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Friday, January 2, 2009

Down and erm, just down.

[Insert that smiley/annoy-ley in Plurk I love so much]

I now present you, the greatest way to start a new year.
By getting a stupid sore throat.
But it doesn't stop there, of course not! Supplements include a burning fever, throbbing headache, and of course, revolting ol' blood-tinged sputum. I better not have pneumonia or TB or something deadly like that. I can't die now, dammit!
But seriously, I can't even breathe properly now. And my chest, it's feels like it's compressed.
Ahhh. Perfect. Just perfect. Another asthma attack, perhaps?
Perfect. Now where the hell did I put that inhaler?

Nevertheless, since I rarely update my derelict blog these days, I shall properly update this time. Might be a long post, this one.

Okay. Monday. What the hell was I doing on Monday? Stupid headache.
I was in Teluk Intan insulting an aunt whom I have absolutely no idea how I'm related to.. Why? Verbal child abuse isn't a nice thing to do to a girl who's self esteem's already marred. Especially when it's during Christmas or New Year. Rude, pompous twat of an aunt, I'm glad I was rude to your fat arse!!
Uhh. I came back at 7, ate seafood and a shitload of chicken, and freaked out about Tuesday. Panicked, man, panicked.

Uhh.. Tuesday?
Results day. No, not a HIV test, moron. Standardized exam BLAH. Nuff' said. I wasn't so panicky after that. But it does seem a little more boring now that I've taken my results. And my sister went back, I miss her more than I don't miss her

Dad's car's bumper was dented by a dumbass Kancil driver. So, I went quite late to JJ. Needed to go stationery shopping with Shannon and My Dearest Friend/Sonia. They were bored at home, and I needed school supplies, so yeah. Black Kenyon for our tiny lunch and cafe-hopping scheme till 4. Bumped into Kristal. Scratch that, more like captured Kristal.

"*sipsipsip* Mmmmm. Vienna...."
"Isn't that Kristal?"
"What? Really? *peers*"
"*gets up* *runs while screaming KRISTALLLLL*"

Sadly, I had to leave early. My dad came a tad bit hell lot early, he had to send the car for repair.

AND, because of my incessant bouncing whenever I buy stationeries [God knows why. I'm finicky with brands. FABER-CASTELL DAMMIT!], Shannon said and I quote :
Stationery shopping with Ezriann is so fun. SHE'S SOOO CUTEE!!
Yeah Shannon, very cute. It's not my damn fault I prefer Faber-Castell or Staedtler over Papermate! They're so...ancient. And very, very German.

Moving on.

Went to church for midnight mass. Drank too much alcohol. FULLSTOP.

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. I just lay in bed the whole day, completely sick. Oh and I ate pan mee at night. That's all I remember.


I've been eating too much lately. And I do mean A LOT. Fried chicken is so addictive :\.
Anywya, I better stop stuffing myself with food so much. I'm not really fat now, but just wait till all that fat accumulates and shows when I'm 20. I'LL BE OBESE DAMMIT.
Not like I'm discriminating fat people or anything. But you have to admit, it's kinda dangerous to be overweight ya know. Risking your life expectancy? No, I don't want that. Cardiovascular deseases? Forget it.
I refuse to be overweight.
Underweight is not an option either.

Is 88lbs considered underweight?

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