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Monday, March 2, 2009

The shallowness of the human race is more than a kiddy pool, nuff' said

How I can possibly live with 3 [1000+ if you count all of them] homophobes for 15 years 3 months and 25 days still leaves me in awe of myself.

See, I was watching Milk just now and right after that my brother [although he's probably secretly gay or something. *shrugs*] kept on saying how Harvey Milk deserved what he got, being shot like that just because he was gay. JUST BECAUSE HE WAS GAY?! So me being the equality-for-all advocate [animals too, yo~], I retorted, saying that there's nothing wrong in being gay and people shouldn't use religion as an excuse to hate, it's not like we're the only religion in the world [And God, I just hate that when Christian fundamentalists use God as a reason to go against almost every single minor thing ever]. And then my mum and sister joined his anti-gay battalion and started saying how it goes against the norm for a guy and a guy/girl and girl to have sex, they gave bullcrap excuses like HIV spreading because of them and how the normal thing to do is to be straight.

Okay, first off, the largest route of HIV spreading is blood transfusion, not gay sex. And why do you have to emphasize on they gay part of gay sex so much? Isn't both gay and straight sex a transfusion route? Or is there some kinda bizarre existence of oh who knows, an impermeable membrane that prevents HIV from reaching the body in straight couples? Christ, you people are so damn shallow.
The other one, define normal, please. Go ahead, humor me. While you're at it, why don't you tell me the difference between a man raping a young girl and a man raping a small boy? Is raping even the normal thing to do? If yes, congratulations, you just passed my Are You a Complete Dumbass? test. Geez people, do you even realize what you're saying? You're saying that you'd rather have a straight rapist than a gay one? Like what the hell is up with that? I've a better idea, how about no crazyass rapists at all? If gay ones disgust you because they're gay, then shouldn't straight ones revolt you because they're straight? Raping is in both cases, damnwell wrong. Duudeee, it's called linear equations :D Left side, right side, they're equal.

And that's exactly what I want - equality. You know, balance. Isn't it unfair enough already that we have racists and ageists and all those other discriminative bunch of oddballs? Why let homophobia be another reason to hate, can't we just love everyone the same way? Put yourself in someone else's shoes for once, try to figure out how they'd feel being discriminated, sidelined and just downright ostracized. Besides, I'm sure there's something in you that becomes a discrimination factor too, yeah? So how'd you feel being hated, scorned upon like that? No one likes being hated [unless you have an ego too big for the world to handle XD], and it's definitely no different for gays, they're human too.

So yeah, don't hate. You only have the rest of your life to live and why spend it hating people?

Oh and just so you know and don't get confused, I'm not pro-homosexualism, I'm pro-equality. I'm bi, so saying I'm pro-homo is like denying another a part of myself, which I definitely am not. I'm just fair and I think everyone deserves things equal [Again, Prop 8 can go suck it in Californian hell], that's all. Besides, girls and guys, they're both hot :D
Anddddd I've just noticed that there's never gonna be a chance in this world of me getting married because I just said that, but mehhh, I'll be too busy working for PETA, cutting up people and writing more posts like this anyway.

:D I like long, back-up posts like this.

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