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Friday, October 10, 2008

*runs away crying*

Getting high to: OK Go - Bye Bye Baby

Okay, so if you ever hear a pop rockish song whenever you visit this dump, it's Come Get Some by Rooster. Lovely song, weird band name. It's as if they have this incomprehensible, insatiable craving for zodiac animals..

Riiiigghhttt. Rants about malevolent public exams and a very effed up life ahead.

Public exams.
I haven't registered this yet. Instead of going, HOLY CRAP PMR IS IN THREE DAYS OH NOESSS I SHOULDN'T BE HERE. [in big blue letters of course.], I'm blogging.

Oh..And this.

I suck for posting this. I told myself that I'm not much of a potential Twilight moviegoer, but I couldn't resist. Actually, it was more of me rejecting the resistance.
Right. So..there. Official Twilight trailer.
It's acceptable I suppose.. I like..the lighting?Yes, I do. I have an inextinguishable proclivity for it. =)
I hate Edward.I'm sticking with Tom Sturridge. NOT Gaspard. He is just not, vampirish enough for me. Besides, if I watch Twilight with Gaspard in it, then I'll totally forget his cannibalistic image which in any case, is the most sexiest...*beams*
Besides, Flakie and I aren't gonna fangirl over Edward since he's becoming overpublicized. We ran off to Jasper fandom a few weeks back.
Kristen Stewart's pretty cool though. She really looks like how I imagined Bella.. I liked her in Into The Wild. and The Land Of Women.

Oh right. To hate Rob Pattinson/CEDRIC even more, lemme post this up.

I mean sure, you made my day by stuffing Gaspard in the #2 spot. *spaces out blissfully*
But honestly, ROB PATTINSON FOR #1 WTFU PEOPLE?!?!?!?!?!?!

Effed up life rant to be continued after PMR. Alright?

Kays. I'm out

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