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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My sweater is proper. Not dope'n. Proper.

"Migite hidarite furikazashite yami wo kirisaite GO!"
"*stare stares stare*
"itsuwari wa naize kakugo kimeteruzeeeeeeeeeee"
*stare stare*

My mum currently thinks I'm insane for bursting out singing Japanese songs at random times. Tsk tsk.
School for the past 2 days has been strangely nice, I guess. Except the part where my roti canai came out and I had to excuse myself from marching. But for the most part, it was nicely amusing. Nicely. Lol.
We found out that some chick in Form3 was arrested and suspended from school 3 days for what Mrs Lee calls 'engaging in intimate positions' in some place next to THE POLICE STATIONS NEAR OUR SCHOOL. *shrugs* I don't even know if that was just making out, or in the words of JoLee : They fucked.. I still can't believe that I've actually encountered a case where a Malaysian girl [to be more precise, Indian since there's a strict no-sex before marriage thing with us] was caught doin' the dirrty'. Oddest part, she's only 15. Strange, very strange. I still don't get why she got arrested though, maybe it's because she's a minor and they're trying to protect her and all that, or maybe Malaysian policies are like that : Immediate arrest if any person under the age of 18 is found having sexual intercourse after school, next to a police station. I have nothing but scorn to offer.
Right. I hope no 'high-high people' read my blog. I'll be doomed if they did.

Oh and today, our darling BM teacher whom I've taken such a liking to because she's so bloody sarcastic gave us two are articles on blogs. Because blogs are contemporary like that, doi'. In the article, was a bunch of criteria that people needed to fulfill in order to become proper bloggers. Perfect, I'm gonna make a poll to see if you're a proper blogger.
But first, I'll evaluate myself first.
a]Reading skills
Umm. Yes?
b]Evaluative skills
Shamelessly biased towards something else when you're evaluating 2 things means no right?
c]Interpretative skills
Probably not.
d][WTH IS JATI DIRI YANG KUKUH?] *clears throat* A strong identity? Idek.

I'm schizophrenic, yo~
e]Thinking skills
I no has it.
f] Able to write an entry without using two or more languages. Aiyah, no rojak lor!
Pass a bit. Can lar, can lar.
g]Able 2 write w/o using abrvs.
h]Good hold of basic vocabulary in the language of your choice.
Sorta? Maybe? I don't even know.

Evidently I'm not a dope'n proper blogger.
The other stuff include,
Shameless blog-promotion 101
And on the other article, there was some shiet about how there's a small minority of teenagers that actually blog.
Right. I'll be willing to bet that the idiots who wrote the article and the other idiot who proofread it live in a delusional world where okama-fairies exist as well as sea-salt ice-creams and talking, pantsless ducks and keylike-swords and really pretty guys with silver shampoo-model hair and ladies/witches that look like goats that turn into dragons and of course, Kim Bum-lookalikes *swoons*

Hell. How am I gonna totter off to sleep now? There's a newly built mosque near my house , it's weird, considering the countable amount of Malay people that actually live near my house]. So well, you do the math.

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