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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Torrents can be damned to the depths of Hades

Who kicked a hole in the sky so the heavens would cry over me?
Who stole the soul from the sun in a world coming undone at the seams?

School's biting chunks away off my time and I don't like it. I'm staying back almost everyday till 5 and I don't like it either. The school's imposing a ludicrous ban on correction stickers and I don't like it as well.
I love school, but my time is just as important. School, stop being so bad. Staying back is mandatory, I know. But can't days have 26 hours instead of 24? I despise staying back. The ban on correction stickers is like I pointed out, ludicrous. Correction stickers, really? Correction liquid, I understand, you don't want inane, psychotic chicks squirting correction ink into each other's eyes. But correction stickers? BECAUSE we're being trained for public exams? This is so ridiculous at so many levels.. I can train myself thank you very much.

Screw school..

Today. Was. Odd.

See, we [Kris, Shan, me] were supposed to try out for the debate team today but we ended by bailing out,.
Submitted reason número uno : We refuse to get our arses kicked by a bunch of Form3s. Honestly, they were THAT good. So debasing lah!
Submitted reason número dos : Shan and Kris were late for Bible Knowledge, which I'm still contemplating on. Take or not?
Submitted reason número tres : We want the Rotary Club Debate Competition! Not the Wira dunno-what one. Sadly, our school isn't participating in the Rotary Club one. SO we only have the HELP one.
Submitted reason número cuatro : We want Pn. Push!

Official reason : We. Were. So. Shamelessly. Unprepared.
Or perhaps only I was. Sighs..

On a happier note, I'm super-glad that I was able to score some adequate points for Victoria [sports house, bleh] although this was just the preliminaries. I certainly don't look like an athlete, do I? Oddly enough, I surpassed my own doubt. Neh this is just my egostic way of saying bwahahahahahahahah I got 5 /6 points bitchess!!!

Ohh but honestly, it was really nice. My legs are going to hurt like hell tomorrow and I'm obviously not gonna like that. Perfect. Just bloody perfect. It's just the thing I need to conclude a dreadful, dreadful week. How about a nice old slap on the face to go with it?

Blah. Why am I being so ambiguous and not to mention ridiculously pessimistic?
What the hell happened to "I feel hyper and I wanna dance and bounce. *starts singing Just Dance*"

I need Oasis right about now.

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