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Monday, January 19, 2009

Oddly odd would just mean you're normal

Hi. Apa khabar?



*clears throat*

I don't care that if my cheek muscles could talk, they would be screaming "WE AIN'T ELASTIC" right now, but hold on there cheeks, I'm not done smiling yet.
See, last week, my monitor decided to phail on me, so I had to dismally send it for repair. Only, Uncle Tony [lol that's the name of the comp technician] said it was beyond repair and that the only way now is to buy a new one. So naturally, I thought that getting a new screen was impossible for at least another 10 months due to my parents already having financial problems now [eg: global recession, Pantai stocks crashing, mum's surgery, blahh]..
But, my brash senses have phailed me this time [I'm gonna spell fail like that form now on]. My parents being strangely nice, have got me a new screen. It's a 19" widescreener. Completely gratuitous since I like square screens better, but at least I can watch Heroes better now. :D

However. The bad part about having a screen the size of South Africa isn't that gratifying. For one, if your computer just so happens to be situated in the middle of the path between the kitchen and the hall, it'll easily be the target of paranoid onlookers who assume you're surfing for pr0n or something..
Another thing, you can't blog properly without having an idiot throwing skeptical glances at the screen. No Mii, I'm not thrashing you on my blog. I swear!

Skip it. Just skip it.I need to rant about school. Allow me to go get my book in which I've happily written down the things I need to update on.

Sighs. School teachers are a complete bore when they're...boring. But when they're so bash-worthy, you just can't help but to have a fat smile on your face when you're thrashing them on your blog. Or maybe it's still the screen issue, I really don't know.

Chem teacher: You're fine I suppose She can't speak English. She tries hard, but mostly it just ends up sucking in the end. She pronounces atom as Ah-Tom and variable as Wa-Ri-able and God knows the ones I've missed out.. Seriously, dude.

English teacher is a complete homophobe. Kris and Jo have done this, and I'm about to also.

"Yes, I know what gay means, that's where we get HIV from."
"I knowww. If you're gay and you sit next to your friend, I'm sure your friend will say "Aiiyyerrr I don't wanna sit next to you"

Underneath that 9 inches of thick, solidified make-up, there's this : the homo-hater that is my English teacher.. 24000 boundless levels of homophobic idiocracy.
How can she be so shallow? Or blind? Has she even looked at her teaching environment even the least bit? There's bound to be a semi-guy looking chick in every 60 degree turn. She's unintentionally hurtful sometimes. Think, teacher, THINK. Sorry, fiancee.

Holier than thou, my bloody, scar-marred foot.

Add Maths teacher.....is more.. [Read Jo's blog is she posts about it]

Tuition is awesome. Lol. Hopefully, it doesn't die this year with Jill and I ending up getting kicked out from tuition with a funeral boat for compensation

I've lost my common sense..

Annndddd, I've finally garnered all that's left of my sanity and confidence and am going to try out for the debate team with my loves, Kris and Shan.
Pray that we pass the auditions. I'm no good at debating when it's up on stage in front of a million people.

Oh by the way, according to Kris Ern-Hui, I'm Chinese.

E: Shiet. Should I join debate or not?
J : So you're telling me that you wanna go up on stage and debate in front of a million people?
E&K : Could you just shut up??

"Obviously you know why she's homophobic right?"
"She's in my church lar!"

"Can I quit debate?"
"Shuddup. You and me, babeh"

Me :*frantically whites tag*
Jo [?] : Oohh. I wanna white my tag too. Do for me.
Me : Go to hell do yourself.
Jill :I also want, do for me.
Me&Jo&Kris : Go to hell do yourself!
*moments later*
Congregation : "O.O Sooo white!"

Kenneth: May I have 2 volunteers? 2 good friends, please.
Me: My dearest friend?
Sonia : No, you're my fiancee.
Me : Oh right.*grins*

"Kris, if I eat roti canai with curry, I'm an Indian. Then how to be a good Chinese? Eat roti canai with lap cheong izzit?

Substituting coffee with chocolate milk in my chocolate cup.Lol.

I got 31 books in 4 days. Sighs.

By the way, admit it, YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG.

Power pop, I LOVE YOU.

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