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Saturday, April 11, 2009

I've nothing left.

"What the hell did she say? Shut up, shut up. No wait, BE NICE. Ahh forget it. *raises hand up* CIKGU GUNA MIC!"
"*flashes my-class-is-terrible look*"
"Guh. Shut it la. Johanna, is you'd keep quiet, I can finally listen"
"That's what! Thank you Ezriann"
"Uhhhhhhh. That wasn't what I was aiming for"
"*in Tamil* Thanks for telling her la"

With that, I've officially lost my reputation as the nicest person in them to them. I spent the next two periods throwing myself headlong into guilt, wondering if I really did offend my classmate that badly because she seemed to be a hell lot quiet, almost upset. Damn it, I felt awful. And it didn't help that Thiru kept on telling me "Forget it la, she won't care" or the fact that people actually thanked me for telling her off. Even after I said sorry, I felt so damn blameworthy.
I feel so mean right now.
So much for the 24 hours-being nice mood. I succeeded, for about 11 hours. 11, is not even close to half-enough.

But today, was liberating in a way. I guess only Jill would understand this.

"Ah, just like old times. :D"

Have I mentioned that it's completely intimidating to have only one person sit with you during Bio and Chem? Our beloved northern deskmates decided not come since it's a Saturday after all, [Datin has your names by the way and crap Jo sorry if Pn. Ho called you for Kris' number lolzers] and so it was quiet, just me and Jill. Us being extra insightful today.
It's even more scary when your table so happens to be the only thing Miss Joyce looks at. I mean, Miss Joyce is nice and all, but wow, the way she stares at our table is kinda scary.

I Googled Kris Allen because believe it or not, I have no idea on who he is. I knew he was on AI, I just didn't know who exactly he was. See, given the choice between him or Adam, I'd choose Adam, any second of the day

12 random facts till Easter.
1. I look at the car price guide for funzies. It's a habit. The same when I go out all my way to step a crunchy leaf.
2. I'm not actually THAT racist as people proclaim me to be. I don't loathe my race, I just hate the people who fortify certain labels. Like those stupid, public phone junkies or the idiots who pick fights on the road. Fucking embarrassing.
3. I read blogs in an stalker-addicted manner. I don't care how much your blog sucks, I read it anyway.
4. I've an urge to eat turkey right now
5. I just spent the last 5 minutes reorganizing my playlist, playing 7 songs over again so their play count will be the same.
6. Eunice has given me another 4 months before I become a Kpop addict
7. I highly doubt that.
8. When I'm happy, I go out, look at the road in front of my house, come in, go out again, this time with a camera, and take pictures of the mountains. For no reason
9. I like my dog's puppies, alot. They're like children, only quieter. Bong^2 is adorable.
10. There's a puppy that's brown and white and black coloured. I wanted to name him America, since he's multicoloured, but I ended naming him Canny. Go figure.
11. When I don't like someone, it's usually because they scare me. Like that girl, she's a bitch and she scares me. Oh btw, I actually feel bad for the other girl.
12. This is the end.

13. Or maybe not. One more random fact, that girl, is tres cute.

So, my day?
I woke up being nice,
went to school being nice.
Came back feeling horrid.
AND, I'll be failing Chemistry. Exams are in 2 bloody weeks.
What a weekend.

Happy Easter, everyone

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