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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Start hell singing: Hillsong United - Salvation Is Here

My phone's missing. It was in the middle of the bed, and now it isn't. Along with some other things, they don't matter as much
My PS is still here, I should name it soon, something short and silly. But thank God it's here.
My phone's still missing. Fructose.

I now present you, my monthly dose of PMS-ing.
Who the fructosing hell would wanna steal my phone?? My old, worn out, ancient phone? What the hell is wrong with you, are you fructosing insane? I swear to God, if I ever find out the person who stole my phone, I will and I damnwell will drive a jagged-edge stake up your arse and pull it out the other way so that the next time you even swallow anything you're gonna end up rupturing every single villus in your fructosing intestine wall.. Yeah, payback's a bitch. And I'm having cramps, so there.

Because see, I'm not in a particularly happy mood if I'm on my mense. And my happy-o-meter breaks the negative mark even more if I'm having painful, painful cramps. So yeah, you shouldn't expect much out of a person's mood, specifically a girl, if her uterus happens to be contracting every single minute of the day.

Anyway. Tuition was cancelled today and yep, stick the uber happy smiley face here, please. I'm dead sure I wouldn't have lasted 2 hours in that horrendously air-conditioned room with menstrual cramps. And AddMaths.
2 hours.
19 degrees.
Menstrual cramps
Add Maths.

Screw it.

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