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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stay, don't stay

Getting high to: Estrella - Stay

There's no need to go astray,
Just stay.

I'm livid, perplexed and, very very certain that I'm going to get a C, if not a B for Science right now.
I shouldn't really be blogging about it, considering I should be studying History or Maths right about now. But still, there's this tiny piece of me that wants to bash the Education Department of Perak on my blog right now. What're you gonna do? Put me in ISA, huh?

4 bloody years of easy, straightforward questions and all of a sudden, they decide to deviate from the norm. And when I mean deviate, I don't mean hit a slight detour, but more of a whole completely new destination. Their destination : Breed 10000 geniuses by throwing stupid questions when THEY'RE NOT EVEN IN OUR DAMN TEXTBOOKS. What the hell?
You can't just hurl questions that aren't in the damned syllabus. I mean fine, it's in our reference books...
One problem, Sasbadi isn't setting the questions, you obtuse douchbags.

That made it an inch better.

So I've changed my blog title. It still says caffeine-addicted. But I made it French because mmmm, it sounds nicer? That and je'adorer the language.
The word 'intoxiqué, it just appeals to me in a way not a lot of words can..

Blog posts are uber short these days, saddening really.
Oh wells, I'm off to cram that small portion of Form3 Maths in my head now.

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