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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Deliquent from Delifrance

Start hell singing: Ladytron - Ghosts (Radio Edit)

"*Explains crap about household and assets using fruits as an example of assets* Yeah la. Same price la. But then, the pears must be good quality. The China [?] ones are more expensive"

Lol. Am I the only one who thinks the way Mr Wong diverts his Economics topic to high quality pears very amusing?

"They think they're right when they do that. That girl is an idiot. So when I mark the papers, *does marking hand motion*, I'll also be like, 'Ohh, an idiot.'"

Our Add Maths teacher is smug like hell. I reckon it's an Add Maths teacher thing cos Mr Alex is exactly like that. He just barges in through the door and says "Hello students. I'm Mr Alex. The very handsome and cute Mr Alex"
Which reminds me, PHYSICS TUITION! I bet KC Leong's already in Chapter 3. We're going to perish in Physics hell without using Big Kristal. T_T

And just now, I got a call from Fiancee Dearest saying that I'm emceeing with her instead of Amelia for IU Day.. For a tiny minute there, I was happy. Now, I'm anything but. Psssh, I mean no intentional harm but I don't wanna write out an entire script nor go for what, vocal lessons? But still, at least it's Sonia alone, so I'll get to that goddamn script with her and get Helena to help us. Bet she won't mind anyway. She's too nice these days

So today, I've found out that people identify me as the person who screams "What the hell are we doing?!" during a lotus pose in a yoga class. Namely, Joev and Anna. Uh huh, thanks guys.

And this is for Shannon who might not read this, but I'll take my chances.

"So BORING. I'm sitting next to *horror face*"
Ohh. why don't you sit next to [Remind me to get a name for her]? You guys can talk about [Too obvious and meh, she reads my blog] all the time? Like in the canteen.
-.- Are you mocking me?"
Oh, yeah. Hell yeah.

"We're gonna study pears?"

Ezzrriiieeeeee worded out at 11:30 PM

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