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Friday, February 13, 2009

Coconuts :)

Screwed my brains with: OK Go - Shortly Before the End
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Ezri, stop reading blogs from Penang. Seriously, stop, Ezri, stop.
Holy frick, I damnwell should stop. I'm gradually becoming a Penang-stalker from Ipoh, this is anything but healthy.
Meh, at least Ipoh has better ngah choi kai.

School today, was awesome. Mainly because we were trying to speak like Afro-Americans and did a pretty bad job at it too.. Youknowwhamsayin?, with all that hiphop talk, I think that's what you call it. We pretty much thrashed the language, unintentionally [perhaps?].
Cut short, WE SUCKED AT IT YO~
Tomorrow - Not sure yet.
I wonder why we didn't call the 'ah long uncle' today. Dammit, Kris, we should've!
I'll properly update later. I'm off to blog-stalk.

"She ain't white man. She Chinese."

"They flew [Pronounced 'floo'] here by boat."

"For shizzle my nizzle. The hell does that mean!?"

"This be his dope'n shirt."

"Ahhh why you be making this shiet, yo?"

"Jo homie you no be pissing off or I be busting your tittays off."

"No man, she be buying a goldfish."

"Sesame is dead"
"NO. Sesame be running out of the crib, man.

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