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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I might consider a relocation.

Strange, I just wasted 20 minutes of my life talking about our maids.

Your maid's nice.
She's a cleaner, comes every 2 days, and yeah she is.
Is she Indonesian? They're nice.
No, Myanmar la. The Indonesian lady last time scared the hell out of me, you know.
Why, she hit you with a broomstick? *grins*
No, she TALKED to the broomstick
WTH? Seriously? Maybe she's a pawang lady?
Pawang, your head. She's a Dukun, Indon mar.......... But her contract habis ady, so she went back.
Ohh. Was she pretty?
Guess so. Why does it matter?
Actually the current one is prettier. *looks behind* And she's nicer too.. There was once this cleaner that came last year, she was Myanmar-ian, she was pretty AND NICE.
No lar, Indonesian ones are nicer.
BULLCRAP. Myanmar ones are nicer and prettier.
Oh so it's all about looks la now?
I'm just saying, you dumbarse. She was prettier. Her name was Sosowin I think.
Sosowin, Myanmar name la. And the thing is, she cleaned my uncle's house, so my grandma cooked for her. And when Sosowin saw the pic of my grandma in my house, she was all jumpy and hyper cos' apparently, my grandma cooked good chicken curry.
I see.
It's fair.
I know. Too caught up talking about my domestic helpers, so yeah, I lost focus. I should blog about this.

Hmm. Wednesday morning, playing UNO with Panda is awesome.

I was reading GFY just now, and God is it me or are everytime Spencer and Heidi's [The Hills. HOW DO I EVEN KNOW THIS] pictures are snapped, they're snapped kissing. ALL THE FRICKING TIME. Pfffft, it'd bad enough they take up most of the stuff on E! and MTV [Music Television my arse, it should be relabelled Moronic Television these days] and now they're what? Launching a joint domination on my favourite fashion website.
Schmucks, get off the friggen internet and go make babies or something. Us Weekly'll pay you a million bucks just for a tiny peek at their foreheads, so why not, it's not like your mere existence isn't for the sole purpose of rich photo ops already.. Why stop there when you can expand your empire to baby photos?

I hate the TV these days. Reality shows blow.

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