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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spoilers for FFVII here.

Q&A time? Anyone remember this infamous scene in Advent Children and the original FFVII. Well, maybe not the FFVII one since that one looked like this:

Blocky, yes. But his back, his sexy back and flowing hair still can be seen yes?

The former scene was in Crisis Core. Except, it wasn't made into an ordinary cutscene, apparently those lazy bastards at Square decided "Mehh, why not just stick the AC one in, that'll save us the time of designing a crappy cutscene, PWNAGE/YATTA!"
Uh huh. I dislike the fact that they clash a lot, cutscene, FMV, cutscene. 3 second FMV with JENOVA. LAME. Spare us the eye-killing and stick with one concept, please. Sheeesshhh.

Seriously though, I think Crisis Core is awesome. I solemnly swear, I will not finish this game without crying. It's just that Zack's sucha likeable character, he's much more funner to be around with compared with Cloud. I'll be willing to bet that if I were in the same room as Cloud, I will honestly and willingly choke a puppy just because it seems fun with him in the same room. No wait, that was Sephiroth. I'd choke a puppy for fun with Sephiroth. With Cloud though, perhaps I'll end up cutting myself whilst endlessly saying it's my fault that some girl died thinking that I was meant to be for her when in fact the real person she wanted to be with was well, my alter ego/I'm schizophrenic and amnesiac after I got infused with mako and my best friend died sobwailcrydie.

Guh, I feel like impaling myself with a masamune! Why didn't I join Silver Elite????
Note, it's a fanclub thing in CC when once you join, they'll send you updates and stuff like that. Very useful. I've already joined Angeal's and Genesis' but not Sephiroth since that was only available in Chapter 5 but I'm already in chapter 7[?] now.

But here's the first message they sent. Credits to Final Fantasy Wiki and Joel.


The scent of silver winds

Dear members of the Silver Elite:
In this update, we present another piece of Sephiroth trivia--the secrets to his beautiful long hair.
The hair products he uses are of the highest grade, made and supplied by the Shinra Company.
He seems to use one whole bottle of both shampoo and conditioner every time he washes his hair.
They are scented with thirteen kinds of perfumes, including Rose and Vanilla.
Apparently, the scent in the air after Sephiroth tosses his hair changes daily!

For real, Crisis Core has THIS. THIS valuable piece of info.
Dear darling fictional character who I've come to realize will stay probably, and unchangingly that way - fictional - I'm forever in your debt. I absolutely adore you, Sephiroth. I don't care how many times you'd spank my RP-arse in CC, I am in love with you.

Gawd, I'm delusional. I love a fictional character.
Meh. I still love KimBum and Gaspard. So it's all good.

And thanks to the incomprehensible wonders of Final Fantasy VII, Shannon has become a fangirl for *cue LOVELESS' crappy, gift-of-the-goddess-schmodess verse*

Very cute, no? Brownie points = Extremely nice hair. I want nice hair like that and yes I have an affinity for nice hair like that/I'm crazy, I put Octo-mum to shame because I want to have a fictional character's babies.


And the coolest part, he was portrayed by Gackt! As in GACKT, JROCK GOD. AND, he was voiced by him in the Japanese version of Crisis Core. He also appeared in Dirge Of Cerberus' secret ending.
And I'm crazy, yeah, HELL OFF.

This is sucha cool, exhaustively extensive post.

And what the hell, I just got "Gotcha-ed" by the SMC youth except do'i, I knew it was them I just didn't know who that guy/McD delivery guy was. Adrian from PAG 07 apparently. Can't recall. Just saw him a couple of times in Clare's 1112-part albums in Facebook.

I rule, period.
I've an inflated ego the size of well, you.
I'm going to be shot.
I dislike being thin.
I want a Subway sandwich.
And an A&W coney dog.
I wanna go with Shannon to Penang again.
I like the beach.
I like my particularly long post.
The scrollbar looks sad. And short.\
Agyness Deyn is hot, seriously.
But she broke up with the dude from The Strokes.
I like What Ever Happened.
I switched off.
I'm wondering if you did.
I think you're a moron if you didn't.
I'm going to say "It was only for an hour, you arse" to you when I see you.
Know what? I change my mind, my ego is smaller than you. You. ARE BIG. YOU BIG, NATURE-MISTREATING MEANIE.
My plan phailed and my deskmate thinks I'm a nutjob.
I think this is irrelevant but I love those three people I sit with to bits.
To bits smaller than computer chips.
Or lysosomes.
Whatever's perfect. I'm not one for coherent analogies.

So how's life?
Incomprehensible. Understandably.

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