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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Game over. :(

I've given up. Given up trying to figure out why my 15-card deck diminishes to 3 cards a deck in the middle of a crucial battle against those cardiovascularly challenged creatures [because it isn't nice to call them Heartless]. Apparently, premium cards have a tendency to do that. Why didn't anyone tell me that? STOOPID TUTORIAL.
Or maybe I just haven't been paying enough attention to them.

To make things worse, stupid me had to choose Wonderland to kick Heartless butt first [JOY!]. So there I am, stuck with that friggen' Trickmaster, trying to figure out if I should do that-sleight-I-forgot and risk losing my cards while it continuously tries to bash Sora's poor arse with that crazy badass aerial move that he's got. There should be a secluded place to reload or cure somewhere near the table right? Perhaps under the table?
Kingdom Hearts is irksome sometimes.
And urr, yeah, I've been talking about that the whole time. :|

Okay. Erm. So . Erm....stupid premium cards. I've a party attend today? Yeah. Shall probably come back at 3.
I want coffee ice-cream.

And Colors. It's such a sad song.

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