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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Because I'm bored.

Start hell singing: MGMT - Kids

Things I've submitted into my to-do-but-I'll-probably-forget-everything-list
  1. I have to get to work on that script. Deskmate-darling, do help!
  2. Get my lovely, lovely deskmate to stop touching her forehead.
  3. Pray for my dear AddMaths tuition teacher's family.
  4. Stop listening to Kids 50 times a day.
  5. Find my damn EA Essay exercise book.
  6. Study.Unless you want to get your arse kicked by yourself in another 5 months.
  7. Dammit, stop playing the PS.
  8. Somehow try to get my dog fat again, the poor thing's anorexic after she gave birth. And the worst part, she refuses to eat.

The Easter celebration for CF is tomorrow. Jill and I are going, alone. Lolhard, I added that intentionally. Pathetic.
I wonder why there aren't any eggs this year. Perhaps the other school's in charge of it, I'unno. Anyhoodle, I'm praying everything goes on easily, and for the P&W team, good luck, whoever you actually are.
And for Mr Alex and his wife and his kid, I sincerely pray that all your problems may be solved. :]
Poor guy, he looked like he hadn't slept in days. He lost weight too. Anyway, he's an awesome guy, his amicability is unprecedented with any person I've met before. He doesn't deserve this, so I'm gonna pray very, very hard for his family.
He's our Add Maths teacher for Chrissake, shouldn't he be on the bottom of my prayer list?

"To find the gradient, you need to use that Y2 minus Y1 over X2 minus X1 formula. But some students always get confused. They put X on top. It's not that way! Y must always be on top. Remember, the man is always on top. XY chromosome what!"

I wonder if Miss Joyce knew what she implied. Thank heavens the majority of people in my class wouldn't comprehend this.
Meh, actually, what if they did anyway? No harm done. Except maybe my eardrums might end up rupturing? I really don't know.

"We have successfully established a mutual friendship with the other half of our class."

Congrats, Jill.

"Because I'm psychic, I know your mum's dad's name. Mr Cheong, right?"
"Again, because I'm psychic, your mum's dad's name is Mr Singh, righhhht?"

In the worldwide effort of turning each teenager's brains into fermented mush through a lovely subject; Additional Maths, that's how Mr Cheang teaches us composite functions.

"Tapi cikgu, kalau cantik, tak guna lar."
"Hah, tapi kalau tak cantik lagi tak guna!"
School's weird.

AND because she's awesome and Jessica's post needs some recognition, click here.

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