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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Chocolate Alliance

Ssup, people.

My dog gave birth, to nine eight puppies. One died, it suffocated. I'll spare the details, because Blogger doesn't have an LJ cut when your post needs some viewer discretion.
I have 7 males, and 1 female puppy. GOODNESS.

So far the one that looks like a cow's name is BongBong, the black ones are Capper, Mocha and Frap. I don't know how I'm gonna differentiate them for the record. And the other 3, I don't know.


Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that I just named a barely a day old Rottweiller+Boxer+Labrador BongBong?
*shrugs* I just don't comprehend the things I do sometimes, they're simply...incomprehensible.

Oh wells. First term assessment finished. And the results, they can just go suck it in hell, I'm gonna get C's and D's anyway. Even English, bother.

Wanted to rant about PAG and how Sonia and I couldn't go, but meh, I need to sleep. I look a mess.


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