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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Say no to premarital sex and yes to test-driving your rides.

Just something amusing I thought up on my way back home.

Ezri is a million types of happeh right now, for wholly minor reasons : I'm not staying back today. For the first time in 16 days, I came back at 2.30 today, after 16 friggen days of coming back at 5-6 every single blessed day. Schedules can go suck it, seriously.
Monday : Marching, Chem tuition.
Tuesday : I'm happy :P
Wednesday : Marching, Add Maths tuition
Thursday : Victoria.
Friday : Drums. Starting Continuing next week.

Poignancy, people, poignancy. I want to damnwell die.

Okay, I have this essay that I have to complete start now, and it's called My Story.
I'll tell you what I find really iritating in that topic. My story? SERIOUSLY? I'm 16, okay maybe not 16, 15 okay?, and I'm writing essays such as MY STORY? MY FRICKING STORY OF WHAT? Being bi? Maybe not, my teacher's Catholic.. Finding my life-calling? Meh, not so much. Oh, I know. How about my story of the day I fell down the stairs and bled to death and ressurected myself through aniline consumption? There, perfect.

Watch me write, bitches.

[15 minutes later]

I phails. I can't write anything without the commas and the adjectives. And Helena has perfectly underscored that she wants clear, simple sentences without any distinct hint of big words and convoluted sentences. Dear God, how am I supposed to write like that? It's bad enough I screwed my first three essays [7/10, damn you to the depths of Hades]. I blame the commas, couldn't help, biggest word I could find : albeit. Sighs, I should've just listened to deskmate and kept it squeky clean.

Hokay then. February submission : Downgrade my written English to suit the English level in Kazakhstan.
Oh yes.

And she made it clear also that SHE decides when you're gonna write long essays, and not you. Nuh-uh, let your English teacher know your writing capabilities, why of course~!
So based on my Kazakhstan-English level plan, I'd give it about 9 months before she gives me the green light to write a 700 word essay.

I'll get things straight, it's not that I'm annoyed at Helena, in fact I think she's an awesome teacher [She makes me feel dumb, REALLY dumb during her class. I love every second of it], it's just that I'm annoyed with the prospect of being in my current class for the next two years to come. I can't tell what it is exactly, but I can definitely see that there's never gonna be a silver lining, not for a very long time..

Pshhh. Why can't we be writing about current world issues instead? Causes of overconsumption of caffeine? The effects of global warming on cloned animals [Umm, yeah. Thinking is much appreciated], why not something else?

Sighs. Why do I have to be so condescending? Why, self, WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME SO?

I'll go finish up that essay now.

And to add to the joy,


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