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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I think God loves homosexuals more than he loves hateful homophobes.

Getting high to: Gackt - Vanilla

That song never fails to please. I like Gackt, he was smokin' hot when he acted as Genesis.

Alike, right??

Anyhoo, just got back from Shari's confirmation dinner.
The bishop.....gives really boring sermons, anyone noticed? OH RIGHT HE WASN'T WEARING HIS POINTY HAT EITHER.



Whilst watching people confirming, it got me thinking...How would I feel if I was right there, at that moment, getting confirmed too?
Would I be apathetic, or excited or just plain nonaligned? I can't seem to fathom how that
thought came to be, maybe I was just too bored. But really, how would I feel if I was getting confirmed as a disciple of Christ? It would've been profound, naturally. But anything else?
Doesn't matter because I've got two more years.


Lolz. Extremely fugly feet. Black's mine

Oh right. I'm starting to be a racist again. Because of this:-

E: *stomps off to 7/11*
Random Malay dude: Ehhhh. Tu Jaclyn Victor ke?

Ezzrriiieeeeee worded out at 12:10 AM

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