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Monday, March 16, 2009

Obsessively contradictory

Somedays, it's nice to know that maybe one day, preferably soon, I can tell you to shut the hell up after a long time sucking it in. Now, it's not my fault your life sucks, or at least you think it does, is it?

I'm bored, and boredom leads to me diligently doing tags.
Miss Annabelle Yam tagged me.

Answer all the questions below and tag 5 people.
Rules: You cannot answer the questions by repeating the previous answers.

5 facts

  1. I like coffee.
  2. I'm dangerously addicted to coffee.
  3. I scare people with my addiction to coffee
  4. Clare's beginning to become addicted to coffee. It isn't always about me, is it?
  5. I named my blog after my addiction to coffee :D

5 secrets

  1. Contrary to popular belief that I am in fact, an idiot who can't read, I'm not. It says secrets, and this is no place for me to be dishing everything, right? Sure, it's my blog and I berate here a lot, but still, no secrets. Those things are in the innermost part of my closet, innermost.
  2. Pass
  3. Pass
  4. Pass
  5. Pass

State 5 facts of yourself that people know.

  1. I rebuke, nitpick and revile more often than even the meanest person in the world should. It's hereditary. I'd do anything to give it up, but I can't and this certain habit of mine is gonna continue to the grave.
  2. I used to be very sarcastic, don't know if I still am now. Maybe?
  3. I love video games. But there's never gonna be a day that I deny the fact that I still think it's weird that I game. It's a haunting feeling.
  4. I abstain from things a lot only to do a complete reversal within a month.
  5. I listen to The Strokes, bb. :D

State 5 facts of yourself that people don't know

  1. I'm the type of person who'd say something just to make you feel guilty only to take it back because your guilt is making me sympathize.
  2. That was the most trivial way to say I'm a pushover.
  3. When I say 'no', I actually mean 'I wish I could say yes, but I'm trying to toughen up here.'
  4. I used to listen to the JoBros in 07 when they were less famous here. Guilty pleasure indeed.
  5. When I see someone, doesn't matter where, it could be in a magazine or face to face, I secretly wonder if they're still virgins. I KNOW, it's odd, but I do it out of habit. I'm crazy-curious like that.
  6. I have ambition-phases. Like when I watched Dark Knight, I wanted to be a psychopathic clown. And when I watched Die Hard 4.0, I wanted to be haXor. But my lifelong ambition is, believe or not, a cardiothoracic surgeon.
  7. I'm VERY meticulous, overly actually. Eg: When there's a song in my player that doesn't have an album cover and I can't find the cover online, I simply delete the song because it doesn't look in par with everything else.

State 5 bad behaviors of yourself

  1. I overcare. I can't stand to see anyone cry, so I try to make them feel better. I have a natural mother's instincts thing going on.
  2. I'm dead-lazy, it should be considered a sin
  3. I'm VERY perverted. Like, VERY.
  4. Hypocritical, oh yes.
  6. My verbal defence system is more resilient than the Berlin wall. XDD

State 5 good sides of you

  1. So what if the world hates you, I'll be there when you're crying. So yeah, I'm actually a nice person.
  2. I like helping people :D
  3. I'm sorta/maybe/kinda/very just. I see everyone as equals and hence, if a straight person can get married, so can a gay one. If you think humans shouldn't be tortured, neither should animals. An advocate for equality, yeah. Hocrap, I eat chicken
  4. I like dogs :\ and I'm clearly running out of things to say.
  5. I can actually condone a lot of things, it amazes me sometimes.
I shall tag, NO ONE.

I can feel the pressure

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