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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I just had to.

Words frequently thrown around by a pretentious douchebag commenting on someone's photos on Facebook : Creative...abstract....tears through my soul....

I call bull! I'm aware I sound more like a judgmental prick than ever before but no, NO, I downright refuse to take the comments of someone who calls Twilight parodists "gay retards" seriously. Honestly now, if you're going to suck up, change your About Me section to exclude copious amounts of capslock smashing every other letter and then hit the Serious Comment Time road.

That aside, my sister was having a night!chat with me yesterday, one that was just so damn awfully one-sided because I'd rather have been playing Birth By Sleep [It's awesome, so far] but uhh yeah, she was having a chat on how she thinks one our cousin brother's gay. That took me aback, that and the fact I had just finished my last piece of carrot cake [DAMN!], you know. Partly because my gaydar had been working the last time I saw him [the needle went positive] and because my sister told me in a very alarmed way. So I asked her what's wrong if he's swinging the other way and she just gives me that "WHAT THE BURNING HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" Look.

If anything, Freedom for Consensual Sex With Anyone You Want a person's sexual orientation is hardly my concern and no, I didn't just say something that would subvert the sol;e purpose of my gaydar, mine is an accidental one. Anyway, I had to neutralize her "WTBHIWWY?" face so I explained to her why I don't give a damn and why it hruts me when hell when people go "OMG EWWWW HE'S GAY LAARRRR" because let's just say if the worl was theother way around and instead of some people being homophobic, you get a heterophobic bunch going " OMG EWWW HE'S STRAIGHT", how would I feel? Discriminated? Yes. Unfair? Completely. Hurt and angry? Absofreakinglutely.

She shut up after I made my point..
So, did I make any sense in this blogpost?

As an added bonus and just because I can't resists a lame line like this, did my blogpost tear through your soul?

No? Guessed as much.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Resonate: Every Single Day - Lucky Day

I'd rather not talk at 2AM. Especially not with you
You stupid cliched thing. Tsk

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

What the burning hell happened to my blog?

Tsk. Nobody knows. If there's still someone reading ma blogging joint, scoot over to the darker side. Link at the side :D

I'll go back to Pasta now, 안녕~

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