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Friday, March 27, 2009

Auntie Morbid

Start hell singing: MGMT - Kids

Have I ever mentioned how much MGMT's song, Kids rocks my world? The beats, the lyrics, everything, it's awesome. MGMT, you have my life in your hands. I've listened to it countless times before, but never really got to appreciating it. So here's to you, Electrorock = Epic win

School's mind-numbing and should be unspoken of in this blog. There's just nothing, I repeat, NOTHING in school worth mentioning or even worth appearing at the back of my head. Except for perhaps English aural test, which come to think of it has become such an annual topic, hasn't it? Remember last year's? I had 7 posts on it, I think.
Well anyhoo, there's a certain topic on which we're going to be speaking about, for 3 to 5 bloody minutes. My choices for specific topic?

Coffee A.K.A The Epitome of Awesome Things Invented in Liquids.

Gay rights, just to annoy the crap out of my teacher.

Honestly, I don't think I can pick. If I had my way and if the world were a little more..accessible, I would just talk about gay rights for my aural test. It wouldn't affect anyone right? But hey, it's just that in such a situation where your English teacher's a complete homophobe/ugly-people hating misanthropist, you'd rather go for something more A-friendly. Who knows? My grammar could be dead right, but what if she gives me a B for talking about something...irrelevant? I don't know what was up with that word, I just had a brief think-like-a-homophobe moment.

I really don't get humanity sometimes. We're going towards our own destruction, I just don't comprehend.
So.Earth Hour.
SWITCH OFF DAMN IT. It's only for one hour, and if you can't handle the nonexistence of your internet for one hour, grab your laptop and run off to Starbucks. I'm doing that with my PS tomorrow XDD

Sod off, I was bored. And that is by far the fugliest graphic tree, EVER.

Ohhh and before I forget,
This week, I had a revelation, somewhat. More of a Korea-calling actually, cos' as of right now, I've never wanted to live in Korea so much in my life before. See, before this, it was Japan thanks to a whole bunch of Jdramas, but now, after watching BoF and Antique, SAYONARA JAPAN ILU KOREA///

*dies happily* JiHoon and JaeWook~~~~~~~~~
I love this movie.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to watch Coffee Prince. JOANNA LEE YOU'RE AWESOME JUST SO YOU KNOW

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