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Saturday, October 4, 2008

As sweet as vinegar

Getting high to: The Academy Is... - Summer Hair = Forever Young
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Getting high to: Howie Day - She Says

Tagged by the oh-so-awesome JessieKok! Love ya babe!

Here it goes:
1) Real name: Ezriann Charanya. Laugh all you want, you're pronouncing it wrong anyways.
2) Nicknames: Ezz, Ezri, Ezzie
3) Married: To my various sources of oxygen
4) Zodiac sign: Libra!
5) Gender: Female. But it doesn't mean I think like one.
6) High school: Methodist Girls School, Ipoh.
7) College: Not yet
8) Age: 15 this Sunday!
9) Height: 161cm. Am slightly short.
10) Blood group: Ohhh =)
11) Do you like yourself: That hinges on my mood.
12) Piercings: On my ears.
13) Right or left: Erm... If you go left, I'll go right. If you go right, I'll go left. If I go right, You shall shut up and follow!
But really, I'm a rightie.
14) Are you a freak: Has that ever been a hindrance?
15) Hair: black, dark brown. Idek.
16) Skin: I have no idea how to define it. Dark I suppose.
17) Allergic: Is this like an exam you take when you get an abortion?? I need a paper for this question anyhow.
18) What are you doing now: Screaming out ILU WILLIAM BECKETT
19) What will you do 1 hour later: Still be here, listening to David Fransson's Slow Down.
20) What will you do 10 years later: Well, I WANT to join Jessssieeehhh on her lala-exterminating mission. But maybe, when I'm 25, I'll be in UK, studying Meds? Idk lar.

21) Live with mother/father/parents: Both...
22) Siblings (included you): 3 exceptionally awesome people, we are.
23) Eldest: Big bro, Thomas.
24) Youngest: ME!
25) Love/hate your family: We get along.

26) You found your another half: Emotionally, nope. Don't think I want to right now. I thought maybe, but no.
You don't mean that half, do you? Lolz

27) If yes, who is she/he: Pass.
28) If no, who you want he/she to be: HAH!
29) Times you in relationship: 0 and I'm perfectly fine with that.
30) Ever woo boy/girl (0-100 000): woo-wha?
31) Anyone woo you before (0-100 000): Prolly. I can't remember.
32) Did anything wrong to your half: Other half, lolz. I ain't go no spouse.
33) What was/were the wrong you did: Pass. This isn't worth answering
34) Ever argue with other half: Yup I argue with myself a lot.
35) You with other half since: I WAS BORN LA BODOH! What'd you expect? Me walking around with one boob, one eye, one ear, half a head of hair, HALF A HEAD, one leg, one arm, one Fallopian tube, one ovary?
36) Are you straight/lesbo: Bye.. Trying to straighten before this year ends.
37) Reasons you love your other half: Let me list it out.
If I had:
1 leg : Damn hard to walk
1 arm: Damn hard to do ANYTHING
1 boob: I look like I had a mammoplasty gone wrong.
1 eye: I'll give Jack Sparrow a bad name.
1 ear: It'll look like Edward Scissorhands decided to be a wee bit vicious when he cut my hair.
1 ovary : LAGI BEST!
38) You and you other half in which stage: *headdesk*
39) You woo he/she or he/she woo you: I woo myself? WTF?
40) Ever think of marrying he/she: Married ady lu.

41) Your first best friend: Nicole Ann in kindergarten. Wonder where she is now.
42) You first enemy: LOVE, PEOPLE, LOVE!.
43) The friend you love the most (1only): You go to hell
44) The enemy you hate the most (1only): Refer to #42
45) Your most beautiful girl friend: They're all of same hotness.
46) The kind of girl that you hate the most: Mmmm, 14 year old lala bloggers that type like they have fucking Parkinson' and abuse the word 'like' and 'omg' and 'totally'.
47) Your most handsome boyfriend: most handsome? Doesn't that mean I HAD one? Don't have la.
48) The kind of boy you hate the most: Refer to #46 but of the opposite sex.
49) You fall in love with your close friend before: Nope
50) Your best friend is your ex-lover: Nope. Wouldn't that be awkward anyhow?
51) If your friend backstab you: Forgive but not forget..
52) If your friend woo your lover:... Run him/her to Spain! Lolz Boston.
53) If your friend betray you: Her problem isn't mine
54) If your friend fall in love with you: AWWWWWWWW. I have no problems.
55) If you fall in love with your best friend: I don't think that's ever going to happen. I love my people like fucking hell but not THAT type of way. Besides, it's way too precarious.

56) Are you a good student: Is this a joke?
57) You always do your homework/assignments: Ask my deskmate =)
58) The teacher/tutor you love the most:.....PUAN LIN! *smirks*
59) Always late to school/college: Not always.
61) You love your seniors: Pass..
62) Senior who you love the most: Pass
63) Your classmates good/bad: They're..nice, most of the time.
64) Excellent result classmate: Urrr, Ceaz? Chui? Idek la.
65) Laziest classmates: Classmates? Me and my loveable deskmate. Because we sleep a lot in class. And Amanda darling as well coz she sleeps even more.

66) Smart people: Everyone's smart in something.
67) Stupid people: EVERYONE'S STUPID! lol. <-- Jessieehhh's answer
68) Good looking people: *snortgiggle*
69) Ugly people: Everyone's purdy!
70) Funny people: Idek la..
71) Cute people: EVERYONE~ Blehh I'm in a good mood today.
72) Bad people: EVERYONE WHEN THEY'RE PMS-ing
73) Honest people:.. Eh, are there any people that don't lie?
74) Acting people: Acting? Acting like how?
75) You are what kind of people: I am what kinda people? I'm only one person la you language-obtused donkeh! THE PREFERENCES
76) Lips or eyes: Eyes are smoking hawt. Lips are..nice when they're pouty! GASPARD-KU!! And Kristal's too =) We share Gaspard.
77) Hugs or kisses: No idea.
78) Shorter or taller: Who?
79) Hesitant or spontaneous: Randomness is lurve.
80) Nice stomach or nice arms: *headdesk* Both?
81) Listener or talker: Pray that you're not boring.
82) Romantic or rich: A rich quixotic person!
83) Good husband or good father:...Ask me when I'm straight.

84) Age to get marry: *falls off chair laughing*
85) Number(s) of kids: ZERO. Unless they stay 1-5 years old forever.
86) Career: Anything in Medic. See, I need to give back to society!
87) Salary: Enough to get me a LV bag every month.
88) Retirement age: The day I stop breathing.
89) Properties value: *dreams on*
90) Wishes: I have a list, SEEE?????

I SHALL TAG : No one =]

And there's another tag also.
Three names you go by: Ezri Anne, Ezri, Ezz

Three screen names you have had: Can't remember.

Three physical things you like about yourself: My hair? My lack-there-of boobs. And my ridiculously flat stomach. See, that's why I like wearing dresses.

Three physical things you DON'T like about yourself: Read the above. AND my oily face covered with rashes. Heat rashes I HATE YOU! And my under eyes are usually very dark. Looks as if I haven't slept in 4 weeks

Three parts of your heritage: - Urr. Indian. And Punjabi. And my great-granddadeh was half-White.

Three things that scare you: - Clowns. Santa.Bad Internet connection. Three of your everyday essentials: - Internet, phone, un-melamine-ed products

Three things you're wearing right now: - Shorts, tank top, wristband!

Three of your favourite bands or musical arts (currently): -....I have too many to crave

Three of your favourite songs (right now):
- Pressure by Paramore
- Summer Hair = Forever Young by The Academy Is
- We Cry by The Script.

Three things you want in a relationship:
- I was gonna say..Sex. lolz.
- Trust, d'oi?
- Compassion prolly.

Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeals to you:
- Eyes. *swoons*
- Hot bod! But not like the body builder types coz they just look like really masculine gays. Gaspard's body, can?
- SMILE! =)

Three of your hobbies:
- Gaming
- Illegal downloading
- Reading d'oi

Three thing you wanna do really badly right now:
- Go to Church.
- See my peepz in Penang! Elise, Marcus, Rachel, Vanessa and Navin.
- Get PMR over with

Three careers you're considering/considered before:
- Modelling..... No way now lar.
- Lawyer since I'm good at arguing apparently
- Food critic

Three places you wanna go on vacation:
- Rome *dies*
- St Peter's Basilica? Sure!

Three things you want to do before you die:
- Accompany Jessieehh on her lala exterminating trip.
- Meet Gaspard friggin Ulliel
- Go for WYD TWICE!

Three ways that you are Stereotypical a girl/guy:
- I don't believe that. Maybe a bit casual and nerdy and geeky. Casual since well, d'oi. And nerdy because I read a lot. Geek because I've already read most Batman comics and I play video games like crazeh!

Four people that you would like to see take this quiz now: - Lazy.

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