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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I need koffferrrr

Mother Nature, she probably thinks I'm an environmental saint or something. She just made me compensate for 24 idiots who didn't switch off for Earth Hour.
And this leads to my house being in a blackout for 24 FRICKING HOURS.

Sighs. I wanna sleep.

[Edit as of 9.20 p.m]

Does anyone know if I'm supposed to use an Oxford comma in my aural essay thing? I'm doing coffee by the way, assuming that it will get me an A.

I hate memorizing.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Lolhard. Lol hard indeed.
I have this bad [seemingly] habit of blog-trawling. Yeah, I'm your invisible blog stalker. But anyway, I was reading this random girl's blog although it really should be called a selfcam-photoblog - not exactly random since she's actually a bit famous around people's blog. Frick. She commented on mine once - and I now have this intense urge to ask her "Why the hell do you even blog?"
Every post, is full, to the innermost core, with her pictures. EVERY. From the same angle, BADLY Photoshopped [Anyone can tell a Photoshop nose, definitely] as well. And because that certain girl thinks the her blog readers suffer from monochromacy, she blues and reds and greens and sepia-tones every picture. I swear to God, I think I nearly went blind.

Seriously? Is this why me and Jo lost our elite status thing?
For Chrissake self-caming fucktards, go get a Flickr account. SHEESHH.
I'm sure there's nothing wrong with picspamming with random stuff [*waves at you*] or during a special occasion, but seriously every single time!? I get it if you went to Mexico or something I and took pictures there. But damn, every post I read, I see you with boring, tedious, angles..
I mean wow, is every day a special day for you? If that's the case, you are fricking deluded.

You guys, and your blogs, are like a travesty to normal people who blog normally, without self pictures.

On the brighter and slightly morbid side, I just Wiki-ed the Tate-LaBianca murders and hell, I REALLY wanna watch Rosemary's Baby now. According to my parents, it's a movie without much blood and guts, but it's fricking horrific.

Now, could someone kindly tell me where's it possible to buy a 1968 movie?

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spoilers for FFVII here.

Q&A time? Anyone remember this infamous scene in Advent Children and the original FFVII. Well, maybe not the FFVII one since that one looked like this:

Blocky, yes. But his back, his sexy back and flowing hair still can be seen yes?

The former scene was in Crisis Core. Except, it wasn't made into an ordinary cutscene, apparently those lazy bastards at Square decided "Mehh, why not just stick the AC one in, that'll save us the time of designing a crappy cutscene, PWNAGE/YATTA!"
Uh huh. I dislike the fact that they clash a lot, cutscene, FMV, cutscene. 3 second FMV with JENOVA. LAME. Spare us the eye-killing and stick with one concept, please. Sheeesshhh.

Seriously though, I think Crisis Core is awesome. I solemnly swear, I will not finish this game without crying. It's just that Zack's sucha likeable character, he's much more funner to be around with compared with Cloud. I'll be willing to bet that if I were in the same room as Cloud, I will honestly and willingly choke a puppy just because it seems fun with him in the same room. No wait, that was Sephiroth. I'd choke a puppy for fun with Sephiroth. With Cloud though, perhaps I'll end up cutting myself whilst endlessly saying it's my fault that some girl died thinking that I was meant to be for her when in fact the real person she wanted to be with was well, my alter ego/I'm schizophrenic and amnesiac after I got infused with mako and my best friend died sobwailcrydie.

Guh, I feel like impaling myself with a masamune! Why didn't I join Silver Elite????
Note, it's a fanclub thing in CC when once you join, they'll send you updates and stuff like that. Very useful. I've already joined Angeal's and Genesis' but not Sephiroth since that was only available in Chapter 5 but I'm already in chapter 7[?] now.

But here's the first message they sent. Credits to Final Fantasy Wiki and Joel.


The scent of silver winds

Dear members of the Silver Elite:
In this update, we present another piece of Sephiroth trivia--the secrets to his beautiful long hair.
The hair products he uses are of the highest grade, made and supplied by the Shinra Company.
He seems to use one whole bottle of both shampoo and conditioner every time he washes his hair.
They are scented with thirteen kinds of perfumes, including Rose and Vanilla.
Apparently, the scent in the air after Sephiroth tosses his hair changes daily!

For real, Crisis Core has THIS. THIS valuable piece of info.
Dear darling fictional character who I've come to realize will stay probably, and unchangingly that way - fictional - I'm forever in your debt. I absolutely adore you, Sephiroth. I don't care how many times you'd spank my RP-arse in CC, I am in love with you.

Gawd, I'm delusional. I love a fictional character.
Meh. I still love KimBum and Gaspard. So it's all good.

And thanks to the incomprehensible wonders of Final Fantasy VII, Shannon has become a fangirl for *cue LOVELESS' crappy, gift-of-the-goddess-schmodess verse*

Very cute, no? Brownie points = Extremely nice hair. I want nice hair like that and yes I have an affinity for nice hair like that/I'm crazy, I put Octo-mum to shame because I want to have a fictional character's babies.


And the coolest part, he was portrayed by Gackt! As in GACKT, JROCK GOD. AND, he was voiced by him in the Japanese version of Crisis Core. He also appeared in Dirge Of Cerberus' secret ending.
And I'm crazy, yeah, HELL OFF.

This is sucha cool, exhaustively extensive post.

And what the hell, I just got "Gotcha-ed" by the SMC youth except do'i, I knew it was them I just didn't know who that guy/McD delivery guy was. Adrian from PAG 07 apparently. Can't recall. Just saw him a couple of times in Clare's 1112-part albums in Facebook.

I rule, period.
I've an inflated ego the size of well, you.
I'm going to be shot.
I dislike being thin.
I want a Subway sandwich.
And an A&W coney dog.
I wanna go with Shannon to Penang again.
I like the beach.
I like my particularly long post.
The scrollbar looks sad. And short.\
Agyness Deyn is hot, seriously.
But she broke up with the dude from The Strokes.
I like What Ever Happened.
I switched off.
I'm wondering if you did.
I think you're a moron if you didn't.
I'm going to say "It was only for an hour, you arse" to you when I see you.
Know what? I change my mind, my ego is smaller than you. You. ARE BIG. YOU BIG, NATURE-MISTREATING MEANIE.
My plan phailed and my deskmate thinks I'm a nutjob.
I think this is irrelevant but I love those three people I sit with to bits.
To bits smaller than computer chips.
Or lysosomes.
Whatever's perfect. I'm not one for coherent analogies.

So how's life?
Incomprehensible. Understandably.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Auntie Morbid

Start hell singing: MGMT - Kids

Have I ever mentioned how much MGMT's song, Kids rocks my world? The beats, the lyrics, everything, it's awesome. MGMT, you have my life in your hands. I've listened to it countless times before, but never really got to appreciating it. So here's to you, Electrorock = Epic win

School's mind-numbing and should be unspoken of in this blog. There's just nothing, I repeat, NOTHING in school worth mentioning or even worth appearing at the back of my head. Except for perhaps English aural test, which come to think of it has become such an annual topic, hasn't it? Remember last year's? I had 7 posts on it, I think.
Well anyhoo, there's a certain topic on which we're going to be speaking about, for 3 to 5 bloody minutes. My choices for specific topic?

Coffee A.K.A The Epitome of Awesome Things Invented in Liquids.

Gay rights, just to annoy the crap out of my teacher.

Honestly, I don't think I can pick. If I had my way and if the world were a little more..accessible, I would just talk about gay rights for my aural test. It wouldn't affect anyone right? But hey, it's just that in such a situation where your English teacher's a complete homophobe/ugly-people hating misanthropist, you'd rather go for something more A-friendly. Who knows? My grammar could be dead right, but what if she gives me a B for talking about something...irrelevant? I don't know what was up with that word, I just had a brief think-like-a-homophobe moment.

I really don't get humanity sometimes. We're going towards our own destruction, I just don't comprehend.
So.Earth Hour.
SWITCH OFF DAMN IT. It's only for one hour, and if you can't handle the nonexistence of your internet for one hour, grab your laptop and run off to Starbucks. I'm doing that with my PS tomorrow XDD

Sod off, I was bored. And that is by far the fugliest graphic tree, EVER.

Ohhh and before I forget,
This week, I had a revelation, somewhat. More of a Korea-calling actually, cos' as of right now, I've never wanted to live in Korea so much in my life before. See, before this, it was Japan thanks to a whole bunch of Jdramas, but now, after watching BoF and Antique, SAYONARA JAPAN ILU KOREA///

*dies happily* JiHoon and JaeWook~~~~~~~~~
I love this movie.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to watch Coffee Prince. JOANNA LEE YOU'RE AWESOME JUST SO YOU KNOW

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Sze Yann.

Message 60
RM0 : Get top breaking news from around the world on ur mobile via CNN Mobile. Go to http://cnnmobile.com or send CNN to 2016 for the link
From: Yann
7.05pm 25/3/2009

Message 61
RM0 : Get top breaking news from around the world on ur mobile via CNN Mobile. Go to http://cnnmobile.com or send CNN to 2016 for the link
From: Yann
7.06pm 25/3/2009

Message 62
RM0 : Get top breaking news from around the world on ur mobile via CNN Mobile. Go to http://cnnmobile.com or send CNN to 2016 for the link
From: Yann
7.06pm 25/3/2009

Message 63
RM0 : Get top breaking news from around the world on ur mobile via CNN Mobile. Go to http://cnnmobile.com or send CNN to 2016 for the link
From: Yann
7.06pm 25/3/2009

Message 64
RM0 : Get top breaking news from around the world on ur mobile via CNN Mobile. Go to http://cnnmobile.com or send CNN to 2016 for the link
From: Yann
7.06pm 25/3/2009

Message 65
RM0 : Get top breaking news from around the world on ur mobile via CNN Mobile. Go to http://cnnmobile.com or send CNN to 2016 for the link
From: Yann
7.06pm 25/3/2009

Message 66
RM0 : Get top breaking news from around the world on ur mobile via CNN Mobile. Go to http://cnnmobile.com or send CNN to 2016 for the link
From: Yann
7.06pm 25/3/2009

Message 67
RM0 : Get top breaking news from around the world on ur mobile via CNN Mobile. Go to http://cnnmobile.com or send CNN to 2016 for the link
From: Yann
7.07pm 25/3/2009

Message 68
RM0 : Get top breaking news from around the world on ur mobile via CNN Mobile. Go to http://cnnmobile.com or send CNN to 2016 for the link
From: Yann
7.08pm 25/3/2009

Message 69
From : Yann
7.08pm 25/3/2009

Message 70
RM0 : Get top breaking news from around the world on ur mobile via CNN Mobile. Go to http://cnnmobile.com or send CNN to 2016 for the link
From: Yann
7.08pm 25/3/2009

Dearest Yann, albeit you're not reading this, I swear to God I'm gonna expose your number to the interwebz if you start spamming me endlessly and incessantly telling me my credit has finished and sending me 'Hoi!' 8 times and T.T another 13 times.

Spammer. :]

Numb3rs makes me feel stupid, really stupid
And gawd, I'm rationally pissed off with her. You know what, hell off, I don't give a damn about you anyway. I'll just avoid you. Ignorance is bliss, sheer, limitless bliss.
I actually feel like doing my AddMaths homework; tuition homework. Quadratic functions' pretty cool once the basics are done.

And Jill, I feel so bad. Sorry if I, you know, did it.

Smiley faces, they lie.

[Edit, again]

My dear Ezra Sonia Charanya is right, I say the weirdest things, sometimes.

"God is obviously a coffee addict. How else do you think he could stay up listening to everyone's prayers?"

"Isn't Dorota Honduran? Why's she swearing in Polish!?!?!?!?!?"

My embryonic plan of turning the world into coffee addicts is well, still an embryo.
I shall succeed, just you wait.

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Screwed my brains with: The All-American Rejects - Breakin'

--GossipGirl post.

As absolutely BLAH as Nate and Vanessa can get [go shoot some hot make out scene already, you guys are killing me with the dull one liners and absolute nonchalance. Geezers. Get hot, dammit], they're actually a cute couple. But I'm only at Ep19, so I wouldn't know whether they break up or what.
You know, I think I might just have this massive girlcrush on Blair, not Leighton but, Blair.

Ahh, Blair.



Promos break my heart, seriously. Why, Malaysia, why??? Why don't you have the current season of GG in 8TV WHY???

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Holy Frickeroo.

Holy...FRICKEROO. I've been going around talking about Dragonball Evolution using the name James Chadwick in the same sentence. James Chadwick as in the guy discovered neutrons, NOT JUSTIN CHATWIN.
What's wrong with me?

Can't say I'm very happy with my results. For one, they suck like fuck. But it was what I expected after all, I didn't bother studying that much and besides, it's just first term assessment.
Right. Who the hell am I trying to kid?

Guh, Where's LJ cut when you need it?

And I solemnly promise, if I get a B for English, I'm shutting my blog down. Period. ;]

Mid Terms in what? 7 weeks? Yeah, 7 weeks. And in that 7 weeks, I swear to God I'm going to study my arse off like hell. I can't afford to get a fucking C for Bio and Physics. And the nicest part, Miss Joyce said it was actually pretty good. PRETTY GOOD? A C IS PRETTY GOOD?
Fine, maybe in my class it's considered good [provided it's only half the class I'm talking about], but still. IT'S AN EFFING BLOODY C!

*goes off to tell marks*
*stands up, walks to the teacher's table with Kris*
That's good, what.
*turn around, start walking back to the table, heads hung down.*

Yeah, we have issues.
Time to be extra kiasu this year.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

You know, just when I thought that Chains Of Olympus was the only game that wouldn't have a naked lady in which when the protagonist meets her, a minigame is launched. Oh yeah, the aftereffects of the minigame : A vase which shakes rapidly at first, then it just falls of and breaks.
Leave it to a Greek anti-hero and his bitch to have mad, hardcore sex till a vase breaks..

So I figured, maybe this game ain't so boobie after all, maybe folks at Ready At Dawn were much more reserved compared to the ones at Sony Computer Entertainment..
Yup, and then......this came. Not just one naked lady, but two, on top of each other.
Umm, yeah.

Umm, yeah. Shouldn't have bothered mosaic-ing it. But I'm obsessed with Photoshop like that, so yeah. there was still a minigame though, I just didn't bother.

Video games are weird.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sidewalk to the crowd

I just came across a few lot of notes Deskmate-darling and I pass around in class and I've noticed, we get extremely high a lot in class, don't we? Those notes, and how we manage to bitch about almost every single thing the universe could possibly hold with oddly truth-bearing quotes stuffed in between each logic-deviating sentences seriously amazes and not to mention, startles. Didn't we have ANYTHING to do last time? me
Yeah. Form3, Geography period, it was a nice time :)
I'm glad we're still deskmates, Jill.

Don't know what was up with that.


I just beat Chains Of Olympus in 6 hours. Heh, I'm good.

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Friday, March 20, 2009


....MY BMI IS 15.2 WTH?

Fine, you go count it. 40 FRICKIN KGS AND 162 IN HEIGHT.

Dammit. This vegan thing is bad.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Live and Learn, Live to learn, live or learn.

I'll take the third one, it's not like I haven't given up my life for education.

I've been listening to Le Chemin the whole morning on loop, and damn, it's addictive. Or maybe I'm biased towards French music, Idek.

Will be back later to blog. I'm officially ostracizing my black blog. :D

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I might consider a relocation.

Strange, I just wasted 20 minutes of my life talking about our maids.

Your maid's nice.
She's a cleaner, comes every 2 days, and yeah she is.
Is she Indonesian? They're nice.
No, Myanmar la. The Indonesian lady last time scared the hell out of me, you know.
Why, she hit you with a broomstick? *grins*
No, she TALKED to the broomstick
WTH? Seriously? Maybe she's a pawang lady?
Pawang, your head. She's a Dukun, Indon mar.......... But her contract habis ady, so she went back.
Ohh. Was she pretty?
Guess so. Why does it matter?
Actually the current one is prettier. *looks behind* And she's nicer too.. There was once this cleaner that came last year, she was Myanmar-ian, she was pretty AND NICE.
No lar, Indonesian ones are nicer.
BULLCRAP. Myanmar ones are nicer and prettier.
Oh so it's all about looks la now?
I'm just saying, you dumbarse. She was prettier. Her name was Sosowin I think.
Sosowin, Myanmar name la. And the thing is, she cleaned my uncle's house, so my grandma cooked for her. And when Sosowin saw the pic of my grandma in my house, she was all jumpy and hyper cos' apparently, my grandma cooked good chicken curry.
I see.
It's fair.
I know. Too caught up talking about my domestic helpers, so yeah, I lost focus. I should blog about this.

Hmm. Wednesday morning, playing UNO with Panda is awesome.

I was reading GFY just now, and God is it me or are everytime Spencer and Heidi's [The Hills. HOW DO I EVEN KNOW THIS] pictures are snapped, they're snapped kissing. ALL THE FRICKING TIME. Pfffft, it'd bad enough they take up most of the stuff on E! and MTV [Music Television my arse, it should be relabelled Moronic Television these days] and now they're what? Launching a joint domination on my favourite fashion website.
Schmucks, get off the friggen internet and go make babies or something. Us Weekly'll pay you a million bucks just for a tiny peek at their foreheads, so why not, it's not like your mere existence isn't for the sole purpose of rich photo ops already.. Why stop there when you can expand your empire to baby photos?

I hate the TV these days. Reality shows blow.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Obsessively contradictory

Somedays, it's nice to know that maybe one day, preferably soon, I can tell you to shut the hell up after a long time sucking it in. Now, it's not my fault your life sucks, or at least you think it does, is it?

I'm bored, and boredom leads to me diligently doing tags.
Miss Annabelle Yam tagged me.

Answer all the questions below and tag 5 people.
Rules: You cannot answer the questions by repeating the previous answers.

5 facts

  1. I like coffee.
  2. I'm dangerously addicted to coffee.
  3. I scare people with my addiction to coffee
  4. Clare's beginning to become addicted to coffee. It isn't always about me, is it?
  5. I named my blog after my addiction to coffee :D

5 secrets

  1. Contrary to popular belief that I am in fact, an idiot who can't read, I'm not. It says secrets, and this is no place for me to be dishing everything, right? Sure, it's my blog and I berate here a lot, but still, no secrets. Those things are in the innermost part of my closet, innermost.
  2. Pass
  3. Pass
  4. Pass
  5. Pass

State 5 facts of yourself that people know.

  1. I rebuke, nitpick and revile more often than even the meanest person in the world should. It's hereditary. I'd do anything to give it up, but I can't and this certain habit of mine is gonna continue to the grave.
  2. I used to be very sarcastic, don't know if I still am now. Maybe?
  3. I love video games. But there's never gonna be a day that I deny the fact that I still think it's weird that I game. It's a haunting feeling.
  4. I abstain from things a lot only to do a complete reversal within a month.
  5. I listen to The Strokes, bb. :D

State 5 facts of yourself that people don't know

  1. I'm the type of person who'd say something just to make you feel guilty only to take it back because your guilt is making me sympathize.
  2. That was the most trivial way to say I'm a pushover.
  3. When I say 'no', I actually mean 'I wish I could say yes, but I'm trying to toughen up here.'
  4. I used to listen to the JoBros in 07 when they were less famous here. Guilty pleasure indeed.
  5. When I see someone, doesn't matter where, it could be in a magazine or face to face, I secretly wonder if they're still virgins. I KNOW, it's odd, but I do it out of habit. I'm crazy-curious like that.
  6. I have ambition-phases. Like when I watched Dark Knight, I wanted to be a psychopathic clown. And when I watched Die Hard 4.0, I wanted to be haXor. But my lifelong ambition is, believe or not, a cardiothoracic surgeon.
  7. I'm VERY meticulous, overly actually. Eg: When there's a song in my player that doesn't have an album cover and I can't find the cover online, I simply delete the song because it doesn't look in par with everything else.

State 5 bad behaviors of yourself

  1. I overcare. I can't stand to see anyone cry, so I try to make them feel better. I have a natural mother's instincts thing going on.
  2. I'm dead-lazy, it should be considered a sin
  3. I'm VERY perverted. Like, VERY.
  4. Hypocritical, oh yes.
  6. My verbal defence system is more resilient than the Berlin wall. XDD

State 5 good sides of you

  1. So what if the world hates you, I'll be there when you're crying. So yeah, I'm actually a nice person.
  2. I like helping people :D
  3. I'm sorta/maybe/kinda/very just. I see everyone as equals and hence, if a straight person can get married, so can a gay one. If you think humans shouldn't be tortured, neither should animals. An advocate for equality, yeah. Hocrap, I eat chicken
  4. I like dogs :\ and I'm clearly running out of things to say.
  5. I can actually condone a lot of things, it amazes me sometimes.
I shall tag, NO ONE.

I can feel the pressure

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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Did anyone read the frontpage for Yahoo! today? She's trying to ruin them? Either I should be plain annoyed or amused.
Amused, it is.

OMG like, I asked my dad to like, schedule a meeting with Miley Cyrus and OMG, like she totally didn't want to. I'm like, sooooo annoyed at her, that stinkin' Miley I'm sooooo gonna ruin her!

-Sarcasm. I have it.

Amen, Radiohead. It's nice to know that good music and clever musicians still exists.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Chocolate Alliance

Ssup, people.

My dog gave birth, to nine eight puppies. One died, it suffocated. I'll spare the details, because Blogger doesn't have an LJ cut when your post needs some viewer discretion.
I have 7 males, and 1 female puppy. GOODNESS.

So far the one that looks like a cow's name is BongBong, the black ones are Capper, Mocha and Frap. I don't know how I'm gonna differentiate them for the record. And the other 3, I don't know.


Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that I just named a barely a day old Rottweiller+Boxer+Labrador BongBong?
*shrugs* I just don't comprehend the things I do sometimes, they're simply...incomprehensible.

Oh wells. First term assessment finished. And the results, they can just go suck it in hell, I'm gonna get C's and D's anyway. Even English, bother.

Wanted to rant about PAG and how Sonia and I couldn't go, but meh, I need to sleep. I look a mess.


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Thursday, March 5, 2009

But I like bloo

Because the person I really, really want
is away/busy/on the phone/out to lunch but never
just online.

And no, it's not that person. Old news, old news.
Get over it. IT.

I be doing the tag by Elle first. Because I've an affinity for long blogposts. Surely you know that by now.

It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag ten people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real - nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name:Ezriann

2. A four Letter Word:Etch

3. A boy's Name:Elliot? I have that show in my head.

4. A girl's Name:Ezri XD

5. An occupation: Escort *smirks*

6. A color: Hocrap. Electric Blue, there!

7. Something you'll wear: Elf shoes? Course I won't wear it, it's just that this is hard!

9. A food: XDD Espresso. No wait, food??? Fine, egg-tarts!

10. Something found in the bathroom: Everyone XPP

11. A place: Egypt. Damn the Form4 History textbook to the depths of Hades.

12. A reason for being late: Entered the wrong bathroom at my apartment, saw the naked landlady, she kicked me out, her husband saw me, they thought I was gay, they sat me down and had a 30 minute lecture on girl-girl relationships, and thus, here I am, late, thanks to their girl-girl relationship tirade.

13. Something you'd shout: EEEESSHHH!!!!

14. A movie title: Entourage. Oh crap, that's a TV show. Nevermind.

15. Something you drink: ESPRESSO, BITCH!

16. A musical group: *flips through playlist* Epik High

17. An animal: Uhh.. Elk? *shrugs*

18. A street name: Emerson Drive XDD That's a band's name but it's good enough to be a street name, so whatever.

19. A type of car: Electric car?

20. The title of a song: Exit by Interpol

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

Screw this shiet.

Semi hiatus beginning in 2 more minutes. Monthly exams are next Wednesday and holy crap I haven't studied one effing bit I'm going to fail it die *impales dagger unto self* , I need to study.

But again, holy crap I haven't studied one effing bit I'm going to fail it die die *impales dagger unto self*

Oh yes. The semi-hiatus [semiatus?] starts in 3..2..1..


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Monday, March 2, 2009

The shallowness of the human race is more than a kiddy pool, nuff' said

How I can possibly live with 3 [1000+ if you count all of them] homophobes for 15 years 3 months and 25 days still leaves me in awe of myself.

See, I was watching Milk just now and right after that my brother [although he's probably secretly gay or something. *shrugs*] kept on saying how Harvey Milk deserved what he got, being shot like that just because he was gay. JUST BECAUSE HE WAS GAY?! So me being the equality-for-all advocate [animals too, yo~], I retorted, saying that there's nothing wrong in being gay and people shouldn't use religion as an excuse to hate, it's not like we're the only religion in the world [And God, I just hate that when Christian fundamentalists use God as a reason to go against almost every single minor thing ever]. And then my mum and sister joined his anti-gay battalion and started saying how it goes against the norm for a guy and a guy/girl and girl to have sex, they gave bullcrap excuses like HIV spreading because of them and how the normal thing to do is to be straight.

Okay, first off, the largest route of HIV spreading is blood transfusion, not gay sex. And why do you have to emphasize on they gay part of gay sex so much? Isn't both gay and straight sex a transfusion route? Or is there some kinda bizarre existence of oh who knows, an impermeable membrane that prevents HIV from reaching the body in straight couples? Christ, you people are so damn shallow.
The other one, define normal, please. Go ahead, humor me. While you're at it, why don't you tell me the difference between a man raping a young girl and a man raping a small boy? Is raping even the normal thing to do? If yes, congratulations, you just passed my Are You a Complete Dumbass? test. Geez people, do you even realize what you're saying? You're saying that you'd rather have a straight rapist than a gay one? Like what the hell is up with that? I've a better idea, how about no crazyass rapists at all? If gay ones disgust you because they're gay, then shouldn't straight ones revolt you because they're straight? Raping is in both cases, damnwell wrong. Duudeee, it's called linear equations :D Left side, right side, they're equal.

And that's exactly what I want - equality. You know, balance. Isn't it unfair enough already that we have racists and ageists and all those other discriminative bunch of oddballs? Why let homophobia be another reason to hate, can't we just love everyone the same way? Put yourself in someone else's shoes for once, try to figure out how they'd feel being discriminated, sidelined and just downright ostracized. Besides, I'm sure there's something in you that becomes a discrimination factor too, yeah? So how'd you feel being hated, scorned upon like that? No one likes being hated [unless you have an ego too big for the world to handle XD], and it's definitely no different for gays, they're human too.

So yeah, don't hate. You only have the rest of your life to live and why spend it hating people?

Oh and just so you know and don't get confused, I'm not pro-homosexualism, I'm pro-equality. I'm bi, so saying I'm pro-homo is like denying another a part of myself, which I definitely am not. I'm just fair and I think everyone deserves things equal [Again, Prop 8 can go suck it in Californian hell], that's all. Besides, girls and guys, they're both hot :D
Anddddd I've just noticed that there's never gonna be a chance in this world of me getting married because I just said that, but mehhh, I'll be too busy working for PETA, cutting up people and writing more posts like this anyway.

:D I like long, back-up posts like this.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009


I change my mind, Milk should've won Best Picture.

And I'm going rant on my those homophobes in my house later. Idiots

In the meantime, have some eye-candy in the form of mastersexypants, James Franco. LL is LiLo btw.

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Well, I'm back. And I'll update later.

Fuck Streamyx

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