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Monday, December 29, 2008

Lucky? Maybe not

When Christmas is over, it get lonely. It's like, no one's here anymore, they've all gone back, expectedly. It saddens me sometimes, especially when I'm listening to a song like Colors. As always, I didn't spend much time with them this time, but now I wish I did.

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Nothing whatsoever is going to make me rebuff that.

I don't think I'll blog tomorrow. Regardless of what I'm going to get, NO POSTS. Even if there was one, I'm not even going to mention my results. Whatever I get, let it be done with. I'll bid Form3 goodbye after I get that damn slip and never look back. I can't possibly remind myself of it over and over again without wanting bash myself every few seconds, so no to the posts.

And then there's the issue of the vast number of people asking me what I achieved/underachieved/phailed.. It's exasperating, really. It's beyond my comprehension why some people are so unbelievably inquisituve.
I don't want to tell you grades, so get frickin lost! You're not gonna get any smarter or stupider by knowing my marks, so shoo away, pryer!

Lols. I'm so panicked about it, I have a fever now! Burning hot one at that.
It's funny what happens to me when I'm a nervous. I sweat, giggle, twitch, fidget, and get a fever. How strange.
And that scar on my finger is scorching hot. It happened when I wanted to say 'hi' to this really cute cat at my aunt's house but it scratched me. Stupid cat. Damn you!

Oh wells. I'm tired. I need some rest. So *waves*

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