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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In a perpetual state of boredom

Screwed my brains with: The Paddingtons - Loser

That song reminds me of Brianstorm by Arctic Monkeys.

It's the 25th today. And you what that means.

Too lazy to get a better pic. He has nice hair in this one

&& he's not the only one born today. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRYSTAL.

I'm bored. I've nothing to talk about, except how bored I am. I could change my blog layout again and make you brains cry but I'd rather not this time.

I want to watch this by the way.

Lazy to elaborate. I bet it's controversial though, thanks to those bloody homophobes. What the hell did gays do to you? Strip you of your virginity? Newsflash a-holes, even if any one of them slept with you, it's your damn call. So don't go around parading with this "I HATE GAYS" banner when you're the actual idiot who slept with a gay guy.
.....I don't make sense.
Still, it's agitating how hypocritical some people can be.

I'm still bored

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