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Sunday, November 23, 2008

welcome to malaysia.

Screwed my brains with: The Ting Tings - Great DJ

How odd.
I was checking Nuffnang just now, hoping that I would miraculously get RM50 stuffed into my account. Then I decided to look at my blogs' analytics [since I'm self-absorbed d'oi. That and anything that's synonymous with dimwit] and I noticed that I have blog readers from outside Malaysia. How strange can that be? I should be thankful lah [HAH! UNIQUE VISITS BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA], but it's just uber hard to digest considering how pathetically bad I am at blogging and pffffffft, who on Earth would want to read my blog?
Other than the ordinary Malaysian bunch of people under my link list, I can't think of anyone else who would want to . Especially people from outside Malaysia, with the exception of Jessie and Chimera of course. Anyway, whoever you are, HELLLOO.

Geez. That sounded excessively happy, and conflicting.

TODAY = Curse that damn idiot who discovered boredom. You've affected us all, a-hole.

Went to church in the morning, the one near my house because today's it's feast day apparently. The whole mass was in TAMIL. Shhheeeessshhhhh.
Not to be a self-loathing racist and all....No wait, I am a self-loathing racist, see what society does to you?
But anyway, MASS WAS SO FREAKIN' LONG. Try 2 1/2 hours... Most of you are probably wondering why I'm making such a big deal of it since other denominations' service are usually more prolonged..But I'm Catholic, and that means I'm entitled to a 1 hour mass every week, that's all. The maximum is 3 hours..
[insert uber-pissed off face here]

Could someone please elucidate on why almost every word in Tamil seems a mile longer than the one's in English? I'm quite certain that I've blogged about it before. And You know what, why bother this time?
Still, WHY?

Oh yeah. Front page of the Star today is absolutely lol-tastic, isn't it?
Yoga is banned for Muslims in Malaysia. Apparently, it contains elements of Hinduism that could possibly corrupt Muslims.
The level of rudeness some high authorities in Malaysia have still amazes me.
Don't you think it's insulting to say that elements of Hinduism could corrupt Muslims? It's like indirectly referring to Hinduism as a corrupted religion.
Meh, it's Malaysia we're living in. The land of durians and idiotic, corrupted politicians whose rules and biased ways you've got to adhere by without any retaliation..
Because they'll stuff you in ISA, that's why lah

On a brighter note, I think this is so cool.
It's about time, don't you think?

I'm lol-ing at my post btw.
Oh and sorry if everything seems to be unintelligible here. I'm too lazy to change the background for my blog. Guess you'll have to highlight everything to read it. SORRY!

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