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Friday, April 24, 2009




Wickedly exhaustive day. It must've continued from yesterday, possibly the upshots of inhaling too much thinner and paint. Burning skin, burnt nose, prolonged exhaustion.Seeping, seeping, crash.
I feel too tired to even type out this post, that's how tired I am, measurably the size of Russia.

But I think the frustrations overrides the tiredness. yeah, it does. I'm frustrated like hell right now, it bothers me, but I have every right to be annoyed right now.
My cast, for that stupid play, for that competition in which we're never going to win, is downright willingly-inept. Hell yes, willingly.

"I can't stay back, I have tuition. "
"The competition's on Wednesday ah? I can't go, can I quit?"
"I have only one line, do I have to come?"

The whole day, half of them have been relentlessly throwing these lines at me. It's a Nazi-horde of anti-4Sc3 is epik win-ers, I tell you. But seriously, I'm so tired of those barely-worthy excuses. Why the hell did they even the thing if they're not going to damnwell make an effort??? I don't seem to comprehend how missing one and half hours of tuition could possibly kill you, hell, I did it today to go to the HOSPITAL.
I wish they'd buck up a little, it's the least that can possibly help this sketch out. The script sucks, negative comments abound, director's a deluded idiot who thinks she can pull this thing off, so yeah, I need help in the form of an efficient cast.
Lord, is that really that much to ask?

Paint in my brains. Right.

So today, rehearsal was hopeless, I need a miracle suicide right about now.
But I think the whole fatigue plague should've something to do with yesterday, cause' everyone's tired. Not even a happy cup of coffee could help me out now, Death's a good option now.
After rehearsal, I hung out with Jill and Anna. Fiancee where'd you go?...Sent Jill for tuition, I felt like a mum in that baju kurung by the way, xD
Give me some credit, kay? Didn't ditch anyone, right? :)
Parents were coming at 4.15, so I hung out with Anna, and she showed me her retractable sword, LOOKED AWESOME. Except, I'm more fond of masamunes and really long, pointy swords instead. The types where you just throw a sheet over and 5 seconds later the sheet's on the floor in two parts. Those are awesome.
Went to the hospital, I'm still depressed.

But in the gloomiest of days, you switch on the DVD player, and.....
Thank heavens, and Bisco Hatori, and Fiona and her awesome sister, Davina FOR OURAN.

Twincest, :D


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