a busybody. Known fact.

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Monday, October 5, 2009


Permission to be slightly happy today.

Thanks for the wishes, peepz. I'm now officially old enough to drink and smoke legally....
In the UK, that is. -_-

Kejap. Cam mana nak sebut nama awak? Eezi?
Ez-Ri-Ann, cikgu.
Ez-Ri-Ann? Panjang! Ada nama singkat?
Eh. Ezri?
Ezri? Ezzi? Eezi?
Ezz pun boleh lah cikgu.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

All of history deleted with one stroke

Start hell singing: Muse - MK Ultra

Happy Note.
Dog gave birth to 10 adorable, little puppies with genes possibly linked to ruminants'. Yeah, 2 of them look like cows. Which reminds me, I miss my BongBong-chan.

But then again, thank God she didn't give birth in the hall. Repulsive, I know. I was there when it happened.. :\

NAMING THEM! Greatest joy ever. I named one that was pitch black Fuji :D
Know what? I think I'm gonna pick 9 random countries from the G-20, get all their official languages and name em' all accordingly.

Naming skillz yo~ I haz it. :D

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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Start hell singing: The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger

Instead of studying Chem, I'm having an enlightening conversation about FIFA 10 with 2 dudes on Facebook. It came out today~ I'm gonna buy it after finals end. The soundtrack sounds pretty solid and since FIFA World Cup is next year, better get into the mood :D

When I was created [yeah, puts me in line with fruity hair conditioners and Mars bars] , I was obviously a guy, and Chinese/Not Indian, but God decided to screw it a little and so, here I am, Indian and a girl. ;)

FIONA suggested me for graphic designer to our dear CikLai and she wants to see some of my 'designs' and she insists that she wants things contemporary for the yearbook and now, Aku ada crisis. Idek if I wanna join it or not. Jill thinks I should because I've wanted it for such a long time but then again, RESPONSIBILITIES is equals to me being unable to spell responsibilities properly and stress and late nights.
Oh, by the looks of it, I think I already am a graphic designer -_-

And CikLai wants to see my blog since yoursbigmouthtruly blurted out that the supposed-designs are on my blog. I don't think my blog's all that objectionable since I don't 'mengumpat tentang cikgu' here, but then again, wouldn't it be kind of weird if your BM teacher was reading your blog?

Or maybe Kristal is right, if CikLai read my blog, she probably won't understand a thing considering the only thing I write here is about video games, passing fixations and mild depression stints.


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