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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The reason I live = bashing people

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Stupidly addictive song. It's about how a guy remembers his late friend. It's such a sad song.

There's this high chance I won't be watching Twilight this year. Screaming, fake Edward-fangirls aside, the movie looks altogether dull. Edward looks exceptionally moronic.
I think I've blogged about it before. Here.
I think Robert Pattinson looks anything but apt for that part. His face is too angular and square he looks like a druggie for Chrissake.

Honestly, I can't stop ranting about these girls, and I'll be willing to bet that certain people agree with me here.
So here's my unbiased, seemingly friendly note.

Note to annoying Edward-fangirls from a former-fangirl-turned-abso apathetic-after-the-takeover-of-obtuse, counterfeit fangirls.

You read a book because it's a book, and that fact that it has raving reviews is acceptable too. What's not acceptable but in fact wholly moronic is when you read a book just because your 45-degrees-headbending-camwhoring-Parkinsons suffering-bimbo friends can't live a day without going "OHEMGEE EDWARD CULLEN IS SO FUCKING HOT OMG I'M OFFICIALY CHANGING MY NAME TO MRS EDWARD CULLEN WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA NO WAIT FIRST I WANNA TAKE A PICTURE OF MYSELF *positions head in an unknown angle and starts clicking* WHAAAAAAAAAAAA" and you acACTUALLY want to prove yourself to be much more of an idiot than they are by becoming a daft, trend-following, fake fangirl as well.
Love, you're so stupid that there aren't enough levels of idiocracy to stuff you into one.

b. People can understand when you say Edward is hot ONCE. You don't need to pull this incessant string of "OHH EDWARD CULLEN YOU'RE SOOO HOT I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES TRALALALALALALALALA" on people. They get tired of hearing it, see. I'm sure you wouldn't like it too if someone were to go all mofo-[insert random, good-looking celebrity's name here]-is-smoking-hot a million times a day right? So a friendly reminder from me, STFU!

Sane people can actually comprehend when you say there's a movie adaptation of Twilight going to be released somewhere in the near future. We know you're a schizophrenic imbecile who secretly thinks she's a broken record, so don't prove that by babbling on about how awesome Twilight is going to be.. For all you know, the movie might possibly be panned by critics y'know.
Conclusion : DON'T REITERATE.

The thing is, internet junkies/Twilight addicts like myself found out about it last July. Not this year when Breaking Dawn came out or when it was mentioned in Galaxie several [or was it once?] times.

*shakes head in misery*

Greetings to your bright pink camera,

And that's it for now. If anyone wants to tell me how much of a depressed, little crackpot I am for bashing Twilight fangirls, go ahead. Leave me a comment. And while you're at it, why don't you take some time to ask yourself why'd you fall in love with it in the first place? Was it because of Edward's hotness or because Twilight is ACTUALLY a good teenage romance book.

Crazy bitches.

E: *runs off to freezer* The TV sat on my hand.

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