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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hello world.

I'm back, and alive.

Frick. I didn't go to Bali after all. It was a last minute cancellation, more of detour actually. We ended up going to Medan. Double-frick.

Phhooeey. I hate writing.

Stupid flight was delayed. Reached Medan at 6.30p.m, it was like 8p.m there..Medan has no trees by the way.
Second day...went to that Maimun Palace. It was really eerie and dark which made to altogether cool. Indon history beats Malaysian one anytime.Okay, fine, that was a lie. They both suck. Apparently, the palace is haunted by it's past kings. Their Sultan of Deli is a 10 year old kid -__- . His dad 'mangkat-ed' in a car crash recently.
Sometime evening, we reached Lake Toba, which is bigger than Singapore. and it's a lake. It's A LAKE.IT'S A LAKE BIGGER THAN SINGAPORE.
And to make it better, it's a volcanic lake. As in the lake, is a crater. An active one at that. It's the biggest volcanic lake in the world too. the last time it erupted was 67,000 to 75,000 years ago..
You know, I would probably die if I saw the Caspian Sea [Yeah, it's a lake].

It was pretty scary, seeing that damn lake and all. I'm aquaphobic, evidently. I mean, I like showers and rain and stuff like that, but I inexorably despise/fear seas and lakes and ponds and rivers and creeks and anything big, deep, with water in it.
I'm a wuss.
Right. So on the third day, we went cruising around in a frickin' ferry. Cruising around Lake Toba. So naturally, being the aquaphobic that I am, I nearly threw up on the ferry. Felt faint, and death was a nice option. But, I didn't want to jump into a lake for my death, not at all. I'd rather die in a freak accident.
So after that, we went to Samosir Island [Man don't do anything, women do everything apparently. Mysoginist much?] where we were greeted hunted by crazy Batak people who were trying to get us to buy things. They're poverty-stricken, so unsurprisingly they get into promoting-overdrive whenever they see tourists. It was extremely irritating because all I wanted to buy in Indon was food and some stuff for my friends. Not dresses or scarfs or anything of that sort.

Even when were in the ferry, there were 6 people going around the whole ferry asking people to buy things. They're so annoyingly adamant and immovable. There was this one lady who was trying to sell 'an apathetic me' a purse made of deer skin. Deer skin. Really? Do I look like someone who buys products made of deer skin? No random lady, I don't. In fact, I'm a flexitarianist who hates people who wear fur and eat dogs XD.

That random lady was beleaguering me and I was getting even more annoyed by the moment. She was so darn pushy, that's why. I could stand it anymore, so I turned around and asked her "Kenapa you bunuh rusa?". In English, "why'd you kill a deer?". Good thing is, SHE LEFT. Beat that, annoying people. Behold, my questionnaire skills. Why'd you kill a deer lawl

There was this other lady who kept on pestering my dad to buy something and at one point, she sat next to him and stared longingly, and ewwww, she kept on touching his arms and shoulder and geez, it looks like she was trying to seduce him into buying things. Luckily my mother wasn't there, she was somewhere else. My poor dad just stared at me, horrified. So I told her that my mum has bought stuff already. But she just stood there, bugging my dad and I. After about 10 minutes of continuous pestering, she left for someone else. AGITATING LIKE HELL.

Third day, went to Brestagi. Was really cold. Didn't do anything.
Fourth day. Went shopping. And went back at 4.30.

And the lame, pathetic attempt at quotes come here.

"So Zri, how do you feel?"

"Trying raping you foot, it makes it warmer.

"You know, I liked you better when you wouldn't grin like a paedophile."

"I dislike this place. There's so many butt-naked Malay boys everywhere"
"You've only seen one"
"...And it's enough to make me think that the whole country's made up of horny sex fiends."

"Wow..Those village people must be seriously horny if even their totem poles have really long, erected penises."

"I think I'm going to get raped by the end of this trip"

Crap, I've to go to Penang now. Be back tomorrow, with a longer blog post and more pics of Indon.



The flowers are upside down. They look adorable lolz

That's 1/4 of that friggin lake.

I survived on that and Oreos coz' they were serving hot curry and rendang all the time. They have Pocky EVERWHERE.

The only shot I bothered taking in Maimun Palace. It's the balairung seri, kan? The place where the sultan ber'what'? Was it semayam? My history flew out the door right after PMR. >.>

It's a church. That looks like a Hindu temple doesn't it? There are actually only 2 churches of this in the whole world

The tiny island in the middle of nowhere.

See that white box below? If you donate, his smile will go wider

Execution tools . *gulps*

It's a tomb -_-

Lolz at this. According to village legend, more boob ornaments in your house means better warriors to defend the village. No kidding people, more milk, more strength, that's what they believe in. Loltastic like hell.

Why can't Malaysia spiders be like this????

The only thing she was doing pretty much the whole trip long

Bleh, stupid mist blocked me from getting a clearer picture of the pretty waterfall.

I should seriously stop taking pictures of people's tombs. Yup, they build Minagkabau houses for tombs.

STOP DOING THAT, PEOPLE! Ignorant idiots.

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