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Sunday, June 28, 2009


No. NO. My mother is not, I repeat NOT going to have another baby. I swear to God I will rip my sister's throat off and ship it off to Shanghai is she breathes another word to my mum or so much as thinks of it.

I mean c'mon , she's 48. MY MUM IS 48, NEARING 50. She is a.too old to have a baby, b. It's too dangerous and c.ISN'T THE WOMAN SUPPOSED TO BE MENOPAUSING RIGHT NOW WTFBBQ?
So no, I will not allow my parents to have another baby. I
There are a few possible reasons to this, there isn't a specific one because my mind's currently in a fuzzy state because of the thought of having A LITTLE BROTHER/SISTER. But still, I refuse to let my parents have another baby because a.I need to maintain the youngest in the family reputation, b.16/17 years older than your kid brother? Hell no. And c. I refuse, and I mean headlong, indisputably, downright refuse to have some kind of kid brother or sister to compensate for my big brother.

My sister is fudgecaking crazy to even think of this. I mean first of all, if this was God's supposed plan, he wouldn't have taken him away in the first place and second of all, do you actually think that this little baby is gonna make up for our brother?
Fine,we're grieving and I get that. But I refuse, and I mean hella refuse to let this potential little boy into my life.
Call me heartless and cold, but I refuse to give in.. I have only one brother. Until the day I die of some crazy disease or get into a freak accident and die, I will only have one brother. Nothing will change that, not even a stupid, planned pregnancy. I love, miss, and will not replace my brother.

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