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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I suck at Alertness

I've just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire after exhaustive waiting. Thanks Pat, LOADS.. It's a pretty decent movie, very Hindi movie-esque but there's just something very natural and intense and sincere about it. Cut short, I loved it. I think it'll have a pretty big chance at the Oscars this year. It really does depict life in India, from the mafias to the slums to the brothels and how sometimes, mediocre people do exceptional things.

I have a feeling this post is going to be damn long post since I have a lot to say. No, make that chronicle.
Umm. Woke up at 7, went to the hospital at 8.30, went to church at 10, waited for 2 hours for everyone to show up, P&W was late, stuff, stuff, stuff, went back at 6, passed by coconuts-filled roads, home!

HOYESH, MISSION GOLF CADDEH PANTS = SUCCESS. I think. We both looked like really cool dorks. XDD

My leg hurts [The probability of it bleeding inside is very likely], and right now, my calves look somehow inflated. But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy P&W just now, I loved every bit of it. It was led by Esther, Mark and Kenneth, they're good at what they do although initially, the real worship leader was running late and the SMC youth didn't mind helping.
I jumped like hell even when I felt my hamstring tearing. Guess it's what your love for God does to you, it makes you almost invincible XDD

After P&W, we watched a small excerpt from Gospel of John, and Clare helped Shannon pull her pants up coz' she was flashing her green bears. I don't remember what they were talking about, but they were pretty noisy :P But hah, we were the most active!! *victory dances*

We had this session where we got separated into groups depending on what problem we thought teenagers have these days. SMC and that one OLOL person, got stuck in video game addiction. I think you must know where that came from, considering Shannon, Joel and I are in that group XDD. So umm yeah, Not-sure-what's-her-name-but-she-seems-cool implied that the 3 of us have gone retarded and mentally sick thanks to gaming and asked for propositions to cute us and there was some random person who shouted, "BAN VIDEO GAMES!" and the three of were like "HELLNU!"
Played Alertness and hell, I sucked at it. My reflexes are exceeding slow, and that made me super slow when I needed to move when I saw someone wink. And dammit, Shannon and Kenneth are too fast, they had me for like 5 friggin minutes. They saw people winking that even I didn't see. Friendly reminder, Shannon darling ah, you're supposed to hold me, not smack my head and say "WOI!" if you see me crawling away. And ZOMG, have I mentioned Loo is tall, even when he kneels? Pfffft, I suck at this game.


"I don't even know what on Earth is happening to my youth."
"Oh yeah la yeah la. Your youth is seriously 'happening'"

True, Helena, very true. My youth = Damn 'happening' So happening that our meetings are super-exclusive, twice in 6 months. I think.
ISHHH. I screwed my F word resolution by the way, I used it too many times..in church. Meh, who cares. Clare, Shan and Loo were using it too. *shrugs indifferently*

See, life is so much better with me sticking to Sonia's or the SMC youth, I get to go to really cool youth gatherings like just now and meet cool people and show other people how much I suck at games and show really short kids that I ACTUALLY play video games. Isaac, I doubt you're reading this, but yeah, I play video games, kid.

Oh by the way, Bryan, fiancee's brother, TALKS LIKE AN ARISTOCRAT. SO KEWT!

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