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Sunday, March 22, 2009

You know, just when I thought that Chains Of Olympus was the only game that wouldn't have a naked lady in which when the protagonist meets her, a minigame is launched. Oh yeah, the aftereffects of the minigame : A vase which shakes rapidly at first, then it just falls of and breaks.
Leave it to a Greek anti-hero and his bitch to have mad, hardcore sex till a vase breaks..

So I figured, maybe this game ain't so boobie after all, maybe folks at Ready At Dawn were much more reserved compared to the ones at Sony Computer Entertainment..
Yup, and then......this came. Not just one naked lady, but two, on top of each other.
Umm, yeah.

Umm, yeah. Shouldn't have bothered mosaic-ing it. But I'm obsessed with Photoshop like that, so yeah. there was still a minigame though, I just didn't bother.

Video games are weird.

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