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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stale as the bread in a flummadiddle!

*epik facepalm*

The next Gossip Girl episode is next January? Let me be more specific, next January 5th?
Guh. I was really looking forward to it, I wanted to see what happened to Chuck.
I don't know why [I don't want to find out either], but I'm addicted Gossip Girl. It's beyond my comprehension and it's gonna stay like that, for at least a couple more seasons.
Cut short, Gossip Girl is addictive.

I think I'll substitute it with The O.C, one of those shows I use to watch fervently when I was 11/12/13 until it got canceled. I have the compilation :D
Seriously, The O.C kicks ass, hard.
And erm, yeah, does anyone know why Pushing Daisies got canceled? It's a cute show, very Tim Burton-esque. It was unique beyond a doubt, so why'd they go cancel it? Darn you ABC.
&&, 90210 is getting boring now. Their acting's becoming more evidently fake. Has anyone noticed? Those actors and actresses suck, they're so stale, you could see through them.

Right. Does anyone remember that bra I had. The one with the snappy, thin strap?
Well, I've lost it.
I had lost it in Medan.
Let me put in a more articulate way, either I lost my bra in Indonesia, or some idiot stole it it Indonesia.
Whatever the circumstance, my bra's in Indonesia.
...Now for the wtf.


Meh. I hope no mum finds my blog. I'm talking about bras here. Odd.

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