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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Salty ulcers are the epitome of self-inflicted injuries.

Start hell singing: Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You

GB today was awesome, mind you. Except for the psychotically-poisonous noodles [Fudgecake, it had beer in it] which my darling fiancee savored and that cheesy Super Rings thing. Literally, cheesy. Sonia, love, get well if you're sick, bb. I know you are! :D Sorry I couldn't eat her noodles, I have gastrointestinal problems
Serene's PISSED. Sod it lar, too many people dislike her anyway. I'm not exactly her biggest fan either, but whatever, she's there and I cope with that. No harm there, condone not, condemn not right?

I brought my PSP, as usual. Not like I'd have anything to do from 8.10 till 9.00. Sides, Anna wanted to see it. So I was gaming while my deskmate was iTouch-ing.

..*Skips all the boring details*
Inhaler, run, bra straps, bad game of charades, Joevy's group won, TIRED.

"Jo should've been here"
"Yeah. I think we might kill her in school"
"I think we probably will"

And trust me, JoLee, you're a goner in school.. Kenapa la kamu tak datang? Bazir sangat!

So, dismissal. Mrs Ting said that all shirts are unacceptable apart from our GB shirt. For identification purposes. Kinda weird dismissal today, cause' half of us were insanely, even Melissa was freezing, poor thing. Anyhoodle, WEIRD dismissal.

Went back with Cay-chan, her little brother is so cute! He walked out, stopped, checked his bag to see if it was his and nodded ohsocutely. Carey doesn't know how old he is...Kid's 10+, Carey, not 12.

So I went back to Grandmum's. Joshua is a cute, fat, little lazy bum of an 8 month old.

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