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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happily Shocked


He's gay?
My dearest cousin is gay?
He's implausibly good looking [mixed parentage huhu. The only thing I got off my mum's half-blood are long eyelashes.], he could effortlessly get his hands on any chick he wants, and he's gay?

I'm so surprised. He looks so...straight.. It's almost impossible to believe that he's gay, although a small part of me had toyed with it once or twice before..


You're a closeted gay?
Yeah...*shifts eyes* Surprising, right?
*biggrin* I dunno.

Not like I'm against it or anything. I mean I'm not pro-gay, I'm just pro-human. And I'm surprised, that's all.
And what's even more surprising is that he told me, and only me. I reckoned he thought that the idea of telling anyone else in my family was kinda precarious AKA HELLO WE'RE ALL PSYCHO CATHOLICS HAVE YOU SEEN MY MUM'S FACE WHEN MY SISTER HINTED THAT I MIGHT BE GAY?????


Meh, if he's gay, whatever. It's not like I mind. I like gay people.[Okay fine I'm being self absorbed blahh I'm bi go fug yourself].
It just, For some absolutely unfathomable reason, I find them better than normal people..
Strange, but it's true. At least in my point of view it is.

I'm trying to fill up my schedule this week, not like I actually have one during the holidays. So far it's been:
4a.m - sleep;
9a.m - get up, don't have breakfast, turn on the computer and watch Heroes;
12p.m -get bitten huge chunks by boredom, die, and play video games [An uncanny choice of LEGO Batman.];
3p.m - Interwebz again, forget to have my lunch;
5 to 9p.m - Laze around the house. Fix up the lights. Take the dogs out for walking;
9p.m - 4a.m - TV, computer and anything in between. Dinner is best well forgotten. God, I think I might be anorexic.

But since I told my mum that I don't feel like going to Singapore this year, with God knows what reason [I was thinking more on the lines of I've declared bankruptcy on myself and thus have no shopping money]. Point is, I'm stuck with a very, very devoid-of-fun week.

So dear people who're currently reading my endless rant about boredom, call me, text me or whatever. I just need to go OUT!

Goodie. Andrina and Shannon and Pat are going out shopping tomorrow. Shall join them at 11.
So that settles tomorrow.

Wednesday, I've to stay at home and bake cookies with my sister.

Thursday : Ditto.

Friday : Ahh.. I've got nothing. Wait a sec. Jill if you're reading this, remember our badminton plans at Extreme Park? Let's go on Friday. I think Shannon might be in Penang that time, so she can't make it. So go get two other people. Anyone you like. Anyone who's in Ipoh that is.

Saturday : CHURCH DAMMIT. *sneers* Hardcore Christian, I'm not.

Oh yes. Before I forget, are my holidays really ending in a few moer weeks. Let's say, 3? Think about it.
Christmas is next Thursday. [I know, that fast?]
New Year is next, next Thursday;
and school starts next, next, next week.
They are, aren't they?

And somewhere in between Christmas and New Year, that damn revoltingly malicious [they make you throw up just by appearing at the back of your head] education board of Malaysia is going to release our damned PMR results.
Impending doom, indeed. Maximal brain damage is to be expected.

After that, I'll have to sit, preferably in a dimly lit corner in my room while it rains lightly outside at 7.30p.m. Sit and contemplate. Contemplate about what I'm going to do next year, regardless of my potentially horrible results.
Choices are expected to be made.
And sacrifices, boohoo. Although I really don't think there's anything left to sacrifice. Education has already taken a big bite off my sanity leaving me to fend for myself with a chicken leg's worth of reason.
I've only managed to make one redundant little choice. With my ex-deskmate, I shall take Geo next year. I miss it a hell lot.. Besides, Geography's relatively easy. It's just countries, maps, and socioeconomics.
BUT, I think it'll depend on my PMR results. Pray that I get an A for Geo.

Anyway, to pass time
Dear Edu board of Malaysia,

[I swear to God, you guys are gonna be thrust into horribly vile acid that'll slowly corrode your pathetic little bodies to nothingness]

With much despise,

Another thing.
When your dad is talking about cutting his hair, getting new clothes, making plans of buying a new car although there's a global financial crisis and the fact that his car is only 3 years old, AND when he ceaselessly insists on talking with younger people because apparently older people are extremely boring and don't make him feel younger and "fresh", he's going through a midlife crisis isn't he?

It's believable. He's human, 52, and naturally, he's prone to all this stuff. Believable, but still, it does seem odd though. He's surrounded by 4 mildly neurotic people who have 70 year old-complexes and yet he still manages to go through a midlife crisis?
Hang in there Daddy, you'll get through.

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