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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Bent-Straight Love Project

I just did something terribly stupid.

I watched the 15th episode of BoF. And the last time I stopped was at Ep5. Which basically means I skipped 10 episodes, I need to shoot myself in the head right now. But it doesn't mean I have any form of regret or anything because truth be told, I don't regret anything at all although yeah, skipping 10 eps and relying more on synopsis and screenshots is just plain wrong on so many serial-addicted levels.

Sighs. I'm gonna happily finish up my Komsas now. Wonder if there's BM tomorrow.

On the bright side,

It's back to normal now, which means I can load 2 eps at a time and still download two 80MB files :D

As long as there is a single slice of justice on the deli tray that is goodness, our sandwich of righteousness will always be a low-fat and delicious victory!
-Crimson Chin from The Fairly OddParents
Nice job little idiot. They should call you the lidiot.
-Crimson Chin

Still watching cartoons at 16 is awesome :D

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