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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sin Sim City LOVE


ANNABELLE YAM, why did it go lost in the mail?? Let's go kill that person who lost my Sims2!

*sharpens fork*


Oh and SIMS 3 SIMS 3 SIMS 3!!
See that thing on my sidebar, that's how much I'm looking forward to it's release. I've read the entire game development, and all those long hours customization? Let's just say it's worth the wait. Sims 3, is going to be undeniably EPIC.

Ahh. So this is the one Fi was talking about.

Description H1N1 map.svg
confirmed death and infections
confirmed infections
unconfirmed infections
**The map can be edited very rapidly because it is a current event which is changing hour by hour.

Lol at America. Poor whole thing's black.

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