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Saturday, May 23, 2009

There she goes again

Start hell singing: Kris Allen - Heartless

I have to admit, though somewhat poignantly that Kris Allen is suave. His Heartless rendition has a hotness rating of 10 'cili padis' at one go.
Pshh. I haven't been updating this despondent, little place over here. In fact, I won't be lying if said that I'm biased towards the other one. :D

See, I've being having my Mid Year exam for the last 2 weeks and hell, I'm ired like fructosing hell. So don't mind the jaded kid over here, kay?

I've got Clare's approval on Star Trek, and I'll be watching it somewhere next week. Star Trek for the win, Zach Quinto/SYLAR is hot.

And I'll continue this post later. I.Am.TIRED.

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