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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Candy-coated, covered up

I'm tired.
Fudgecake, I can't find my Moral essay.
Fudgecake Fructose Frickadoodle.
These are the substitute words I've been using for the past month.
I'm currently contemplating how my mum's gonna kill me later. Stab rip stab or burn stab burn burn stab rip.
See, she's not gonna be very pleased when I tell her that I don't know where's my inhaler.
Which reminds me, I don't know where's my inhaler.
The worst part, I came to school today feeling like I was going to have an attack. In fact, I felt my chest tightening and I couldn't breathe. So yeah, when I came to class, I was like "I NEED MY INHALER. I WANT AN INHALER. INHALER!"
Mind you, I'm not a happy person when I don't have my inhaler. I get all chest-clench-y, that sucks.
But that's not the case. The case is, I didn't bring my inhaler. I never do.
Which means there's this fairly likely chance that one day I'm gonna get an asthma attack and die in school. Awesome.
My Moral essay. Where is it?

"You know those cars that have skirts? They look like fat ladies with long, frilly skirts."

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