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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Bent-Straight Love Project

I just did something terribly stupid.

I watched the 15th episode of BoF. And the last time I stopped was at Ep5. Which basically means I skipped 10 episodes, I need to shoot myself in the head right now. But it doesn't mean I have any form of regret or anything because truth be told, I don't regret anything at all although yeah, skipping 10 eps and relying more on synopsis and screenshots is just plain wrong on so many serial-addicted levels.

Sighs. I'm gonna happily finish up my Komsas now. Wonder if there's BM tomorrow.

On the bright side,

It's back to normal now, which means I can load 2 eps at a time and still download two 80MB files :D

As long as there is a single slice of justice on the deli tray that is goodness, our sandwich of righteousness will always be a low-fat and delicious victory!
-Crimson Chin from The Fairly OddParents
Nice job little idiot. They should call you the lidiot.
-Crimson Chin

Still watching cartoons at 16 is awesome :D

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Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm happeh! It won 8 awards, YAYS SLUMDOG!


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Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Hi Kris. I need some help with the Moral thing since I forgot about it. Kesan-kesan sekiranya engkar menuruti nilai kepercayaan kepada tuhan, right now I've only got no direction in life, you become a pessimist, you give up easily and blame it all on fate. What else?
"You're missing the most obvious"
"Oh. What is it?"
"What do you say when Jill makes you mad? *heard as what do you do when something something mad*"
"No.....What do you say when Jill makes you mad?"
"Go to hell?"

Quote of the day :
Batman is a great superhero because he has no lame superpowers like Superman or Spider-Man. Instead Batman is just a rich guy in a cool costume.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm [....] for liking Korean people

Blah. House [the hell is sukantara in English?] was disastrous. I can't believe how much we sucked at shot put. Out of 80+ people, *heavy sighs*. All in all, it was just plain bad in my opinion. I did so much better last year.
And high jump...can go suck it. I don't even know who's representing the house, and frankly, I don't think anyone else cares either. Head's up people, that's one of the bloody reasons we're always losing, no one cares. Meh, I don't want to jump anyway, I can't actually.

I'm going to keep posts extra short these days.
I hate mosquitoes.

And umm. Yeah. Picspam.When I finally get enough pictures. Everything directs back to Kim Kibum. ISH!

Can't resist. Must.have.pic.AT.least.one. Because I"m not that psycho of a fangirl yet. Unless you count screaming "KIIMMMMM BUMMMMMM" during running. Sighs. I am senseless.

Brains. I don't has it.Bye bye, Frenchie. I lost you to a French bitch and numerous other guys you've been secretly hiding in your house ohhhhh ohhhhh.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My sweater is proper. Not dope'n. Proper.

"Migite hidarite furikazashite yami wo kirisaite GO!"
"*stare stares stare*
"itsuwari wa naize kakugo kimeteruzeeeeeeeeeee"
*stare stare*

My mum currently thinks I'm insane for bursting out singing Japanese songs at random times. Tsk tsk.
School for the past 2 days has been strangely nice, I guess. Except the part where my roti canai came out and I had to excuse myself from marching. But for the most part, it was nicely amusing. Nicely. Lol.
We found out that some chick in Form3 was arrested and suspended from school 3 days for what Mrs Lee calls 'engaging in intimate positions' in some place next to THE POLICE STATIONS NEAR OUR SCHOOL. *shrugs* I don't even know if that was just making out, or in the words of JoLee : They fucked.. I still can't believe that I've actually encountered a case where a Malaysian girl [to be more precise, Indian since there's a strict no-sex before marriage thing with us] was caught doin' the dirrty'. Oddest part, she's only 15. Strange, very strange. I still don't get why she got arrested though, maybe it's because she's a minor and they're trying to protect her and all that, or maybe Malaysian policies are like that : Immediate arrest if any person under the age of 18 is found having sexual intercourse after school, next to a police station. I have nothing but scorn to offer.
Right. I hope no 'high-high people' read my blog. I'll be doomed if they did.

Oh and today, our darling BM teacher whom I've taken such a liking to because she's so bloody sarcastic gave us two are articles on blogs. Because blogs are contemporary like that, doi'. In the article, was a bunch of criteria that people needed to fulfill in order to become proper bloggers. Perfect, I'm gonna make a poll to see if you're a proper blogger.
But first, I'll evaluate myself first.
a]Reading skills
Umm. Yes?
b]Evaluative skills
Shamelessly biased towards something else when you're evaluating 2 things means no right?
c]Interpretative skills
Probably not.
d][WTH IS JATI DIRI YANG KUKUH?] *clears throat* A strong identity? Idek.

I'm schizophrenic, yo~
e]Thinking skills
I no has it.
f] Able to write an entry without using two or more languages. Aiyah, no rojak lor!
Pass a bit. Can lar, can lar.
g]Able 2 write w/o using abrvs.
h]Good hold of basic vocabulary in the language of your choice.
Sorta? Maybe? I don't even know.

Evidently I'm not a dope'n proper blogger.
The other stuff include,
Shameless blog-promotion 101
And on the other article, there was some shiet about how there's a small minority of teenagers that actually blog.
Right. I'll be willing to bet that the idiots who wrote the article and the other idiot who proofread it live in a delusional world where okama-fairies exist as well as sea-salt ice-creams and talking, pantsless ducks and keylike-swords and really pretty guys with silver shampoo-model hair and ladies/witches that look like goats that turn into dragons and of course, Kim Bum-lookalikes *swoons*

Hell. How am I gonna totter off to sleep now? There's a newly built mosque near my house , it's weird, considering the countable amount of Malay people that actually live near my house]. So well, you do the math.

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Monday, February 16, 2009


Umm. Hi.
I'm watching BoF now.
Damn that show's addictive.
And Hye Sun is so [insert a very gay-hinting adjective here]

Have I mentioned I love this show? And that I don't care if it's Korean? I don't, truly. I'm not a racist :)
But Cicakman2 can go choke on acid for all I care.
Damn, I haven't been this addicted to an Asian drama since Honey and Clover [Jap one, mind you]


Shuuushhh, no one has to know that I watch Korean dramas and love them. :)

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy leprechauns

Same thing, different blog name. XPP


Have a wonderful day ahead. Those of you following GMT and Pacific time anyway. Pshhhhh. Excuse my bad Photoshop skillzuh, yo~ I ain't in a good mood

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Coconuts :)

Screwed my brains with: OK Go - Shortly Before the End
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Ezri, stop reading blogs from Penang. Seriously, stop, Ezri, stop.
Holy frick, I damnwell should stop. I'm gradually becoming a Penang-stalker from Ipoh, this is anything but healthy.
Meh, at least Ipoh has better ngah choi kai.

School today, was awesome. Mainly because we were trying to speak like Afro-Americans and did a pretty bad job at it too.. Youknowwhamsayin?, with all that hiphop talk, I think that's what you call it. We pretty much thrashed the language, unintentionally [perhaps?].
Cut short, WE SUCKED AT IT YO~
Tomorrow - Not sure yet.
I wonder why we didn't call the 'ah long uncle' today. Dammit, Kris, we should've!
I'll properly update later. I'm off to blog-stalk.

"She ain't white man. She Chinese."

"They flew [Pronounced 'floo'] here by boat."

"For shizzle my nizzle. The hell does that mean!?"

"This be his dope'n shirt."

"Ahhh why you be making this shiet, yo?"

"Jo homie you no be pissing off or I be busting your tittays off."

"No man, she be buying a goldfish."

"Sesame is dead"
"NO. Sesame be running out of the crib, man.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Say no to premarital sex and yes to test-driving your rides.

Just something amusing I thought up on my way back home.

Ezri is a million types of happeh right now, for wholly minor reasons : I'm not staying back today. For the first time in 16 days, I came back at 2.30 today, after 16 friggen days of coming back at 5-6 every single blessed day. Schedules can go suck it, seriously.
Monday : Marching, Chem tuition.
Tuesday : I'm happy :P
Wednesday : Marching, Add Maths tuition
Thursday : Victoria.
Friday : Drums. Starting Continuing next week.

Poignancy, people, poignancy. I want to damnwell die.

Okay, I have this essay that I have to complete start now, and it's called My Story.
I'll tell you what I find really iritating in that topic. My story? SERIOUSLY? I'm 16, okay maybe not 16, 15 okay?, and I'm writing essays such as MY STORY? MY FRICKING STORY OF WHAT? Being bi? Maybe not, my teacher's Catholic.. Finding my life-calling? Meh, not so much. Oh, I know. How about my story of the day I fell down the stairs and bled to death and ressurected myself through aniline consumption? There, perfect.

Watch me write, bitches.

[15 minutes later]

I phails. I can't write anything without the commas and the adjectives. And Helena has perfectly underscored that she wants clear, simple sentences without any distinct hint of big words and convoluted sentences. Dear God, how am I supposed to write like that? It's bad enough I screwed my first three essays [7/10, damn you to the depths of Hades]. I blame the commas, couldn't help, biggest word I could find : albeit. Sighs, I should've just listened to deskmate and kept it squeky clean.

Hokay then. February submission : Downgrade my written English to suit the English level in Kazakhstan.
Oh yes.

And she made it clear also that SHE decides when you're gonna write long essays, and not you. Nuh-uh, let your English teacher know your writing capabilities, why of course~!
So based on my Kazakhstan-English level plan, I'd give it about 9 months before she gives me the green light to write a 700 word essay.

I'll get things straight, it's not that I'm annoyed at Helena, in fact I think she's an awesome teacher [She makes me feel dumb, REALLY dumb during her class. I love every second of it], it's just that I'm annoyed with the prospect of being in my current class for the next two years to come. I can't tell what it is exactly, but I can definitely see that there's never gonna be a silver lining, not for a very long time..

Pshhh. Why can't we be writing about current world issues instead? Causes of overconsumption of caffeine? The effects of global warming on cloned animals [Umm, yeah. Thinking is much appreciated], why not something else?

Sighs. Why do I have to be so condescending? Why, self, WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME SO?

I'll go finish up that essay now.

And to add to the joy,


Word out

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I suck at Alertness

I've just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire after exhaustive waiting. Thanks Pat, LOADS.. It's a pretty decent movie, very Hindi movie-esque but there's just something very natural and intense and sincere about it. Cut short, I loved it. I think it'll have a pretty big chance at the Oscars this year. It really does depict life in India, from the mafias to the slums to the brothels and how sometimes, mediocre people do exceptional things.

I have a feeling this post is going to be damn long post since I have a lot to say. No, make that chronicle.
Umm. Woke up at 7, went to the hospital at 8.30, went to church at 10, waited for 2 hours for everyone to show up, P&W was late, stuff, stuff, stuff, went back at 6, passed by coconuts-filled roads, home!

HOYESH, MISSION GOLF CADDEH PANTS = SUCCESS. I think. We both looked like really cool dorks. XDD

My leg hurts [The probability of it bleeding inside is very likely], and right now, my calves look somehow inflated. But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy P&W just now, I loved every bit of it. It was led by Esther, Mark and Kenneth, they're good at what they do although initially, the real worship leader was running late and the SMC youth didn't mind helping.
I jumped like hell even when I felt my hamstring tearing. Guess it's what your love for God does to you, it makes you almost invincible XDD

After P&W, we watched a small excerpt from Gospel of John, and Clare helped Shannon pull her pants up coz' she was flashing her green bears. I don't remember what they were talking about, but they were pretty noisy :P But hah, we were the most active!! *victory dances*

We had this session where we got separated into groups depending on what problem we thought teenagers have these days. SMC and that one OLOL person, got stuck in video game addiction. I think you must know where that came from, considering Shannon, Joel and I are in that group XDD. So umm yeah, Not-sure-what's-her-name-but-she-seems-cool implied that the 3 of us have gone retarded and mentally sick thanks to gaming and asked for propositions to cute us and there was some random person who shouted, "BAN VIDEO GAMES!" and the three of were like "HELLNU!"
Played Alertness and hell, I sucked at it. My reflexes are exceeding slow, and that made me super slow when I needed to move when I saw someone wink. And dammit, Shannon and Kenneth are too fast, they had me for like 5 friggin minutes. They saw people winking that even I didn't see. Friendly reminder, Shannon darling ah, you're supposed to hold me, not smack my head and say "WOI!" if you see me crawling away. And ZOMG, have I mentioned Loo is tall, even when he kneels? Pfffft, I suck at this game.


"I don't even know what on Earth is happening to my youth."
"Oh yeah la yeah la. Your youth is seriously 'happening'"

True, Helena, very true. My youth = Damn 'happening' So happening that our meetings are super-exclusive, twice in 6 months. I think.
ISHHH. I screwed my F word resolution by the way, I used it too many times..in church. Meh, who cares. Clare, Shan and Loo were using it too. *shrugs indifferently*

See, life is so much better with me sticking to Sonia's or the SMC youth, I get to go to really cool youth gatherings like just now and meet cool people and show other people how much I suck at games and show really short kids that I ACTUALLY play video games. Isaac, I doubt you're reading this, but yeah, I play video games, kid.

Oh by the way, Bryan, fiancee's brother, TALKS LIKE AN ARISTOCRAT. SO KEWT!

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shannon's face ≠ Kristal's pie.

Screwed my brains with: Hillsong United - Lead Me To The Cross
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Currently drinking : My first cup of coffee since 3rd January 2009.

I want to get a Pomeranian, and name it Capper, it sounds like the Cappu in Cappucino, see?? No no, screw that. I want an Affenpinscher because it sounds like a likely name for German Rum. I'm still gonna name in Capper
And then I want to have a son named Espresso and his birthday shall be on *refer to Kris' planner* Somewhere in there, I'll get another dog, a Coton de Tuléar [I Wiki-ed that XDD] and name it Mocha. Because I have this burning urge to say, "COME HERE MOCHA!!!"
And then I'll get a badass dog and name it Frap. It sounds like a tap dancing method, cool.

Clearly, coffee makes me high these days. So excuse me while I rub out my eyes in a pathetic attempt to 'lower' myself down. God knows what killing your conjuctiva can do to your brains, but I'll take my chances anyhow.

I become bipolar in school *beams*

Oh. I jumped today. Jumped high? Yeah, that. But I gave in to my fatigue and screwed the 4th and 5th try. I still want to jump though, just to feel that yellow bar knocking against spine while I tumble down helplessly and lie on that revoltingly green mattress for a good 3 seconds. By the way, did my shirt go up? It always feels like I'm flashing my upper body parts when I do high-jump. Fi, you're so good at it :) and Joevy, you're gonna get picked to represent our house :D

Man, I'm damn happy lar wey.
I should avoid talking like that at all costs.

And no, Uncle Chris, I don't like Miley Cyrus. Pfffft, you'd think I'd have a better taste in music that all those audio-challenged, HSM [and not BDSM WTH?] worshipping preteens.
I listen to The Strokes for Chrissake.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Passing degrade

This is how I plan to pass my Biology. Pass as in C or something. In Form4, I'm switching the grade, D's the fail grade, not B.

Behold, my weapon for Biology.

Book's awesome by the way. I used it for the 2nd chapter of Science last year.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Famous, infamous, who cares?

Screwed my brains with: Coldplay - In My Place
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watch this!

Embedding disabled, so click it to watch it. It was on E! yesterday, 10 Chick Flick Cliches You Won't Find in He's Just Not That Into You.
6 was hilarious XD

I'm bored, so I'll do Juju's tag. Why do they call it tag anyway?

Whoever who gets tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her: In my case, that would be dearest Juju

1. She looks straight out of an anime, seriously
2. LOVES animes and mangas and anything Japanese.
3. Wears braces?
4. She works at her parents shop alot
5. Always in a happy mood, whenever I see her, she's in an uber happy mood.
6. Is a bouncy Christian lol
7. Plays P4 and loves it!
8. Is a Big Bang fanatic.
9. Has a manga collection, I think
10. Is an awesome person to hang around with.

The person who got tagged has to write 10 things about himself/herself:

1. Video games FTW
2. Has finally read the full article on Prop 8 in Wiki. I disagree with Prop 8. Gay marriages are fine by me, it's not like we've haven't already went against the Bible teachings countless times. Even Fr. Rudy says so.
3. Gaspard Ulliel got engaged and I'm currently annoyed, which is why I'm not fangirling, silently.
4. Thinks Fernando Torres is super-hot.
5. Football fandom with Joevy is awesome
6. Used to be big on Twilight, but dislikes it now
7. Likes to read gossip columns, A LOT. Shameless confession numero uno: I read Perez everyday.
8. Thinks JJ is becoming such a lala-crowded place.
9. Best shopping buddies are Shannon, Sonia and Clare.
10. Loves those 3 people she sits with in class to bits.

At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names:

Meh, I don't like tagging.
School's tomorrow. Sighs, I really don't want to go.

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