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Friday, January 9, 2009


I want to watch this!

And this too!

First one's New York, I Love You [Like Paris, I Love You] and the second is Slumdog Millionaire, it's winning so many awards and the reviews are mostly positive. Plus, it has a nice storyline, not like all that crap we have now.

I wonder if NY, I Love You has gay guy in it, just like In Paris, Je t'aime. Gaspard was gay! And he felt a connection with that printshop worker dude and spoke to him [in French] about how he feels somehow connected closely to him not realizing that the Printshop Dude doesn't even understand French...

Umm. Yeah.

Know that British teen drama, Skins? I want to watch that syndicate it here in Malaysia dammit.
There's sex, and dancing [Yes, dancing XPP] , more sex, drugs, and God knows what else

This one too. It seems pretty cute.


I want a longer blog post... A long, trivial one. :D Be prepared, bitches. About school.

School. Sighs. I really, really wish it wasn't. My class is somewhat horrid. There's just something about 4Sc2 this year that creeps me out. I think it's diversity is what scares me the most.. And my Bio teacher, oh well, she seems fine. Only problem, she can't speak English. Wth? A Biology teacher who can't speak proper English. Perfect. Evidently, I'm going to fail my Biology this year.

BioTeacher : *garbles in Malay about being tardy for Bio, the consequences, and how many people under her have failed their Bio before. 4 passed it. Out of 40+. *
Class : *pauses*
BioTeacher : *asks whether we prefer her being bilingual or English only*"
RandomPeople : Enggllisshhh...
BioTeacher : *In Malay - Actually, I'm not very fluent in English. So I'll just try to be 'speaking' English little by little."
Me : Holy crap. I'm gonna fail my Bio.

Doesn't the MoE conduct hardhitting, bwahahahaha-you're-going-to-die interviews before allocating teachers to their schools? Why the hell do we have a teacher who sucks at English teaching us an English-based subject? A very imperative one at that. Didn't they conduct an interview? Don't they check for qualifications? How did she graduate with that type of English?
Or maybe they actually do want us to fail our Bio.

Whatever it is, I'm going to fail my Bio if I'm under her. I just can't let that happen, not this year or next. I'm not going to fail my Bio.

I seriously wish I was in 4Sc3.

I hate this year.
I hate next year.

Oh yeah before I forget. Newest submission : Become a pure nerd. Complete with constant studying and a heck load of revision books in school and 89 tuitions a week.
I'm a goner.

"Karma's a bitch."

"Let's go tell her parents."

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