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Friday, July 31, 2009


LaiSan's right, my blog is depressing. Hell, its not only her, its everyone else as well. My blog has depressing shiz yo~ So I'll make a happy list. *beams*

100 thing to zoo befawh I die.

1. Keep my blog running forever. Even after I die..
2. Try every single type of coffee beverage ever. Yup, I'm a kofferr traveller.
3. Marry Gaspard Ulliel Meet Gaspard Ulliel. umm, yeah.
4. MGMT concert with neon glowsticks, drunk. or Crack.
5. Rap song/parody on Youtube with ma Sc3 homiez.
6. Test drive a black Aston Martin DBS V12.
7. Own a black Aston Martin DBS V12.
8. 5 bowls of ramen. At one go.
9. Own that beautifuoooooolll coat by Marc Jacobs.
10. Be a gay rights activist that goes to church every week.
11. Study in Edinburgh
12. Date in Edinburgh
13. Get married in Edinburgh
14. Not pay my taxes
15. Learn French, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin.
16. Try to learn Tamil. X]
17. Visit Shibuya!
19. Learn how to play the drums [Properly. Playing Solution isn’t gonna get you anywhere], and the electric guitar.
20. Be a TOTAL kid on my 25th birthday. That includes having sugar rushes, playgrounds, and building castles with cushions. xD
21. Je veux copain. Right.
22. A PhD in Classics. I love it.
23. Yellow boots. For real.
24. Shop in France with 3000 pounds in my hands.
25. Sing in the rain. Just to see if the rain stops.
26. Flash mob. AWESOMENESS
27. Be a partner at a Starbucks outlet.
28. Take a picture with every single person I’ve met in school since I was 7.
29. Whack a piñata till it bleeds bitter chocolate bars. Seriously.
30. Get a St Bernard named Mocha
31. Get an Affenpinscher named Capper
32. Get a Rottweiler named Frap.
33. Eat geoduck. xD
34. Wear a tux. I really wanna try! xD
35. Hack and deal massive damage to someone’s system. For funzies
36. Play Counter Strike for 19 hours straight. Toilet breaks excluded, dinner at the computer :D
37. Beat Sims 3, 4, and 5.
38. Find out if an Oxford comma really matters.
39. 3 months in school, without ANY absence.
40. Play at WCG

*If 40 fails, go to E3 instead.

41. Comic Con! HELL YEAH
42. Buy birthday presents for everyone I love, at least once.
43. Live in Upper East Side for 6 months.
44. Learn the rap to Epik High’s Fan. It’s in Korean -_-
45. Say something philosophical. <- Impossible.
46. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art
47. Visit the Louvre
48. Something badass, like speeding through a toll plaza without paying?
49. Read the definition for BADASS.
50. Own 3 4 8 gaming consoles.
51. A tour of a major American film studio like 20th Century Fox.

53-100 will come up once I make em'

53. Go one day without saying the word 'die' or any other word associated with it.
54. Make a mixtape!
55. The Andy Warhol Museum!!!!!! Orgasmic place. :D
56.Gamble in Palms with Kris-unnie.
57. Write a rock musical.
58. Get an X-360 Slim..

Okay. Its 12.30 and I haven't done my 5 Chemistry reports. Phail, I feel sick T_T

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi Jill,


Crazy mood swinging people have their days, and on those days, they get extra annoyed by Korean songs. Lol.

Sorry :)

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad ad spam!

RIP Yasmin Ahmad, you'll be so horribly missed. Its people like you that inspire people like us

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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Not KL.


Cos' I wanna sing I'm On A Boat with Jo and Kris and Jill.

I have my flippie floppies but no swimming trunks. :D

And zomg, not V2, are you batshit insane?! Sc4 ftw~

Or maybe I should just kick O'Harra off the planning committee. :D
Nawh, that's evil.

And at the end of the day, I'm not even going to go.

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Friday, July 24, 2009


*grins like a mad ass*
I've stop taking my medicine for being too thin. Bile reflux can go to suck it in hell. I don't like medicine. Except for blue ones. Prozacs, Amen.

Baddass fever on board. Which means I need to self-quarantine myself. Where on burning Earth could I have potentially got H1N1? Not good.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thanks to Jill and her 'ORAL HOW AH?!', I'm currently in a rut, I don't know what to present and the I haven't any time left.

Oh by the way LaiSan if you're reading this you should do that arson thing, it's gonna be awesome xD.

I'mma trawl through this to find an oral presentation.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who knew?

Kau hancurkan hatiku, hancurkan lagi
Kau hancurkan hatiku tuk melihatmu
Kau terangi jiwaku, kau redupkan lagi
Kau hancurkan hatiku tuk melihatmu

I miss depressing Indonesian bands. :)


"The more lala you are, the longer your 'About me' section is gonna be"

-Fiona Ding, the great (indie) philosopher

Okay, I know it's just downright wrong and evil to say this, but I kind of expected it.
Someone in my family died again. I don't think I've met him, he's my grandaunt's son. The worst part, I don't think she knows yet. It's horrible to think about since she was with my mum throughout the whole grieving process [Hell, she still is], and to see her suffer the fate my mum had just leaves a rough scar in my head. I love her to bits, and it kills me to see anyone suffer like this.
..A road accident apparently.
Honestly, you'd think things would start being smooth all over again, you start praying like crazy because you believe in Him and you think He'll make it right again, and then something just comes and hits you right where it hurts - your heart. And believe me, it hurts.

I'm still going to have faith that the days will only grow brighter. They won't exactly
be as bright as when the people you really love were still with you, but as long as nobody's alone, right?

And I promised myself I won't cry afterwards.
Damn, Ez, you really are a liar.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trauma Headcase

Get get get get get over it
Get get get get get over it

OK Go puts a big smile on my face.

Manage me, I'm a mess
Turn a page, I'm a book
Half unread

I must watch Half-Blood Prince! I'm not exactly a Harry Potter fangirl but fanfiction and OTP's are <3, but I'll feel incomplete if I don't watch it. I mean seriously, I watched all the movies before this, so yeah, I need to watch this one. It's desperation, I tell you xD
Must watch Half-Blood Prince

Gad, I have I neglected to mention how much Attack of The Clones sucks? Compared to Revenge of The Sith, it's if someone just injected your brain with Lidocaine. The acting's just as insipid and Anakin and Padme's chemisry was as reactive as salt and water. I don't like it.
But what I did like was Mace Windu's bright purple lightsaber and R2-D2 he's sho cute. Yoda's badass combat skills are worth brownie points too. Okay fine maybe this is Wikipedia's fault but can't anyone see that PALPATINE IS A FUDGECAKING SITH LORD HE'S DARTH FUDGECAKING SIDIOUS DAMMIT.

And oh my God, I have never wanted to wear a black robe, wield a bright lightsaber, have a ceremonial title like Darth before my name and have kickass lightsaber-combat skills before unlike now.
Star Wars is addictive, do you know that? :)

And this is for Anna who's currently in a wheelchair with a slipped disc. She probably won't read this anyway but who cares. And no, that's not excuse to slam a .gif at your face, thankyouverymuch.

The blue's so PAT.

Moving on. Mini anti-rave
So maybe shutting you up isn't the best thing ever. But who gives right? You wanna rule the world yourself, go ahead. Can't really blame you for sitting there dreaming, right? We all do it anyway.

We dream, we live, we die. So here and now, one word of goodbye.

I'll miss everything.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Was running through my inbox in Facebook, the thing's hardly checked. And I just realized that I have TONS and I mean TONS of messages of condolences.

Oh my God.

Ah, forget it. I'm an emo bitch sometimes, it can't be effing helped, you know?

Banana fudgecake. :(

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Semi-list of things I need to buy, desperately for the sake of my insatiable nature.

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo 8G/16G

Dualshock 2 Controllers cos' mine are dead and I miss playing Kingdom Hearts :)

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


"Only in our class would you see people screaming out random vegetable names in Tamil."

I still wanna know what's spinach in Tamil.

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Monday, July 13, 2009


"They're so cute together."
"And you're jealous. I know"
"You missed a spot la."
"Really? Where?"
"My heart"
"I'll stab you, bitch-in-denial"

"We'll worship the ground they walk in, but before that, we'll wax the floor so they'd fall."

Penang yesterday was just so damn tiring. Before I get to any of that nonsense, I'll post a shiteously long rant [I'm starting to hate this word] anti-rave on how much I hate the fact that I'm getting Confirmed next fudgecaking year. The worst part, I have to choose a guardian this year, before September because apparently, they're also going to go on a journey a.k.a their paychecks are gonna be cut and they refuse to have anyone back down. To hell.


It's bad enough they're making us get Confirmed ONLY in Form5 whereas all the other gazillion churches in Malaysia are doing it at Form4. And why? Because....we're not matured enough. MATURED ENOUGH? So what? If I'm 17, I'm automatically matured enough to get Confirmed as opposed to when I'm 16? Bloody hell, that's like telling someone she can only drink the wine from Communion when she's legal! What about those people who're fussing over Confirmation names and dresses compared to those who actually want to get Confirmed for what it is? You don't call that immature? Acceptable, maybe?
Pssssh. Double standards.

Geram betul.


I swear to God, my last words on my deathbed are either gonna be "Another death? Shocker.", "Ah fudgecake.", "Damn", or "Bloody hell!"

And The Mum, God knows what's her deal these days but she's so bloody paranoid. As in she's beefing up the security measures around me to Venus-high maximum level.. Basically, that means no more coming back home after school, no leaving me alone in the house, no cycling like the crazy bitch I am, and no more long, head-clearing walks around the housing area.
Because she's so afraid that I might get kidnapped, killed, robbed, raped, my organs donated unwillingly to some chick in Florida, and all that shiet. The most hypocritical part of it is the fact she's started doing it after The Brother passed away. I mean geez, does that mean she has just started realizing that she has a youngest daughter to look after? For Chrissake, I've been alone after school since Form 2, what freaking difference does it make? She THINKS I'M GOING TO FUDGECAKING DIE.

The Dad's stand on this is pretty interesting though. Murphy's Law, that's his stand. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
Which basically means if I'm destined to get kidnapped, killed, robbed, raped, my organs donated unwillingly to some chick in Florida, it can and probably will happen.

I think this pretty much sums up how much of my parents unconditonal love has gone down to me. About 25% of it.

I need Star Wars.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The def posse.

Pssshhhh. Penang tomorrow, AGAIN. Remind me again why I even bother leaving the only place I love in the whole world, my computer chair? My house? My own little pleasant place of solitude. It's evil, I tell you.
It's a SUNDAY, why am I going on Penang on a SUNDAY. After SUNDAY SCHOOL.
Is my depression over this painted clearly now? I believe so.

Twas' Hari Anugerah today. A not-so-kind situation where you just feel like crawling up in a ball at a dark litte corner and plant shrooms or something. I'm just thankful I went back home before I became suicidal. :(
And Joev, if you're reading this, there's always a downside to being super-nice. But who cares? If you're happy, then screw what other people think. :)
Yup, I'm conceited but hey, isn't that the only way to live nowadays? :D

Moving on,
Have I ever mentioned how much resounding awesomeness is The Imperial March made of? And for most n00bs reading, The Imperial March is Darth Vader's theme. And for the even worse n00bs, Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker, from Star Wars. See also : Hayden Christensen in a really tight leather suit.
In fact, I was just telling Shannon how awesome would it be if the school band played The Imperial March or One Winged Angel for that matter.
And because of my sudden cyber geek-spasm [? Couldn't think of any other word], I feel like watching Star Wars all over again.

Come to think of it, I think Dad has a hexalogy[?] lying somewhere.

Annddd, This is FOR SONIA.

*reads blog*
Our engagement is so off la. :DD

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Skipped school today. Went for a gastroscope since my mum was paranoid as hell yesterday when I had a bad case of gastritis. Anyway, I feel like my insides have been vacuumed out. It's not a nice feeling.

But the whole process was cool though. I wasn't even sedated! :D

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

tl;dr, po;db, tl;dp

"We don't have a camera!"

I'm on a Boat Feat. T-Pain

I'm on a boat, nerk. Imho, The Lonely Island is made of epik proportions of win, I tell you. Epic win!
...and because I think Transformers 2 sucked metallic balls [refer to the picture below], movie rant is now.

First off, what I really want to know, as in from the core of my burning geekmush brains, is how the on burning Earth did the US government manage to cover up the entire crazy-badass-robots-running-in-pursuit-in-a-1000000 -populated-metropolitan-city thing. I mean, look at it! In the first movie, shouldn't have those pedestrians, cabbies, citizens in general notice that there were 10ish robots clanking around kicking each other's arses? And somehow, the federal government managed to hide the whole thing?? Using what excuse?
The shrooms/crack factory in Texas started emitting smoke and everyone was high so technically, they were hallucinating the whole thing. How am I even supposed to even begin to believe that?
Unless alien robots running pursuit of each other is a completely normal occurrence in the States, which I highly doubt since in that case, Yoda's head might as well be half a cactus plant, I refuse to believe this.

Secondly, those two overly horny canines? It was just downright redundant and for the sake of mentioning, highly disturbing. If I'm not mistaken, there were 2 or 3 scenes with the dogs and their sky-high libido being illustrated in the most uncanny way possible, no effects, just the dogs doing their thing. 3 times. I don't find that funny, that's nature. That's nature's way of pornography. Oh yeah.


The third. Ahhh. Megan Fox. Megan Megan Megan. She's gorgeous, and I have this massive girlcrush on her and it makes me even more happier that she dated a stripper once. But honestly though, she did nothing throughout the whole movie with the exception of looking really hot lah. It was as if they just reused the old props from the first movie but this time, those props have no use. I mean sure, she's a heckload of eyecandy and that's good for all those hormone-raged fanboys but guhhh, do something already. Don't just stand around, follow Shia, drive a car, lame one-liners and have that awfully sexy scream. She was a supposed to be a heroine. I mean c'mon, you're gonna have a song off the soundtrack detailing your badassness one day. Live up to it.

The action scenes were okay in a way, but a bit too anti-climatic and drawn out.. Since Transformers are generally shiny and metallic and really hard to make out, I think the fight scenes were a bit overdone. And with this I quote a review, "I could make out Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, but I must have thought that Megatron was killed about 17 times during this movie."

And now for the things that I didn't know 'bout Transformers, but now I do.
[a] Transformers can teleport? What IS this? A Robocop+Heroes mashup? Hell no btches, this is Transformers. There ain't no teleporting shiet in this biz.
[b] They have accents?? Not that I'm not completely gratified by the fact that Jetfire reminds me of a VERY cranky Dr House, but wow, they have accents? I thought they're from Cybertron?! Doesn't that mean every Transformer has the same accent? And geezers, what was up with the twins? That was blatant stereotyping. How fudgecaking racist!
[c] John Turturo’s underwear. Oh HELL NO.
[d] The fact that apparently, it's extremely cool to talk in audio clips and songs instead of having a real voice. Thus, you have Bumblebee not being able to speak.
[e] Jesus isn't the only one who resurrected, apparently. Transformers can teleport, reproduce, have accents and have the ability to being the dead back from life. So now, it's Robocop+The Bible? Is Michael Bay even Christian?
[f]This is a bit disturbing, but if you watched that time where Devastator climbed up the pyramid, you'll notice that he has nuts.In the form wrecking balls. I kid you not.

Honestly, I'm not even gonna begin. I'm just gonna say one thing, visual wreckage.

The conclusion, Transformers I beats Revenge of The Fallen by one end on the South pole to the the end of the North pole. The verdict is reached.

Goodnight, goodnight.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009


I travelled from Ipoh to Teluk Intan to Serdang and back to Ipoh. Exhaustion overload, I tell you. I don't like travelling in cramped up cars much.
And I bought...............

a heckload of donuts and a printer. Potong stim. -.-

You know what? I'm just sick of writing angsty, depressing posts here. I don't like it cos' reading how fudgecaking annoying and depressed I am isn't the funnest thing to do on a Sunday morning.

But The Sister is back in varsity. I've to admit albeit grudgingly, I kinda hated her over the course of the 2 months she'd been here. But she did something exceedingly nice before going back and I like nice things :). So yeah, I love her loads. So, I'm gonna miss her but till she comes back, it's just gonna be me, Dad and Mum all over again. With no 4 a.m. visits from The Brother.

Went to UPM today. And damn, it was BIG. It was like 10 MGS', including the field! And their medic faculty was just wow-worthy.

Would't it be cool if that bus was a transformer?
Ohhh. It's name is Plusliner!
If Malaysian cars transformed, it would be cool la!
Yeah yeah. They'll have names like Kancil and Wira and Kenari and Saga.

Kancil, ROFLOL.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The skyscraper disease

This is fricken perplexing. But honestly, your little sister? Btching about me to your little sister? Geezers, get a life and perhaps a quieter mouth. And smaller jugs xD

I think some people are way to caught up bitching to even recognize that their btching object is right in front of them. You wanna btch? Do it right. To the right person, not your 11 year old sister.N00b.

I guess today could be summarized in one word = Fight. And I have 3 perfectly apt scenarios to match it.
Number 1. Some Indian chick who shall remain undisclosed [cos' she might come and scream at me if one of her fans [???] reads this and spills.]came and shouted at one of my classmates today after recess. It was rude on all levels and a bit annoying since I'm not one for people screaming in irritating accents with reiterated words. But anyway, I'mma post the excerpt here so you can judge at how stupid those girls were.

-____________- A-holes.

For the sake of our beloved repainted walls of 4Sc3, shut the hell up. You got a problem, fix it between yourselves. What's the deal with letting the whole bloody world know about how fudgecaking resoundingly immature and impulsive you are? I mean seriously, weblogs were invented for a reason. Ergo, you have people like me who btch constantly on MY BLOG.. You don't see me doing it with a nasal 1000Db loud voice in public now do you? Go settle your case in court if you can't come to terms in a normal, diplomatic conversation, not our 4Sc3 classroom.

And this isn't much of a fight. Still, I have an urge to post this.

"You're biased."
"Oh okay."
"You're supposed to say what."
"Oh... WHAT?!"

Jill, darling love of my life, icing to my honeycake, I AM biased, my dear deskmate. I'm biased because I'll admit it, I like being with them. So, I laugh. That same exact way, I'll happily admit that I'm happy being with you too. So I laugh too. But when there's nothing to be laughed at, I don't. Regardless if I was with you or them. Coz' then people'll get the impression that I'm a bit screwed in the head and that would be a tad bit mortifying now won't it? Also, my mood and my health tend to change according to the weather and because of that, I was slightly more perkier after the sun came up. Coincidentally, horoscope said the same thing. Odd.
But still, I was super tired so yeah, the crabbiness and hot-neck-syndrome kicked in.

Scenario 3.
Skin colour. Really? REALLY?
One word. Narrow.

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