[Not So] Caféine-intoxiqué..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

That puppy that runs 140m/h.

I'll get better, eventually. I somewhat am right now.
Because I know now, that my brother's in a better place, better than anything he could possibly deal with here.

I'm going to keep on thanking, endlessly for everything.
Especially Andrina, Sonia, Jill, Jo, Shannon, Kristal and Joel for coming when I needed you guys the most. Being there, holding me when I was crying my heart out, in the church and the cemetery, it just made things so much easier.
And Val, Julian, Patrina, Terence and Monty for their words..

Thanks a lot, guys.. You can't possibly imagine how much I love you guys for this. The words, they don't measure up.
But ultimately, thank you.

You know, I've just experienced the worst day of my life so far. It doesn't seem so bad now.
At least I know that angels aren't defined by wings and halos.

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