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Friday, December 19, 2008


Screwed my brains with: Muse - New Born

Warning. Heroes spoilers.

Strange how Volume 4 of Heroes starts in the 3rd season itself. Shouldn't it start in the 4th season?
Anyway, just finished watching Duel. I've to admit, I'm glad Peter got his power mimicry back and Ando got powers too. In other words IN YOUR FACE ARTHUR PETRELLI WHHHEE YOU'RE DEAD WOOHOOTT SYLAR KILLED YOU PETER GOT HIS POWERS BACK BITCH!

Erm. Shall continue later. I'm off to Parade with Shan and Sonia.


Am back. With 2 tops, a pair of flats and not 1 but two skinnies. The only thing I need right now is a Fedora hat to complete that look I've always liked but never dared to try. I shall look like a guy.
As for mission skinny jeans 2.0 - PURE PWNAGE!
See, I saw Subzero was having sales and I wanted to buy skinnies. Sonia and Shannon were there that time, exhausted. I wanted to buy it, but I figured that I'll wait till my sister comes along and buys it for me [She's a generous shopper]. I had money [Yeah Shan, I heard you.] but I didn't want to waste it [CHRISTMAS PREZZIES FRICKFRICKFRICK].
So my sister came in an unusually good mood [I think it's what heat on her hair does to her.] and we went back to the shop. And this ensued.

Me : Mmmmm. There. Because mine became skinnier.
Her : You've gotter fat. Admit it lah
Me : *shoots warning look.*
Her : Fine. Okay, take it. *calls for saleslady*.
Me : Mmhhmmm. *grabs jeans*
Her : Wait. Take this one also. Colour's nice.
Me : One enough lah. B'sides, I don't wanna waste money ishh *says 'use your brains' in Tamil [it's improving!]*
Her : *mutters 'stupid' in Tamil* It's your Christmas present. I'll pay for both. You don't owe me anything.
Me : REALLY *gives disbelieving stare*
Her : *raises eyebrows* Want it or not?
Me : Mmm. *happily nods*

For the record, I say mmmhmmm and mmm a lot these days, it's more...silent.
Awkward, awkward.

She was nice enough to buy me two. I know you're not reading this, but thanks babe!

So after that, we walked a bit and I bought her shoes! They were 56.90 red and black heels. That's only half the price of what she payed, how saddening.
Went back after that and slept. At 7. I was so tired of walking around and I just needed a friggin' break.
Like now, perhaps. I need a break. Of thinking.
For the most of the post, I'm going to shove this at you. It's something from a Facebook group. I find it cute and I've bold-ed the ones that represent me. Italics are for comments.

You know you're a gamer when..

-You own more then one console - Not to brag or anything [Odd], but I have 4. 2 of which are currently with my brother. And 1 which is missing. Darling NDS WHERE ARE YOU?

-One of your best pickup lines are "I'll beat you in Guitar Hero" - Who even uses this to pick up chicks?

-Stress release to you is beating n00bs like crazy. - Why, of course!

-If you are bored you play video games. - And when I'm alive, I drink coffee like someone's going to impose a worldwide ban on coffee within the next hour.. That's how these things work.

-Games beat movies any day - Not really. Maybe except for Resident Evil of course.

-You use the term "Gaming it" - *facepalm*. Once.

-You use the word "pwn,pwned, pwning and/or any variations" - HELL YEAH.

-You have two different guitars for guitar hero 2 and 3 - Sadly, no.

-If someone asked you where the sniper was, you could tell them. That or call
them a n00b.
- I'll give them an extensively long description. I find that better than saying
"You don't know????? *gives "are you stupid?" look*" That's just friggin' rude.

-If someone looses on your profile you get extremely angry. - YES. DO YO EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH I WORKED ON THAT CAR? AND YOU GOT IT IMPOUNDED. ARE YOU NUTS?

-If you die, you make excuses, even if it was a perfectly good death. - Meh. Die, I die.

-Whenever you go over to a girls house, you ask yourself does she have a game console, and if so where do I find it? - That's strangely true. My cousins do that a lot.

-You thought the Transformers Game would be amazing but was very disappointed - True.

-You have a goal to beat every game you own and when asked why your only answer is "because I'm a fucking champion" - Pompous twat, anyone who says that.

-You are frequently asked "what level are you?" - Very true.

-You own or want a gaming chair - Not really.

-You game online - Why, o'course.

-You have ideas for your own video game that you have perfected in your head - You don't know that LOL.

You hate people that use the word pwn or any gaming term while they are not gamers themselves - Sometimes, yeah. But I'm not grounded on gamers only. I think anyone who's interwebz-savvy can use it. Friendster, Facebook, Myspace, [insert random social networking site here] are not accepted. Oh and if you don't know what's 'social networking site' but still use 'pwn' or n00b, you're a friggin' moron.

use a gaming console to watch DVDs - A few times.

- Y
ou correct people when they spell n00b "noob" or "newb" - YES. GOSH PEOPLE, it's N-0-0-B. What's so hard?

- You often refuse to listen to music while gaming because you claim it ruins the illusion - Meh..

You spend all your money on video games but theres more important things you need to buy! - At certain times, yes.

When you wont pick up the phone because your in the middle of a game. - TRUE!

Additions :

-You know what 1337 5/>34|<> is

-You're fluent in 1337 5/>34|<

Am gonna watch a movie now. BYE!

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