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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm not exactly free yet. Though it's after exam, I've been keeping myself busy with..

[cue drama music]

Teaching an 8th month old how to walk. With the use of a walker. I'm not exactly the biggest fan of kids here, [See Also : I HATE KIDS] but :D he's such a happy, little baby, so it's okay.
Dates are as usual, screwed up.

See, first he was super happy and bouncy.

And then he got bored.

And I kept on forcing him to walk.. So he just ignored me.

And finally, he just gave up and went emo-ing

So, Sejarah's a big BLEH on my part. I feel angrier at myself than how angry my parents are going to be at me. Sigh.


Clare and I spent half an hour debating about how scary Sonia seems to people. SEE, 5 to 1 say so, fiancee dearest.
So while we were surveying, Joevy the anti-climax baby kangaroo came! :D

Is Sonia scary?
Is Sonia scary?
No la.
Is Sonia scary?
JOEVY! Is Sonia scary?
*super nervous face*
..Ummm...*stares at bowl of chee cheong fan* Is that warm?

Anti-climax betul.

Boring post. I'mma go sleep and saunter around an abyss of despondency afterwards.

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