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Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter de-miracles

Start hell singing: MGMT - Kids

I think there was too much bad news today, I feel almost sad, but to hell with it. Bad news happens is evident everywhere, you're just either too oblivious to notice or to apathetic to care.
And luck, screw it. I'm a realist and this blog's URL lies, so there. I don't believe in luck. I believe in the revolving doors of karma. Karma's a manipulating bitch, so there.
I'm sorry. I just have too much bad news to handle today.

But on the brighter side, my phone is back. And my mum's things too. My piggybank money is not back. But my phone is, SO THANK GOD.

Big congrats to ACS for winning the Rotary Club debate competition this year~ MGS pulled out. Why? I don't even know.
That reminds me, wonder what happened to the HELP auditions. I should do something nicefor the school before I leave, right? I WANT TO DEBAAATEEEEEEEEEE.

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