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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The 89th Letter

- BEWARREEEEE, fangirl post.

Know when I said I wouldn't finish Crisis Core without crying. Well, it's true. I can happily say that. I.CRIED.DURING.THE.ENDING.OF.A.VIDEO.GAME.
You know, I didn't even cry like this during the ending of KH. But no one died in KH, so it's all good. But seriously, Zack's checkout scene was fucking epic.

I think the producers give Cloud excessive credit though. See, if you played Crisis Core, you'd know that Cloud was NEVER a 1st Class SOLDIER in the first place and that the Buster Sword actually belonged to Angeal and not Zack. AND worthless piece of ZaRith-fangirl info, Aerith never fell in love with Cloud. In fact the only reason why she treats him nicely is because he reminded her of Zack in a lot of ways and Zack was her first love but yeah, Zack died and life's a bitch.
Well, at least they're happier now in the lifestream.

Ohhh and after the credits [WHICH WAS FRICKING LONG], there was this kickass CGI FMV of the intro of the original FFVII. The part where Aerith walks out and the camera zooms to Cloud on a train with that hugeass Buster Sword looking so very yeng.

So that means there'll probably be a remake of FFVII on the PS3, Y/Y????
I sure hope so. :]

Yeah. FFVII post. Lovesit.
Now, I'm gonna go fic-hunting.

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