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Friday, January 30, 2009

You make cardboard look cute.

Screwed my brains with: Utada Hikaru [Kingdom Hearts OST] - Passion
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ROFLMAO. I'm trying to get the lyrics. Will post if I have it.


I probably shouldn't say this.
Because my friends think that I'm weird.
Everytime I say I love you they remind me you can't hear.
It's because you're cardboard. I'm always ignored.
But you feel so real to me why can't they see.
And you're still standing in the same way.
Just how i left you yesterday, against the wall.
Don't fall.

The 7 things I hate about you.
You're fake, you break, you are not real.
If only I had something to feel.
You are 2D with no back side.
You cost me quite a lot to buy.
My friends are jerks they make fun of us.
Just know it hurts. I want to be with the real Miley.
And the 7th thing I hate the most about you
You make cardboard look cute ;-)

It's awkward and silent because cardboard cannot speak.
I wonder what you think about when you smile and stare at me.
Dood are you serious?! You're delirious? She is cardboard
she can't hear us.
YES I CAN. (lyke WTF)
Dood zomg did she just talk?!
She's been real all along! Say something again!


The 7 things I hate about you.
You're fake, you break, you are not real.
If only I had something to feel.
You are 2D with no back side.
You cost me quite a lot to buy.
My friends are jerks they make fun of us.
Just know it hurts. I want to be with the real Miley.
And the 7th thing I hate the most about you
You make cardboard look cute ;-)


The 7 things I like about you.
You're hair, your eye, cardboard Levis.
When we kiss you're hypnotized.
You let me do whatever I want.
I can't wait till Chris is gone! ;-)
We never fight when I hold you tight
Ow! Splinter! Ohhh it's alright!
I wanna be with the real Miley.
And the 7th thing I like the most about you.

You make cardboard look cute.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh well.

I wanted to do this at 4a.m just now, but as expected, I woke up late. It's a holiday thing :)
So, review of my mostly phailed 2009 Resolutions upon 21 days of implementation.

1. Reduce the amount of times I say F--- to very, very little oblivion.
Umm. I haven't said it out loud, but I have thought of it.

2. My holier-than-thou plan
Hoshiet. This went spiraling downwards when I was rude again and again, and I didn't do my non-existent BM homework, which is really ironic since I never even knew it existed. So, that's just badddd.

3. Slash the caffeine consumption by a huge amount.
OMG, I haven't drank coffee in 2 weeks! Kinda fail, but 2 weeks is a big accomplishment.
So, PASS and still going.


5. Fix English
- Sorta? Maybe? Idek.

6. Learn Hokkien with Sonia!
- I had this resolution?

7. Delete 1000+ songs off my playlist.

8. Study, zealously.
Because Form4's a complete and utter bitch.

9. Stop blogging so much. [Huge smiley sadley here]
- Dude, never going to happen. Never.

By the way, I'm 42kgs now. How the hell did that happen?, I was 40 last Wednesday.
But seriously, my sudden weight gain is scaring the hell outta me, I'll tell you that.
Should be mostly because I've been eating so much this Chinese New Year.


Or my metabolism rate has gone cuckoo..

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Monday, January 26, 2009


[Insert prosperity-themed wish over here]

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Sunday, January 25, 2009



Mum says there's this uber big chance that we might be going to Penang this hols. This basically means that there might be a possibility that I'll see JessieKok.

And go shopping. Dammit I need new clothes.

The only thing my sister wants to do though, is eat at T.G.I Friday's, not like I object or anything since we both love TGI's :)


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Saturday, January 24, 2009

I got an LJ account.

Guess it was time anyway

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Torrents can be damned to the depths of Hades

Who kicked a hole in the sky so the heavens would cry over me?
Who stole the soul from the sun in a world coming undone at the seams?

School's biting chunks away off my time and I don't like it. I'm staying back almost everyday till 5 and I don't like it either. The school's imposing a ludicrous ban on correction stickers and I don't like it as well.
I love school, but my time is just as important. School, stop being so bad. Staying back is mandatory, I know. But can't days have 26 hours instead of 24? I despise staying back. The ban on correction stickers is like I pointed out, ludicrous. Correction stickers, really? Correction liquid, I understand, you don't want inane, psychotic chicks squirting correction ink into each other's eyes. But correction stickers? BECAUSE we're being trained for public exams? This is so ridiculous at so many levels.. I can train myself thank you very much.

Screw school..

Today. Was. Odd.

See, we [Kris, Shan, me] were supposed to try out for the debate team today but we ended by bailing out,.
Submitted reason número uno : We refuse to get our arses kicked by a bunch of Form3s. Honestly, they were THAT good. So debasing lah!
Submitted reason número dos : Shan and Kris were late for Bible Knowledge, which I'm still contemplating on. Take or not?
Submitted reason número tres : We want the Rotary Club Debate Competition! Not the Wira dunno-what one. Sadly, our school isn't participating in the Rotary Club one. SO we only have the HELP one.
Submitted reason número cuatro : We want Pn. Push!

Official reason : We. Were. So. Shamelessly. Unprepared.
Or perhaps only I was. Sighs..

On a happier note, I'm super-glad that I was able to score some adequate points for Victoria [sports house, bleh] although this was just the preliminaries. I certainly don't look like an athlete, do I? Oddly enough, I surpassed my own doubt. Neh this is just my egostic way of saying bwahahahahahahahah I got 5 /6 points bitchess!!!

Ohh but honestly, it was really nice. My legs are going to hurt like hell tomorrow and I'm obviously not gonna like that. Perfect. Just bloody perfect. It's just the thing I need to conclude a dreadful, dreadful week. How about a nice old slap on the face to go with it?

Blah. Why am I being so ambiguous and not to mention ridiculously pessimistic?
What the hell happened to "I feel hyper and I wanna dance and bounce. *starts singing Just Dance*"

I need Oasis right about now.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Oddly odd would just mean you're normal

Hi. Apa khabar?



*clears throat*

I don't care that if my cheek muscles could talk, they would be screaming "WE AIN'T ELASTIC" right now, but hold on there cheeks, I'm not done smiling yet.
See, last week, my monitor decided to phail on me, so I had to dismally send it for repair. Only, Uncle Tony [lol that's the name of the comp technician] said it was beyond repair and that the only way now is to buy a new one. So naturally, I thought that getting a new screen was impossible for at least another 10 months due to my parents already having financial problems now [eg: global recession, Pantai stocks crashing, mum's surgery, blahh]..
But, my brash senses have phailed me this time [I'm gonna spell fail like that form now on]. My parents being strangely nice, have got me a new screen. It's a 19" widescreener. Completely gratuitous since I like square screens better, but at least I can watch Heroes better now. :D

However. The bad part about having a screen the size of South Africa isn't that gratifying. For one, if your computer just so happens to be situated in the middle of the path between the kitchen and the hall, it'll easily be the target of paranoid onlookers who assume you're surfing for pr0n or something..
Another thing, you can't blog properly without having an idiot throwing skeptical glances at the screen. No Mii, I'm not thrashing you on my blog. I swear!

Skip it. Just skip it.I need to rant about school. Allow me to go get my book in which I've happily written down the things I need to update on.

Sighs. School teachers are a complete bore when they're...boring. But when they're so bash-worthy, you just can't help but to have a fat smile on your face when you're thrashing them on your blog. Or maybe it's still the screen issue, I really don't know.

Chem teacher: You're fine I suppose She can't speak English. She tries hard, but mostly it just ends up sucking in the end. She pronounces atom as Ah-Tom and variable as Wa-Ri-able and God knows the ones I've missed out.. Seriously, dude.

English teacher is a complete homophobe. Kris and Jo have done this, and I'm about to also.

"Yes, I know what gay means, that's where we get HIV from."
"I knowww. If you're gay and you sit next to your friend, I'm sure your friend will say "Aiiyyerrr I don't wanna sit next to you"

Underneath that 9 inches of thick, solidified make-up, there's this : the homo-hater that is my English teacher.. 24000 boundless levels of homophobic idiocracy.
How can she be so shallow? Or blind? Has she even looked at her teaching environment even the least bit? There's bound to be a semi-guy looking chick in every 60 degree turn. She's unintentionally hurtful sometimes. Think, teacher, THINK. Sorry, fiancee.

Holier than thou, my bloody, scar-marred foot.

Add Maths teacher.....is more.. [Read Jo's blog is she posts about it]

Tuition is awesome. Lol. Hopefully, it doesn't die this year with Jill and I ending up getting kicked out from tuition with a funeral boat for compensation

I've lost my common sense..

Annndddd, I've finally garnered all that's left of my sanity and confidence and am going to try out for the debate team with my loves, Kris and Shan.
Pray that we pass the auditions. I'm no good at debating when it's up on stage in front of a million people.

Oh by the way, according to Kris Ern-Hui, I'm Chinese.

E: Shiet. Should I join debate or not?
J : So you're telling me that you wanna go up on stage and debate in front of a million people?
E&K : Could you just shut up??

"Obviously you know why she's homophobic right?"
"She's in my church lar!"

"Can I quit debate?"
"Shuddup. You and me, babeh"

Me :*frantically whites tag*
Jo [?] : Oohh. I wanna white my tag too. Do for me.
Me : Go to hell do yourself.
Jill :I also want, do for me.
Me&Jo&Kris : Go to hell do yourself!
*moments later*
Congregation : "O.O Sooo white!"

Kenneth: May I have 2 volunteers? 2 good friends, please.
Me: My dearest friend?
Sonia : No, you're my fiancee.
Me : Oh right.*grins*

"Kris, if I eat roti canai with curry, I'm an Indian. Then how to be a good Chinese? Eat roti canai with lap cheong izzit?

Substituting coffee with chocolate milk in my chocolate cup.Lol.

I got 31 books in 4 days. Sighs.

By the way, admit it, YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG.

Power pop, I LOVE YOU.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lolz. My blog traffic feed thing says there's someone from Melbourne.
Took me a minute to figure that IT WAS ANNABELLE YAM.


Must update a lot, kay?? Thankfully, you have no PMR this year.
I'm envious.

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Friday, January 9, 2009


I want to watch this!

And this too!

First one's New York, I Love You [Like Paris, I Love You] and the second is Slumdog Millionaire, it's winning so many awards and the reviews are mostly positive. Plus, it has a nice storyline, not like all that crap we have now.

I wonder if NY, I Love You has gay guy in it, just like In Paris, Je t'aime. Gaspard was gay! And he felt a connection with that printshop worker dude and spoke to him [in French] about how he feels somehow connected closely to him not realizing that the Printshop Dude doesn't even understand French...

Umm. Yeah.

Know that British teen drama, Skins? I want to watch that syndicate it here in Malaysia dammit.
There's sex, and dancing [Yes, dancing XPP] , more sex, drugs, and God knows what else

This one too. It seems pretty cute.


I want a longer blog post... A long, trivial one. :D Be prepared, bitches. About school.

School. Sighs. I really, really wish it wasn't. My class is somewhat horrid. There's just something about 4Sc2 this year that creeps me out. I think it's diversity is what scares me the most.. And my Bio teacher, oh well, she seems fine. Only problem, she can't speak English. Wth? A Biology teacher who can't speak proper English. Perfect. Evidently, I'm going to fail my Biology this year.

BioTeacher : *garbles in Malay about being tardy for Bio, the consequences, and how many people under her have failed their Bio before. 4 passed it. Out of 40+. *
Class : *pauses*
BioTeacher : *asks whether we prefer her being bilingual or English only*"
RandomPeople : Enggllisshhh...
BioTeacher : *In Malay - Actually, I'm not very fluent in English. So I'll just try to be 'speaking' English little by little."
Me : Holy crap. I'm gonna fail my Bio.

Doesn't the MoE conduct hardhitting, bwahahahaha-you're-going-to-die interviews before allocating teachers to their schools? Why the hell do we have a teacher who sucks at English teaching us an English-based subject? A very imperative one at that. Didn't they conduct an interview? Don't they check for qualifications? How did she graduate with that type of English?
Or maybe they actually do want us to fail our Bio.

Whatever it is, I'm going to fail my Bio if I'm under her. I just can't let that happen, not this year or next. I'm not going to fail my Bio.

I seriously wish I was in 4Sc3.

I hate this year.
I hate next year.

Oh yeah before I forget. Newest submission : Become a pure nerd. Complete with constant studying and a heck load of revision books in school and 89 tuitions a week.
I'm a goner.

"Karma's a bitch."

"Let's go tell her parents."

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shut Up?

Screwed my brains with: FischerSpooner - Emerge
via FoxyTunes

Yours truly has been bored lately. Consequently, the new layout. You like? I made it in 10 minutes LOL. That's how bored I was.

There's nothing to do at school whatsoever, tuition hasn't started, and well, there's nothing I could possibly do. Except maybe stay in the school upper hall for 6 consecutive hours listening to nothing but a bunch of teachers coming up in front relentlessly babbling to you the pros and cons, no, basically just pros about the random subjects they teach and why you should take it. It all reminds me of a presidential debate except no one really listens or cares. And there isn't a well-needed moderator to exercise some control on the teachers. They could go on for half an hour and they'd still be stuck in one point! Very, very painfully trivial.

Oh wells. Thank heavens for...God knows what.

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Monday, January 5, 2009


Screwed my brains with: The Strokes - What Ever Happened
via FoxyTunes

Surprisingly enough, I'm in this really good mood right now. Partially because of school I suppose, how warmly nice and inviting it was. There's just something about school when it reopens, it's just makes me unconventionally ecstatic. I don't need ecstasy anymore!

Okay, I confess. That was just bizarre. But it's true, school makes me happy.

Anyway, I've made up my mind about the stuff I wanna take for these next two years. No, not stuff as in crack or caffeine or an obscene amount of yaoi, mind you. They're actually subjects I want[?] to study for the next two years. It was initially the third package, pure science and nothing else except for Accounts which I plan to learn outside of the school [Erm...I'm test-driving it.] But about an hour ago, I had this exhaustively thorough conversation with my sister and she advised me to take the second package instead. Pure science and Basic Economics with Accounts at the side. According to her, basic economics is "super-duper-very-freaking easy". Naturally, being me and how I pay heed to my sister in all this stuff, I figured "Ehh, why the hell not?" I've seen the papers before, it's only reading and understanding AKA memorizing your poor brains to oblivion, so I don't really care.
Hopefully I'll get in. My future hotel manager buddy's taking Package2 too.

I'm trying not to blog a lot this year. I have to seriously focus on my studies. Cannot "play play" anymore apparently. There's a lot to do these days and with time lessening as every moment passes, I'm going to have to make a lot of choices. I've to be more definite and settled. No more being vague or irresolute anymore.

It sickens me to think about my future and all that, but I guess I have no choice, do I?

Unless someone can..
Nope. I don't have a choice.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Down and erm, just down.

[Insert that smiley/annoy-ley in Plurk I love so much]

I now present you, the greatest way to start a new year.
By getting a stupid sore throat.
But it doesn't stop there, of course not! Supplements include a burning fever, throbbing headache, and of course, revolting ol' blood-tinged sputum. I better not have pneumonia or TB or something deadly like that. I can't die now, dammit!
But seriously, I can't even breathe properly now. And my chest, it's feels like it's compressed.
Ahhh. Perfect. Just perfect. Another asthma attack, perhaps?
Perfect. Now where the hell did I put that inhaler?

Nevertheless, since I rarely update my derelict blog these days, I shall properly update this time. Might be a long post, this one.

Okay. Monday. What the hell was I doing on Monday? Stupid headache.
I was in Teluk Intan insulting an aunt whom I have absolutely no idea how I'm related to.. Why? Verbal child abuse isn't a nice thing to do to a girl who's self esteem's already marred. Especially when it's during Christmas or New Year. Rude, pompous twat of an aunt, I'm glad I was rude to your fat arse!!
Uhh. I came back at 7, ate seafood and a shitload of chicken, and freaked out about Tuesday. Panicked, man, panicked.

Uhh.. Tuesday?
Results day. No, not a HIV test, moron. Standardized exam BLAH. Nuff' said. I wasn't so panicky after that. But it does seem a little more boring now that I've taken my results. And my sister went back, I miss her more than I don't miss her

Dad's car's bumper was dented by a dumbass Kancil driver. So, I went quite late to JJ. Needed to go stationery shopping with Shannon and My Dearest Friend/Sonia. They were bored at home, and I needed school supplies, so yeah. Black Kenyon for our tiny lunch and cafe-hopping scheme till 4. Bumped into Kristal. Scratch that, more like captured Kristal.

"*sipsipsip* Mmmmm. Vienna...."
"Isn't that Kristal?"
"What? Really? *peers*"
"*gets up* *runs while screaming KRISTALLLLL*"

Sadly, I had to leave early. My dad came a tad bit hell lot early, he had to send the car for repair.

AND, because of my incessant bouncing whenever I buy stationeries [God knows why. I'm finicky with brands. FABER-CASTELL DAMMIT!], Shannon said and I quote :
Stationery shopping with Ezriann is so fun. SHE'S SOOO CUTEE!!
Yeah Shannon, very cute. It's not my damn fault I prefer Faber-Castell or Staedtler over Papermate! They're so...ancient. And very, very German.

Moving on.

Went to church for midnight mass. Drank too much alcohol. FULLSTOP.

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. I just lay in bed the whole day, completely sick. Oh and I ate pan mee at night. That's all I remember.


I've been eating too much lately. And I do mean A LOT. Fried chicken is so addictive :\.
Anywya, I better stop stuffing myself with food so much. I'm not really fat now, but just wait till all that fat accumulates and shows when I'm 20. I'LL BE OBESE DAMMIT.
Not like I'm discriminating fat people or anything. But you have to admit, it's kinda dangerous to be overweight ya know. Risking your life expectancy? No, I don't want that. Cardiovascular deseases? Forget it.
I refuse to be overweight.
Underweight is not an option either.

Is 88lbs considered underweight?

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's here.


No elaborate speech this time. I'm off to watch Tropic Thunder.

Have a blessed time =)

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